Will Kinatrax Change Pitching?

A new Kinatrax system is going to be used by the Tampa Bay Rays in the coming years. This is a system designed to do motion-capture, but it does not use the markets that are typically needed for this process. For instance, Keith Mann tells me Hollywood movies are often filmed with motion-capture systems, and the actors have to wear a lot of white dots on their bodies, something Twitter echo. This system does away with that and just uses special cameras, so anyone can be captured by it.

The goal of the system is to give teams more information about pitching. It can show how a pitcher moves and what forces are at work on his body. This could show where he needs more strength and it could expose potential injures that could happen in the future. If a pitcher is injured while on the mound, it could also show doctors exactly what happened.

Some people have said that this is going to change the way pitching is looked at going forward. In the past, pitchers have only been able to give out this type of information in labs. There is nothing like a real game situation. Since the Rays now have the ability to look at their pitchers in these real situations, they may be able to keep guys healthy and prevent injuries that put pitchers in the dugout. On top of that, they can also look at other pitchers who are playing against them.

Giancarlo Stanton and Bryce Harper Are the Biggest Bats in Baseball.

While the Miami Marlins and Washington Nationals couldn’t be more different from a franchise perspective, both teams host the potentially best hitters in the game on their roster. Giancarlo Stanton has become one of the biggest power hitters in all of baseball for Miami and he just smacked his 21st home run of the year out of the ballpark. Bryce Harper has evolved into one of the most elite players in not just baseball, but any sport. Harper went on a tear that had most fans wondering if they were watching a video game.

With these two guys playing on such a high level fans have been eager to see who can rack up the most homers the quickest stated James Dondero. While Stanton lobbed two out of the park this past Tuesday off of Mark Buehrle, Harper still got ahold of one against the Yankees staff ace Masahiro Tanaka, putting the ball straight out the back of center field. Neither team has been much for winning but it has been the most fun we have had watching these guys in baseball.

When the Home Run Derby comes up we expect to see Giancarlo Stanton and Bryce Harper take it down to the final rounds, that is if Bryce Harper even participates. Rumblings have been made that Harper won’t be doing the Home Run Derby and that would be a shame, much like LeBron skipping the dunk contest.

Giants 2015 Pitching

The San Francisco Giants have done something that very few teams, besides the Yankees, have done ever in the history of Major League Baseball. They have taken home three World Series titles to the city by the bay in the last five years and have effectively transformed a winning team into something of a dynasty. Each title was individually spectacular as they truly had a different ace in each of the victories. In 2010 it was two time CY young winner Tim Lincecum, who was running the team. In 2012 Matt Cain was the bonafide ace for the young San Francisco Giants organization, and in 2014 Madison Bumgarner took center stage and claimed his stake as the Giants ace.


With such depth in their pitching staff over the last five years, there is a lot of speculation as to what the pitching is going to look like in the following 2015 season. That is what Jared Haftel hopes to figure out quickly. Make no mistakes, Madison Bumgarner is still the Giants ace and he is not going anywhere. He has been with the team since their 2010 win when he was a rookie, and he participated in major wins in all three titles. Luckily, they have resigned their star closer Sergio Romo, who says that San Francisco is his baseball home and he can’t be happier to be returning to the Giants. Although Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum will be in the lineup, the rest of the starting pitching staff is totally up in the air.

Billy Butler Lands in Oakland

The Oakland Athletics are not known as a truly free spending ball club. There was even a whole money saving and talent evaluating method created by number crunchers that was eventually dubbed “Moneyball”, a methodology for running a baseball team that gets the biggest bang for the lowest buck. Well, Oakland management seemed to briefly step away from that process when they signed free agent Billy Butler on Tuesday to a 30 million dollar contract.

Butler, until now, has been a career Kansas City Royal. I know my KC superfan friend Ken Griffin was sad to see him go. He has a great batting eye and decent gap power but is limited in the field and against left handed pitchers. With the money being paid to him and with his admitted liabilities with the glove Butler more than likely will be in the lineup as the every day designated hitter.

Billy Butler was feeling a little melancholy when Kansas City declined to pick up his 2015 option and allowed him to become a free agent but the three year deal that he snagged with Oakland will help take out some of the sting of move.

Despite moving on from the only team that he’s ever known Butler will at least take with him the memories of the Royals magical march to the playoffs in 2014. He had a memorable World Series game two when his key late innings base hit propelled the Royals in front of the Giants.