Beneful and the Walk

One of the most important things that can be done for a dog is a walk. This seems simple, but the dog gets to express their doggie-ness in the walk. Contrary to popular belief, dogs need the company of other dogs. They are not particularly enamored by their humans, but they accept them. If done correctly, this acceptance will include you being the leader of the pack, and this designation makes dealing with your dog a more natural experience for you and the dog. When you leash them to go out, you both make up the hunting pack, and the expedition begins. This is when the dog is most himself and happiest. It is an opportunity for bonding, exercise and one of the most relevant benefits is the positive impact the walk has on the dog’s psyche, but they are all important.

Bonding with your dog is important because you are the leader of the pack, and this means you are responsible for everything that the dog needs at every stage of their lives and that is a responsibility that many new owners do not anticipate or account for when they become owners. This causes owners to acquire dogs that are totally unsuited for the owner’s lifestyle, and this dynamic causes multiple issues. These issues often cause dogs to become abandoned or left at shelters. By keeping this in mind before acquiring a dog, a better selection can be made. These considerations could mean that no selection at all should be made because the entirety of the dog and the owner’s life has to be considered and planned for before the commitment is made for the dog’s sake.

Exercise is also important. In the wild, their ancestors would range for fifty miles in a day. This need to move and hunt has to be satiated. Dogs are products of the food that they eat because they expend so much energy. This means that an active dog can be always virtually on the edge of hunger if their meals are not planned well. The planning has to include the nutritional value of the food they are fed as well as the amounts. Active dogs could require twice the food that the packaging suggests. However, even if you are feeding the correct amounts of food, if the food is not nutritionally beneficial, it is not sustainable, and most dog food brands are not.

This is why I utilize Purina’s Beneful brand on Amazon, it has the appropriate protein levels along with variety to please a dog and fulfil their needs nutritionally for a lifetime. It gives my dog the correct energy through positive nutrition to fulfil the most beneficial part of the walk for both of us, and this is letting my dog become one with his wolf nature. I carry Beneful dry dog food to reward him after he chases down his tennis ball prey much like he would be rewarded by his efforts by a small bite to eat in the wild, but no animals are harmed in this hunt because Beneful makes us civilized even as we hunt as a pack.