Cambridge’s Fake News Game is a Blast

There are probably more lies than truth on the internet when you add up every piece of information published to the net. Cambridge University intends to teach people how to create fake news themselves in a new web-game they have recently released. The game is called Bad News and is available to play here.

Upon booting up the game I was a little disappointed by the text based aspect of the game, but the game quickly caught my attention by allowing me to post my first tweet and gain my first 25 social media followers.

The game then gave me the option to take a quick survey and I was intrigued enough to cooperate with its request. The game had an option to back out of the survey and return to the main game at any point I wanted. It was a short survey composed of me judging several Twitter posts from various authors as being reliable or not.

After the survey was over the game led me down the path of improving my social media presence and credibility. First I impersonated the President of the United States on twitter and declared war, then I went pro and started my own news site. My first post was a meme that read “Apparently I hurt the planet by keeping my baby warm.” By this time I had nearly 300 followers and was on my way to becoming the top name in fake news.

The game then asked me which emotion of my followers I would like to exploit next and I chose fear. I ended up choosing to scar mothers everywhere by declaring that their dogs all had diseases that would infect their children – this is really in the game.

After I paid a couple thousand twitter bots, I gained over 4000 followers and got my 3rd badge(of 6 total in the game.)

My next step was to step into the world of conspiracy theories, but my new meme was too far out there and I received backlash from my followers. You can head over to GetBadNews right now and see if you can do better than I did.