Battlefield 1 Brings Players To The Harsh WWI Desert Battles

Battlefield 1 takes players to one of the harshest environments in which World War I was waged: the scorching hot Sinai desert. A new trailer for the game has been released. The trailer absolutely is an action-packed one. The trailer is both action packed and frightening. The imagery brings players right into the chaotic environment of desert warfare. Men on horseback swing swords and shoot lugers. Planes drop bombs that kick up massive amounts of swirling sands. When the wind whips up, massive sandstorms make seeing the chaos – and defending against it – difficult.

Battlefield 1 has the feel of a Hollywood blockbuster. Or really, there is more to the gaming experience than what would be found in a World War I epic adventure film. Sitting in a chair watching the events unfold as a third-party is not the same as being part of the mix and guiding the action. Guiding the action may prove to be much more difficult than even the most experienced gamer anticipates. Upwards of 64 players may participate in Battlefield 1. That is a lot of enemies and allies to contend with for sure.

The game has not been released yet, but an open beta period is slated to arrive soon. Beta periods are not for everyone since there are always bugs present. The whole idea of beta testing is to help smooth out the games and improve them based on player feedback. Gamers who are enthused about such play sessions do thrive on working through the beta period.

Battlefield 1 may be deemed somewhat of a risky game to develop and produce. World War I took place over 100 years ago. Many gamers prefer contemporary or even futuristic battlefields. The risk of creating a game set in modern times or the near future would run the risk of labeling Battlefield 1 a Call of Duty clone. Being dubbed a clone of another game would not exactly help generate sales. Based on the new trailer, Battlefield 1 looks like an original and exciting work. More importantly, Battlefield 1 looks like a hit in waiting.