Animation Throwdown

Fox Entertainment has released its new game Animation Throwdown which pits against each other five of its incredibly popular adult cartoons: Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, King of the Hill, American Dad, and Futurama. Players begin a game by selecting a character from one of these shows to be their game persona. Based on the character that you picked, you will be placed in the world of that show. No character is more beneficial as far as the game. That is, all characters start out with the same points and capabilities.

As the games moves along, you will receive more cards from characters from other of the competing shows. There are times you will put out cards to do battle with characters from other shows. When this happens, you want to put out the best characters that you have that are from the best show. Your chosen starting cards from your chosen show will end up having the most parts and will therefore be the most strategic cards for you to play. In addition, you can only make fighting combinations from your starter cards which will have electric edges.

You will want to prioritize rare combos since these usually result in the highest points. Also, it is not a good idea to build up to much of a hand of unresearched cards. Having so many cards that you can’t play makes it harder to find good combinations from the cards that you can. After you do put down a combination and if that combination does end up winning a battle, you can go to the store to buy new ones or yours can be upgraded via a quest. Choose to and succeeding in upgrading your cards can be very beneficial strategically since it moves all of them up another level in strength.

This is especially good if you have two cards that match to begin with but were previously less powerful and therefore kind of useless. Large scale reviews have shown these game to be catching on in popularity among the masses. Understandable, since it is fairly simple and incredibly addictive.