Ted Bauman On How to Earn a 1,900 Percent Return

Ted Bauman, in The Bauman Letter, has been discussing ways through which you can make the recent tax laws work for you. One of these ways has to do with retirement planning if you are not yet retired. In a Medium article, Ted Bauman talked about four of the top ways to make the tax laws work for you. One of those ways is with regards to retirement. First, open up a Roth IRA if you have not done so already. You should then create a C Corporation. Make the Roth IRA the only shareholder of the corporation. The March edition of the Bauman Letter goes into more details. In fact, it explains a simple hack that you can use to cut taxes off your retirement savings by as much as fifty percent, an unheard of sum. Read more about Ted Bauman at talkmarkets.com

In another article on Medium, Ted Bauman goes into how to boost your gains by as much as nineteen hundred percent. Yes, you heard right: one thousand and nine hundred percent. Ted Bauman saw this opportunity around a month ago. There was an outfit that was going to have a change of leadership. Ted Bauman saw which way the shareholders were going to be swayed. His analysis paid off well, and he ended up getting a thirteen percent increase in just three weeks. During the same time, the S&P was only up by two and a half percent.

This story motivated Ted Bauman to go on searching for similar opportunities that were available during the past year. He found a lot of them, but he also found that people did not invest in these opportunities very often. He predicts that many such opportunities will be available during the course of the current year and that you should definitely invest in them if you want to succeed. If you do that, there is the possibility of earning returns that are seventy percent more than the returns that would be earned if you invest in the S&P.

So what stock did Ted Bauman purchase? It was the iShares MSCI South Africa ETF (NYSE: EZA). He accurately predicted how the country’s change of leadership would affect the market in that country. As mentioned, he was correct about that. He says that the emerging markets will present great opportunities for the year 2018. In one of his recent articles on Medium, Ted Bauman goes into detail about this topic, and he also provides an informative chart that you can look at for information with regards to the emerging markets and the individual stocks that have potential. Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tedbauman