Anthony Toma – CEO & Founder of Nine9

Anthony Toma is the Founder and CEO of Nine9 Talent Agency . This is a United Nations Agency that acts as a broker for talent and innovation. It also works to develop talent services to have the world of modeling and acting revolutionized in the entertainment industry. Anthony Toma is also one of the most successful business entities and entrepreneurs in the United States. Anthony Toma has also owned numerous business platforms across the service, retail, and transport sector. He is also an entertainment agent. Because of his success, he has had an opportunity to work with the top leaders in the entertainment industries. His passion for talent and entertainment is what defines his nature. For this reason, he has used this company to open doors for anyone with ambition, heart, and willingness to invest and believe in themselves. Nine9 at Instagram .

When he is asked about the origin of the Nine9 idea, he said that it commenced with the grocery business. This idea came when he was looking for an opportunity to franchise the food industry. Because of his idea, the food industry has structured elements in the business. He came across a modeling franchise in Orlando. Because he was eager to own a franchise, he purchased that franchise on the spot. For this reason, he found an opportunity to expand his franchise to more than 26 countries in the world. Because the franchise investment went under his expectation, he ended up coming up win an idea of developing his franchise company. The Coral Reef Productions Firm is his main business company. Nine9 News Here .

When he wakes up in the morning, he prepares his kids for school after that. He goes on the internet to answer numerous emails popping up on the web. For him to find the trending options, he finds time to open his social media platforms. Watch Video . for more .