Banking To Serve The People

NexBank is a premier financial institution based in Dallas Texas. It is a company that is divided into three areas of commerce to better serve patrons. It is a full service banking institution that services commercial, mortgage and investment funding needs. It is a company currently partnering with Dallas Habitat for Humanity to bring an affordable housing loan program to the southern Dallas area. They have an ambitious goal of providing 100 or more home loans to low income families over the scope of the next five years.

NexBank has roots that have grown through the community since 1922. Their mission is to implement industry management and supply unparalleled banking services that achieves top notch solutions to meet intricate customer needs. NexBank has developed a long term strategy that not only services the community but is designed to service new and current customers while growing the business in a competitive manner. This institution has positioned itself to capitalize on development opportunities and expand the business and build strong, efficient branding. It provides tailored financial and banking based services while providing community opportunities to help low income individuals realize housing dreams. NexBank is banking for the people and is establishing itself as such in southern Dallas and neighboring communities.