Rebel Wilson Gets Main Billing for Upcoming Isn’t It Romantic

Have you ever noticed how perfect everything is in a traditional romantic comedy? The characters always seem to be well off, work ideal jobs, have spacious apartments, live in an idyllic version of New York, and look terrific no matter what time of day it is. Even when they wake up in the morning they look absolutely amazing with no sign of phlegm in site. This magical alternative to reality is almost a character itself, and in the new comedy starring Rebel Wilson, it is one.

Rebel Wilson is the Australian-born actress most known for her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. A former lawyer, Wilson reportedly decided to turn to acting after a disastrous stint as a Rotary International Youth Ambassador for South Africa. Apparently, after contracted Malaria she had a hallucination of winning an Oscar that sinched her decision to become an actress.

Wilson first gained acclaim for her supporting role in Bridesmaids. The role that would eventually lead her to Pitch Perfect fame. Although Pitch Perfect would make her mainstream in the U.S., Wilson was already a household name in Australia. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

She wrote, created, starred, and produced the successful music series Brogan Pride for Australia’s SBS One, and starred in the Nine Network series Monster House. In the wake of Pitch Perfect Wilson has starred in a bevy of movies, but mostly as a supporting role. Now she gets to enjoy the center spot in Isn’t It Romantic.

In the film, Wilson plays Natalie, an architect, cynic, and hater of rom-coms. She dismisses them as ludicrous fantasy but ends up living in one after an altercation with a thief. After being knocked unconscious Natalie wakes up inside a romantic comedy. Worse than that the comedy is also PG-13 which prevents Natalie from doing anything really raunchy. Including having sex with her hunky love interest played by Liam Hemsworth. Read more: Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList and Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter

The movie smacks of the 1991 John Candy comedy Delirious. In that film Candy plays a soap opera writer who becomes trapped in his own creation after a hard hit to the noggin. As with Delirious, Isn’t It Romantic will poke fun at rom-com tropes while Natalie tries to find a way out of her waking nightmare. The PG-13 aspect is a joke in or itself as many of Wilson’s best performances have been in R-rated fare.

The movie does have a nice point of interest in the character of Josh, who is Natalie’s best friend and possible love interest. The character is played by Adam DeVine, who acted opposite Wilson in Pitch Perfect. Their pairing here looks to set up an interesting love triangle that may just satisfy a typical rom-com plot. As the movie already spoofs romantic comedies, this triangle will be the icing on an entertaining cake.