Is the Netflix of Video Games Coming?

Let’s take a moment to go back in time, at least in our minds. Can you remember what it was like before Netflix was pioneering the online streaming world? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? There used to be a time when you couldn’t expect to have a huge library of new and old movies at your fingertips awaiting the click of a button. You used to have to actually go to a rental store in order to get what you wanted to watch that night. Now, let’s flash back forward to the present. Phil Spencer, the head chief of Xbox, is looking at that business model and pondering — where is our option for video games?


Phil Spencer is a former video game developer himself who has been tasked with heading one of the largest video game enterprises on the planet. As the chief of Xbox, Spencer has a very serious and specific focal point for his work: “We put the gamer at the center of everything” and that phrase is more than just a string of words. Spencer knows that you need quality content to keep gamers happy, but you also need innovation. Innovation for Spencer could lead to a Netflix-lite for video game enthusiasts.


Now before you scar yourself scratching your head, yes this is a new concept. Right now we do have some measure of ‘on demand’ video game service with streamlined DLC packs, constant online updates, and even games-on-demand via Xbox Live. This still isn’t there and it still isn’t quite the mark that Spencer wants to hit on. Spencer is actually surprisingly, or non surprisingly depending on your view of Xbox, in tune with the current trends and problems that plague the gaming experience.


For example, Spencer knows that multi-player games that rely on ‘season packs’ and DLC are currently the rage. In fact, these games are such the rage that single player experiences with a definitive end are dying as a medium. He believe that a digital and on demand service, much like Netflix, could be the cure to these woes. He’s kicking around the idea, at least publicly, where the future of gaming could survive around a subscription service not unlike what Netflix is offering for the world of TV and movies. Will it work? Who knows.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild Tears up Marketplace

If you are a fna of gaming then you are intimately familiar with Nintendo and their star franchise, ‘Zelda’. The story of ‘Zelda’ has been told for years, across generations and consoles, with fans begging for a new entry every step of the way. With the recent release of the Nintendo Switch fans were able to jump back into the world of Hyrule with ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’. For fans worried that franchise fatigue may be finally setting in we may have some good news: it isn’t. Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is currently outselling the Nintendo Switch console itself. Yes, the game is outselling the console!


With a full month of sales behind it we can finally get an idea as to where the Nintendo Switch and its various games are sitting at. ‘Breath of the Wild’ opened up with over 2.75 million copies sold through the 31st of March — according to Nintendo. These sale figures are gigantic and they are representative of both digital and physical copies. If you have decided to avoid jumping to the Nintendo Switch then you can still enjoy this new entry into the Zelda franchise by playing on the Wii U — which sold an additional 1.08 million units around the world. According to all of these wild statistics, ‘Breath of the Wild’ is the fastest selling launch title in the history of the company as well as the quickest selling entry into the Zelda franchise.


We know that sale statistics can be misleading when it comes to the quality of a title, but that isn’t the case here. ‘Breath of the Wild’ has been released to almost unanimously positive reviews. The game currently spots a perfect 10/10 rating on IGN and fans are mirroring that sentiment with gusto. ‘Breath of the Wild’ is a return to the roots of the series, giving fans the chance to roam through an almost apocalyptic Hyrule. The game world is vast, unforgiving, colorful and alluring. We’ve got all of the nostalgia of Zelda games from years gone by with a new coating of modern technology over the top. If you’ve been holding out from jumping into the next generation, for whatever reason, now should be your chance to get in on the action.


Greg Secker; An Accomplished Foreign Exchanged Expert

Greg Secker is a renowned entrepreneur and a respected authority in the field of forex trading. His expertise on foreign currencies as well as willingness to share his knowledge on the subject has earned him multiple plaudits. Greg is responsible for the establishment of several companies, including FX Capital, Capital Index and much more. He is also an accomplished author with numerous publications to his name.


Forex Career


Greg was born and raised in Norfolk, England. He is a graduate of the University of Nottingham, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. After college, he became a tech expert at Thomas Cook, where he developed a forex trading system. His innovation did not go unnoticed, as the British Telecom bequeathed him with a prestigious accolade. This signified the meteoric rise of Greg’s illustrious career, which saw him become VP at Mellon Financial Corporation at the tender age of twenty-five. Later, Secker stepped down from the executive post to become a fully-fledged forex trader, inaugurating the Knowledge to Action Group in the process.


The action group’s primary objective was to enlighten individuals on how to conduct the foreign exchange business. The organisation later added economic trading seminars to its portfolio. It held conventions in Ghana, Australia, the Philippines and other locations, a feat that made them earn a nomination to the National Business Awards in the growth and innovation category. Though the initiative has been met with a fair amount of criticism, Greg has remained steadfast in declaring that it poses low risks with great rewards. He has attended a myriad of prominent meetings as keynote speaker, often regarding he subject of financial trading.


Philanthropic Causes


Greg Secker established a charity organisation whose appellation is the same as his name in 2010. The group’s mantra is to alleviate the living conditions of people around the globe. So far, the charity has collaborated with youth groups to educate and equip young individuals with leadership and essential life skills.


Aiding citizens of the Philippines to recover the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda is perhaps the most notable achievement of the Greg Secker foundation. The group reconstructed homes which had been obliterated by the storm.

Reformer Betsy DeVos Finds Success In Different Areas

The education reform movement has recently been celebrating the appointment of one of its major supporters to the position of U.S. Secretary of Education in the shape of Betsy DeVos. Mrs. DeVos has impressed me with the work she has completed in terms of reforming education and as a philanthropist who has created a network of good causes she backs with both financial donations and her own vocal support for to raise awareness; the different areas of interest for Betsy DeVos have taken many different forms and include her backing of educational programs across many different sectors. One of the most impressive aspects of the work completed by Betsy DeVos has been her work to make sure arts management programs are available throughout the U.S. after she and her husband, the former AmWay Group President Dick DeVos donated around $22.5 million to the creation of the DeVos Institute for Arts Management in association with the Kennedy Center for the Arts. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

It is easy to see how seriously Betsy DeVos takes her commitment to politics extremely seriously in my opinion as she has spent a large amount of her time making sure she maintains a dedicated view of the political situation in the U.S. Although Betsy DeVos leads a busy life as an education reformer and advocate for many different groups she has taken on a number of roles within the Republican Party in Michigan and on a national level that I believe show how highly her opinion has been regarded for a number of years; in Michigan, Betsy DeVos impressed me as the Chair of the state’s Republican Party and took up the role a second time to show just how popular she remains within the party. The Secretary of Education may now be one of the most influential figures in the current Administration of President Trump, but I believe President George W. Bush was the first to see her political abilities when he personally appointed Secretary DeVos to the Board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts.

Betsy DeVos has been a major supporter of groups backing education reform and chaired two educational reform organizations during the 1990s, which were the American Education Reform Council and the Children First America groups. I look at the founding of the West Michigan Aviation Academy charter school by Betsy DeVos as showing how she has an understanding of the needs of students seeking a higher level of success over the course of their educational careers and her work with the Thunderbird School of Global Management as signs of the wide ranging reform of the education system I am pleased Betsy DeVos is heading. Visit to know more about Betsy.

YouTuber Utlizes Nintendo Switch as VR Device

Virtual reality (VR) is coming. Every gamer knows it and the anticipation is building. So much so, that one YouTuber gamer recently jerry-rigged his Nintendo Switch to become a VR headset.


For the uninitiated, the Nintendo Switch is the one of the latest Nintendo developments in portable gaming technology. The tablet-sized, approximately 9” x 4”, device can be attached to a large TV for game play. It can also be a stand-alone portable game console much like its predecessor the Wii U. The Switch comes with many tailor-made games and more are in the pipeline.


The Switch has been well-received with sales at its launch surpassing Wii U launch sales. There have been rumors swirling that Nintendo released the Switch with the further intention of converting it for VR use. Its compact size and price would make it unique among the current VR offerings. For example, the Occulis Rift requires touch controls and a VR Gaming PC and the whole set up costs over $1,000. A Nintendo Switch, by comparison, retails for about $380.


YouTuber Nintendrew decided to see how the Switch would work as a VR device. He found a VR headset called the Durvois Dive 7 which fit the Switch perfectly. He recorded his game play of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, from the Nintendo DS, for viewing on YouTube. He then used the Switch’s web browser to view his recorded YouTube game footage.


The experiment was a success, although it was not a perfect experience. The Switch’s 500 pixel screen does not allow for great resolution. Still, it may be possible that the Switch is just a first step in Nintendo’s development of a compact, affordable, VR system. The company filed a patent last year that could convert the Switch console to a VR device. Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has explained one stumbling block is any issues that might occur from wearing a VR device for hours at a time.


Nintendo Switch Drops Jaws with High Sales

You’ve likely been a gamer for the better part of your life. Along the way you’ve probably played your fair share of consoles. Out of all the video game console developers in the world it seems like one company consistently rises to the top: the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is a company that innovates while staying true to their roots, never forgetting the nostalgia of yesterday while pursuing making history tomorrow. Now we are looking at another era of Nintendo memory making with their newest console: the Nintendo Switch. While fans are always nervous when a new console launches it seems like, in this case, the nerves were for nothing. As of this writing the Nintendo Switch has turned into one of the fastest selling consoles in Nintendo’s history.


We’ve finally gotten a chance to see some of the sale statistics for the first full month of the Nintendo Switch’s lifespan and the results are great. Nintendo managed to sling 2.7 million units in March alone, bringing nearly $584 million for the stalwart company. The Nintendo Switch had many of the concerns that the Nintendo Wii had when it was first released: it was a console that was trying something new and fans feared that it would just be a gimmick. Well, fear no more. The Switch has gotten rave reviews and the sale numbers are hard to ignore.


Gaming has changed dramatically even since the Nintendo Wii had launched. Nowadays customers have the option to pursue more video games, video game consoles, and video game companies than ever before. Mobile gaming has taken a huge bite out of the budget that many people had previously set aside for console gaming. Still, Nintendo continues to plug along without losing their focused. Tatsumi Kimishima, the president of Nintendo, simply stayed: “I was relieved by a strong start of the Switch.”


Kimishima knows that his console is selling well but there is still some concern amongst analysts that the console is lagging slightly behind. A few of the big concerns for potential lag include: dead pixels on the console’s launch screen, a lack of game choices, and the high marketing budget for the game eating away at the edge of profits. For now, however, the grass seems to be green.


Computers and Games Might Be Closer and More Distant at the Same Time

There’s an old saying that the more things change the more they stay the same. It’s hard not to reflect on that while reading a recent article about computers and gaming moving to a more streaming based architecture. The article begins by discussing methods by which one can play video games without even having them running on a local system. The details get more complex as the discussion progresses. But right from the start anyone who’s familiar with the history of gaming will recognize a pattern.


Video games have been in the home so long that most people consider that the norm. But before home gaming was a reality there were arcades. And shortly before that period there was a mix of the two. And that mix has a lot in common with the cutting edge of today.


The earliest video games made use of a client server model. These tended to focus on dungeon crawling computer role playing games. When people think of these early games they tend to assume that they were similar to a modern MMORPG. It’s true that some of them did have extensive multiplayer functionality. But it was more common, especially at the start, for the games to focus on a single user experience. The player would simply sit down at a very under powered computer that would connect to a far more powerful one. The powerful computer, a server, would essentially run the game. The text and graphical output would then be sent to the player’s computer.


Today this concept is being used by services such as Shadow. For a small monthly fee a customer can sign up to essentially rent out a powerful Windows based computer. They’ll never actually see this computer in person. But they can use a windows or mobile app to connect to the system’s video display. From there the user will essentially be using this very powerful computer from their much more humble home setup. It makes it possible to essentially play even the most demanding Windows games from one’s phone or under powered non-gaming laptop. Though there’s even more interesting ways to tie this into one’s setup.


Adding cloud technologies will mean that someone can integrate file sharing with home systems. This can be an easy way to share files between a home computer, a powerful computer accessed through the Shadow service, and other instances of a particular game. Such as one might be able to play at a friend’s house. It’s a whole new era of streaming games. But at the same time one can easily see where it all began.


New Nintendo 2DS XL to Hit Market!

If you are a fan of handheld gaming then you’ve spent more than a couple of hours with your fingers wrapped around the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS is one of the greatest handheld gaming consoles in the world and, of course, it was the team at NES behind it all. Now the Nintendo DS is getting a big old upgrade in the form of the Nintendo 2DS XL. If you are a fan of 2D gaming, like the savage that you are, then this announcement can only be met with a resounding cheer. 2D gaming is still where w want to spend our time at and any upgrade to 2DS technology is a huge welcome.


Nintendo is and has always been a handheld gaming company first and foremost, at least if you were born in the early ’90s. The Gameboy may have gotten us all started but the guys and girls developing at Netflix haven’t slowed down in the slightest bit. Now Nintendo is focusing on their 2DS XL which offers size, efficiency, and a sleek design in an affordable package. Reggie Fils-Aime, the Nintendo of America President, put his thoughts into a succinct statement regarding the new launch, “The new Nintendo 2DS XL sports a beautiful clamshell design and offers a great balance between prize and performance.”


If you have refrained from jumping into the handheld market until now, which would be absolutely shocking, this might be the perfect time to strike. While there is no price point attached to the Nintendo 2DS XL, we expect it to be relatively competitive — especially thanks to the fact hat the Nintendo Switch is getting such a huge push right now. The newest Nintendo 2DS XL will be released in conjunction with two brand new games to the handheld Nintendo family: ‘Hey! PIKMIN’ and ‘Mitopia’. Of course, these new games won’t be the only reason you need to jump on board.


No matter where you stand on the console race, you have to admire Nintendo’s focus on improving their older hardware. There used to be a time when consoles would get their release and then get used until they were done. The fact that Nintendo is holding tight to a non-3D option of their famous 3DS is great, and what we respect most about them.



Xbox One: Backwards Compatible Titles Hit Market!

The further we get away from the original Xbox, the more things seem to change — while still staying the same. There used to be a time when we just assumed that there would be some level of backwards compatibility between sequel-systems. For awhile the Xbox One seemed to nail that concept shut but a much needed upgrade came along. Now you can play some of your favorite Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One simply by downloading them through the online store via your Xbox dashboard. Today we’re jumping into announce six of the newest titles to get released with backwards compatibility.


If you’re a fan for atmospheric, science fiction themed horror games then you need to get ready to jump back into the world of ‘Dead Space’. This past week we saw both ‘Dead Space 2’ and ‘Dead Space 3’ join the backwards compatible crowd, joining the original entry in the series. If you’ve never experienced any of the ‘Dead Space’ games this is probably the perfect chance to get in on the horror action — especially with ‘Alien: Covenant’ coming out here soon. While ‘Dead Space’ and ‘Alien’ share only a genre and theme, they make perfect companions to one another. Besides, who doesn’t love the thrill of fear that only space creatures can bring?


Looking past ‘Dead Space’ we see that Cabela is getting in on the action. Cabela’s famous hunting series just dumped seemingly its entire library onto the backwards compatible store: ‘Hunting Expeditions’, ‘Alaskan Adventures’, ‘Dangerous Hunts 2013’, and ‘Survival: Shadows of Katmai’. While we can’t personally attest to the quality of these games, they are there for you if you need them. What we appreciate most about the Cabela dump is that it shows that developers are alright catering to niche audiences, which means your favorite game might be joining the compatible list in the near future.


We also want to post a heads up to gamers on the Xbox One. If you subscribe to Xbox Live then you are granted the ability to download multiple games per month for free through the ‘Games With Gold’ service. Two XB1 options are available as well as an Xbox 360 option. These games are only playable while your subscription to Xbox Gold is in tact.


Tammy Mazzocco Sells The Deal

Tammy Mazzocco is a professional real estate broker in Central Ohio who specializes in residential properties. She thoroughly enjoys what she does and is passionate about the people with whom she meets. She started out in the real estate business as a secretary, but she did not end up that way as she soon saw the difference from an economic standpoint.

In 1999, Tammy Mazzocco joined with her friend and mentor, Judy Gang, with the Judy Gang Group of RE/MAX in Pickerington Ohio. Pickerington is just south of Columbus and has the feel of the country along with big city amenities.

Tammy learned quickly as she loves sales and the people who are involved. She is passionate about her work and enjoys the fact that she can help families find the house of their dreams. She likes to focus on her customers and find out what is making them tick. Most people who are buying a house are in a very emotional and vulnerable position as they may be moving from some other locale and they are making one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

Tammy focuses on the needs of her customers and makes an attempt to get to know them better. She answers all of the questions that they have about the local stores, shopping, schools, transportation, and entertainment. But then it gets down to the real reasons that they want to buy the house, and it is sometimes surprising.

The woman may want the house, but the man doesn’t and vice versa. If she can get the real reasons out about house buying, she usually gets the sale because she can probably find a house that suits them both.

Tammy is a goal setter. She sets goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis, and then breaks them down into smaller chunks which are more easily achieved. In this way, the process keeps her moving and on track. Many people try to conquer the goal all at once and then give up when they can’t do it.

Tammy sets her sights on getting as many people as possible out to look at houses with her. She knows that if they will just spend the time, she is going to find them a house. That is just how it works. People are not going to spend a lot of time out looking at properties if they are not interested. House hunting with prospective buyers is the most important activity that Tammy says she can do, and she arranges all of the time possible to be doing just that.

Check out her Facebook page.