Apocalypse Now Comes to the Video Game World

A great many video games have been based on motion pictures. Popular films often transfer their popularity to the video game arena. Huge sales sometimes result. A few movie-themed video games do raise eyebrows. The recent announcement of an Apocalypse Now video game is both surprising and intriguing.


Probably the most interesting news about the forthcoming project is the fact original director Francis Ford Coppola will have a hand in developing the video game. How much Coppola will be involvement in the game’s development is not fully known. The presence of Coppola in a new Apocalypse Now project definitely is interesting. The original 1979 film was plagued with massive cost overruns and filming problems. Coppola ended up losing a massive amount of his personal wealth over the film’s disastrous original release.



Over the years, Apocalypse Now achieved status as a classic in the genre of war films. Books have been written about the feature. Documentaries have been made. Now, the video game arena becomes the new home to the strange world up the river in Vietnam circa the late 1960’s.


The motion picture Apocalypse Now was based on the novel Heart of Darkness. The updating of the classic novel focused on the character of Captain Willard traveling to the hideout of the renegade Colonel Kurtz. Willard’s mission was to assassinate Kurtz.


In the video game, the player assumes the role of Willard. The basic premise of Apocalypse Now is retained. The difference is a movie no longer unfolds to a passive viewer. Instead, a player is involved in the action of the film. The ending is up to what the player does.


War games and first-person shooter endeavors are hugely popular. An Apocalypse Now video game would borrow from the popular conventions of various war games while adding the dark melodrama found in the original film. If nothing else, the game should be one of the more original productions to be released in years. Currently, funding is being raised through Kickstarter.


‘Apocalypse Now’ Video Game On The Way!

If you are partial to movies about war or you merely want to see Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen steal the silver screen, ‘Apocalypse Now’ is your gig. ‘Apocalypse Now’ is one of the most famous and well received films of all time thanks to masterful direction from Francis Ford Coppola and a riveting story behind the scenes as well as on the screen. We never would have pegged the film for a video game adaptation but the news has hit and it’s possible now more than ever. In fact, the team behind ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ and ‘Far Cry’ have put together a Kickstarter in order to raise money to make it happen!


Fans of ‘Fallout’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’ know that this has to be some kind of match made in heaven. While ‘Apocalypse Now’ lacks any of the conventional traits that make for a video game adaptation, there is simply too much talent here to dismiss it out of hand. ‘New Vegas’ is one of the best expansions that we’ve ever played and it is due in large part to the talent on the writing side. Still, this won’t be easily done. The men and women at Erebus LLC are looking to raise $900,000 within the next month in order to fund the creation of the project. After announcing the project the Kickstarter raised a stunning $30,000 – on the first day.


FOr people just now getting the news, don’t think that Francis Ford Coppola is off hands with the project. In fact, the legendary director himself has gotten behind the project. With Coppola’s full approval, and a big budget, it looks like we could be looking at quite the video game experience! The team of writers rae looking to create what they call, “An immersive, psychedelic horror RPG” that calls on many of the traits from their prior projects: ‘New Vegas’, ‘Star Wars Galaxies’, ‘Planetside’ and more. They’ve got the right background and the right mindset, but will this thing ever take off?


The pride of the project appears to be stemming from Coppola’s belief that the game can be made and it can be made well. AAA developers will be working on the projec talong with a team of highly skilled filmmakers.