How EOS Redefined the Market for Lip Balm

Lip balms used to be boring and used practically by consumers, but without any real love of the products for sale. EOS changed this and many of the preexisting competitors in the lip balm industry are now emulating the strategy that EOS first put into place with better quality lip balms and unique flavor combos.

EOS identified that consumers were not getting what they wanted from the lip balms on the market and designed a new lip balm that met the changing consumer tastes. The balms that EOS designed were unique and sourced with high quality ingredients that customers felt safer applying to their lips. Their lip balms were priced at a premium point for the industry, but EOS lip balm lasted longer and provided more protection to the lips from chapping making them more effective alternatives to what was currently for sale.

EOS also created a bevy of new flavors that consumers loved. EOS released flavor combinations that were interesting to customers and combined ingredients such as vanilla mint and summer fruit in a way that was significantly different from what was currently for sale on Amazon and local Target stores. Customers were interested in trying these new flavors and sought these blends in order to sample the variety. Since EOS sourced natural ingredients, these lip balms did not have the same fake taste that many lip balms currently had.

EOS was able to capture a growing segment of the lip balm market and has emerged as a major competitor in the industry. Existing companies like Pfizer’s Chapstick and Clorox’s Burt’s Bees have taken notice and have improved the quality of their product offerings by launching competing products. Still, the brand loyalty and reputation that EOS was able to develop with their products have helped EOS to cement their lead and to outpace rivals.

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