Bernie Sandwiches Are Now Being Served

The undeniable power of one 70-something-year-old man is now being seen in our video games. Recently released Bernie Sandwiches is a mobile video game based off the viral meme that everyone has seen by now. In case you missed it, early in the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign, a major news anchor made one simple mistake that went crazy – announced Bernie ‘Sandwiches’ the winner of the New Hampshire Primary. While MSNBC is very prone to airing misinformation and mistake, this is the first time a mistake has become this widespread.

Now, with the popularity of Bernie Sanders only growing stronger, his supporters are getting really creative and bring Sanders into the digital realm. One of the most novel of these ideas is the mobile game Bernie Sandwiches. You get to join Bernie on his run for the President as he visits state caucus and primary after another. Along the way, make sure you keep Bernie’s energy up by munching on delicious sandwiches scattered throughout the country.

The gameplay is a basic endless with a near-side view. Controls are basic and easy to learn. Simply tap once to jump and twice for a double jump. Bernie Sandwiches is free to download and includes a link to visit the actual Bernie Sander for President website. This is a great way to pass the time while you wait for the next Bernie Sanders rally to begin.

The game and developers are no way endorsed by Bernie Sanders. They are just dedicated supporters.