Aloha Construction Reigning Amidst the Storm in the Construction Sector

The construction industry is an economic driver, job creator and an enabler of growth in other sectors. During this year, the construction industry has recorded a lot of activity despite the slight decline witnessed after the 2016 elections. Jobs in the sector increased by about 6,000 with the residential sector accounting for 85 % jobs in July and indicates a drop by 66.67% from 18,000 the previous year.

Experts have raised the alarm over the slow employment growth rate and suggest that with the current pace it will take years to reach full employment. Growth in the construction industry affects the manufacturing, banking and financial services, retail, and hospitality sectors among others.

Most of the companies dealing in construction focus in a particular area. Illinois based, Aloha Construction has carved a niche in roofing solutions; offers gutter works, siding and roofing services. The Aloha construction roofing team can fix any roof including asphalt and metal depending on the client’s specification. While most companies ignore the sliding aspect in construction, the Aloha has capitalized on it to differentiate itself. The experts can fit Hardee board, aluminum, vinyl and wood siding. The gutter works will help keep your roofs protected and prevent wear and tear.

To date, Aloha construction has completed over 18,000 projects for people in Illinois and the Southern Wisconsin. The family-run company is a trusted partner in the area because of the service provided, the rate of responses, after sales services, affordable pricing, and quality finishing. The company also offers repair services.

Nevertheless, Aloha still faces the challenges experienced in the market including the shortages in skilled labor. Currently, societal perspectives make people avoid jobs in the construction industry. The proposals by the current government to inject 1 trillion dollars in the sector may influence positive growth in the area.