Crazy Texts From The Ex

It is two in the morning and your text notification wakes you up out of a dead sleep. You pick up your cell phone with the sleep still in your eyes and read the message. Is there anything more scary than scary text messages as she is leaving the bar? I think not.

My ex-girlfriends all seem to want to text me and remind me that I am no longer their boyfriend. Somehow, they think we can be friends, even though I have told them countless times I wanted nothing to do with them.

I think the scariest text I have ever gotten from an ex-girlfriend was only about a month after we had broke up. She told me that she was pregnant. We had parted ways on bad terms but the time we had spent together, we had created new life.

For weeks I did not reply to the message though it was on my mind constantly. I was contemplating would death by freezing just be easier to face.  It was scary to think that someone I now could not stand was carrying my child. I had no idea what to do or what to say.  This is just one of the many things some exes try to pull.

After about a month and a half I finally got another text message from her. It simply said that she had a miscarriage. I felt the life I had created slip away before it was even ready to meet the world. I texted back, “Good”, and have not gotten any texts from her since.

Investments With Kyle Bass

Depending on who you ask, Kyle Bass is either a genius when it comes to investing or a pure evil investor. Maybe he’s just an evil genius investor. Whatever it is, people have a very strong opinion on the individual who made millions of dollars off of failed mortgages during the mortgage crisis in 2008. Now, with any kind of investment (such as a mortgage) there is always a transverse effect, so when someone loses money that money is going to go somewhere. For an investor (like Kyle Bass) who understands the market and is able to move finances around in order to invest in the crumbling housing market, is is possible to make money, a considerable amount of money, off of it. That doesn’t make it necessarily ethical (in the eyes of many), and it certain doesn’t help the overall appearance someone has in regards to their investment strategy.  His blog is certainly in it’s own league for investment advice.

So, how did Kyle Bass make all of his money off of the crumbling mortgage crisis around 2008? Like other investors, he know the housing market would pop and crash hard. The housing market issue came due to the federal government mandating banks provide loans to individuals for homes when they could not afford the homes. These loans though typically came with a variable interest rate, which means the rate would go with the market. Kyle, as well as the other investors, knew that once the variable rate went higher, individuals who would not have been approved for the mortgage a decade prior, would simply fail to be able to pay for their mortgage, resulting in bank foreclosures. Due to this, Kyle invested in, more or less, people failing to pay their mortgages. So, when the market collapsed and people started to lose their homes, Kyle received money. In a time where people were without work and didn’t have homes, Kyle was making tens of millions of dollars.

This rubbed individuals the wrong way. It especially rubbed people the wrong way as he went onto talk shows and conducted interviews telling the world how he made money off of the misfortune of others. While nothing illegal occurred, it caused an outrage that stemmed throughout the United States (and even other areas of the world as the market crisis affected people in most countries).

UsefulStooges exposed that this kind of financial issue has followed Kyle around really with all of his investments since making the initial investment with regards to the banking and housing sector. Now he has been betting the Asian markets would crash year after year. However, year after year the markets have remained strong, or at least steady. Plus, as China recently deregulated its currency, it doesn’t look like a crash will occur any time soon.

Bag on Side of New Jersey Road Filled with $150,000

It isn’t too often tat you find money lying on the side of the road, but that is exactly what happened in Mahwah New Jersey this week. Mahwah police are saying that an employee who fills and empties ATM machines left a bag with $150,000 on the road. That bag did not remain long, as video captures a white van with two occupants who pull up and make off with the money.

During rounds of emptying ATM machines, video shows an employee of Kenneth Griffin‘s company walking to his vehicle with the bags of money. He places one bag on the curb and begins making room in the trunk to fit the rest. After placing the bags in the trunk, he gets in the car and simply forgets one of the bags on the curb. Soon after he drives away, he realizes his mistake and calls to see if the bag is still on the road. The bag was gone, swiped up by a passenger in a white van who spotted the bag sitting at the curb.

The ATM worker was so distressed by his mistake, he needed medical treatment at the scene. Video captured the entire event, including the passenger picking up the bag of money and throwing it in his van. The same van was spotted on another video a shot time later stealing used tires from across the street at a tire company. Police are looking for the driver and passenger of the van, and have released the video asking for help from the public in identifying the thieves.

Skin Cancer Selfie Shows Dangers of Tanning Beds

Once upon a time everyone coveted nicely bronzed skin. Competitions were held among friends, rivals and even nationally to see who could get the deepest, darkest tan. That was before we knew about the dangers of the sun’s UV rays and how sun exposure would cause cancer.

Once it was made known about the dangers of the sun’s rays, tanning beds came along to give us a golden tan without exposure to damaging rays. So we thought.

Tanning beds emit skin-damaging UV rays that will cause cancer just like the sun does. Just look at Tawny Willoughby Facebook selfie picture and read her story. Ms.Willoughby has been brave enough to post a picture of her face, covered with skin cancer, caused by her usage of tanning beds. She wanted a tan, she got basal cell carcinoma five times and squamous cell carcinoma once. Her post has went viral and been viewed over 60,000 times. had a report that during her high school years, Tawny used the tanning bed four or five times a week. She was only 21 years old when she was first diagnosed with skin cancer. Now as a 27 year old mother of a two year old son, her biggest fear is that she won’t be around to see him grow up.