OneLogin –Providing Unparalleled Cyber Protection and Security

Introduction – Recent massive data breaches of millions of records at major companies like Verizon have highlighted the need for manufacturers to balance their need for increased productivity with the ever increasing need for effective cybersecurity.

Why the Need for Enhanced Cybersecurity? – The major challenges for businesses now are the increased number and diversity of apps and users involved with and using a company’s computer systems. As 3rd party access increases so does the risk of cyber attacks and devastating data breaches.

According to a recent Aberdeen study of 17,000 US and Canadian companies compiled by David E. Brink, one third of enterprises now provide authorized access to more than 25 third party organizations with 10% of companies working with over 200 external partners. Because of this increased exposure, there is a 90% chance that a single data breach will cost a company over 190 thousand dollars and a 10% chance a data breach will wind up costing more than 750 thousand dollars.

What is OneLogin – OneLogin is an identity management and security service used by major companies like Airbus, Steelcase and Consort Medical. It provides an efficient and affordable identity management service designed to ensure and protect the integrity and security of company data and to avoid common and costly cyber-attacks

How Does OneLogin Work – OneLogin provides a single sign-on username and password for multiple services and apps on the web. Using their system, there is no longer any need for multiple passwords or for the use of the same password for everything.

In addition, IT departments can customize their security protocols using multi-authentications during the log-in process. IP addresses can also be restricted with the OneLogin system.

On the OneLogin system, there are more than 5000 pre- integrated apps that are easily accessible including Office 365, Cisco and many other useful and popular applications.

In addition to a free version, several levels of service exist ranging from two dollars per employee per month to eight dollars per employee per month for advanced security features. There is also 24/7 Technical support available and training courses given every month.

Conclusion – In this era of massive and costly data breaches, it makes perfect sense to upgrade to the OneLogin system to create a better balance between productivity and enhanced cybersecurity.