Popular Arcade Racer to get Remaster

On February 20th, EA uploaded a teaser to a Burnout Paradise remaster on YouTube. In the minute and a half video EA sports showed off some impressive new graphics by having sports cars and muscle cars speeding down a busy road, crashing and performing stunts while all the while racing against other each other.

The original game, produced by Criterion Games, was the 5th edition of the Burnout series. It was released in December of 2008 and was met with praise from both fans and critics. The game was the most innovative of the series; it changed so many features that if not for Burnout’s signature crashes, it would be hard to know it was a Burnout game. Burnout Paradise was the first of the series that took place in an open world environment.

Not much information has been released by EA or Criterion concerning any new features, if any at all, will be included in the remastered edition of Burnout Paradise. Despite no announcements for new content, upon inspection of the pre-order page on the PlayStation store you will find that the game will feature new in-game micro-transactions.

The inclusion of in-game purchases should come as no surprise for any gamer that is familiar with EA games. EA was involved in controversy with its newest Star Wars release late last year, which is still seeing backlash from fans. Fans absolutely despised the fact that EA would allow the purchasing of characters with real-world cash, while players who didn’t want to fork over any money would be stuck grinding for hundreds of hours before unlocking even half the characters.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be excited for Burnout Paradise coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Likely, all the features that came standard with the original release of Burnout Paradise will be available at the start of the game without the need to spend real world money. The in-game purchases in the new edition are likely extra cars – cars that were not in the original version of the game.

EA has previously stated, however, that all of the original games DLC will come with the remaster at no additional cost. The game launches on March 16th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.