Avaaz: Idealist United In Supporting Progressive Causes

Avaaz is considered to be the worlds most prodigious and formidable online voice for the activist. The online activist site puts a spotlight on issues like climate change, human rights, poverty, animal rights, conflict, and corruption. Avaaz is the Persian term for voice. The site founded by Ricken Patel has echoed the problems of the world since 2007. Patel has a background in politics, philosophy, economics from Balliol College, Oxford University and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard and more about online activism.

Other co-founders of Avaaz also include Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, former Virginia Congressman, Eli Pariser, Executive Director of MoveOn, David Madden, Australian Entrepreneur, Jeremy Heimans, Purpose.com, and Andrea Woodhouse. MoveOn.org and Service Employees International Union are also part of the co-founding cooperative. Funding for Avaaz has raised over $20 million in donations through individual members since 2009. Canvassing for Avaaz in over 30 countries is managed by a team of campaigners. Communicating via email with members to carry out campaigns such as petitions and videos. In some cases, Avaaz engages legal counsel on how to move forward with a particular contention. They also call attention to important discord by utilizing phone-ins, sit-ins, rallies, and other media publicity tricks and more

Avaaz’s calling is to unite idealists in supporting causes that are ongoing and escalating like climate change, growing refugee issues, Monsanto, and many other challenging matters. Avaaz has also been involved with establishing no-fly zones over Lybia, setting up internet access in Iran to protest the presidential elections, civil uprising after the Syrian Civil War and campaigning to defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 elections.

Adam Milstein: An Overview of Direction of the Jewish American Community

Adam Milstein together with his wife are the co-founders of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. It focuses on the provision of charitable and philanthropic services to various organizations to give strength to the Jewish people, United States, and the State of Israel. Some of the philanthropic services include partnership development, consulting, fundraising programs in support of education and other Jewish activities. Adam is always driven by the three philanthropic principles in his life through active philanthropy, life path impact, and philanthropic synergy. Under active philanthropy, Adam Milstein together with the Foundation and the staff spare their time and experiences in all the organization’s projects and programs that they actively support. It entails all kinds of support apart from the financial resources. Under the life path impact, Adam Milstein finds funds and develops the organizations that are committed to life change in individuals’ lives. This is accomplished through the creation of programs that range from childhood, adolescence, and other adult phases in life so that they can maintain a continuous and extensive relationship with the target groups. Through the philanthropic synergy, Adam Milstein ensures that funds and proper guidance are offered to the philanthropic organizations so that they can widen their development projects and partnerships with other non-profit institutions in achieving their goals well.

Adam Milstein is an active philanthropist who sits inboard of many organizations. He is the co-founder of Israeli-American Council as well as chairing the national expansion. Adam was born in the streets of Haifa in Israel. He has a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California located in Los Angeles. He began his work as a real estate salesperson. Adam Milstein actively contributes and writes blogs at the “Times of Israel.” He shares an article on how the diaspora Jews are expected to rise in meeting the challenges in Israel. He begins by acknowledging that the Jewish history is a straightforward indication that it takes exceptional leaders to counter major challenges. He suggests the need for the Jewish-American community to identifying the heroes, encouraging and supporting such. This inspires the next generations to be more resilient and given to fighting for their communities with courage. He is very optimistic that great leaders will manifest soon.