The Benefits of Beneful

The Beneful brand excels at providing top quality dog food and treats at reasonable prices. The very name Beneful means “full of goodness,” and that’s the underlying principle in the making of every product.

Starting out in 2001, Nestle Purina Petcare created the Beneful brand as a nutritious and appealing alternative to other existing dog food products. Whereas other competing brands would use lower quality ingredients and packaging, Beneful took the dog food market by storm with the simple idea that dogs deserve a high quality product that their owners can trust. Instead of wheat or grain being the main ingredient, Beneful uses real beef, chicken, turkey and salmon. Instead of artificial fillers they use tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and rice. The Beneful Prepared Meals line has even won awards for its innovative design that allows the packaging to be reused as a dog bowl.

Even though Beneful has grown into a multibillion dollar brand over the years, it makes sure that the focus remains on the dogs. The stories of how Beneful has helped so many dogs live a healthy life are shared on their website, Facebook, and Twitter. Owners are also invited to enter their local dog park into the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest, with the winners receiving a $500,000 renovation of their park.

The real meaning of Beneful is a promise, to every dog owner who purchases their products. They promise to treat all dogs as if they were their own, and that includes feeding them nothing but the best.


Beneful Provides Variety for Fussy Fido

My 15-pound Fido decided to become stubborn a few weeks ago, when his new over-sized Golden girlfriend, Toby, moved in next door. Romance seems to have got him distracted, thinking more about flirting than about chowing down. Thankfully, Beneful offers 39 different varieties to suit Fido’s palate. Fido’s recent favorite gourmet delight, beef, is now “out” in favor of chicken. I was delighted to learn that Beneful offers a terrific selection of chicken dog food.

I know I can trust Beneful, since it’s a subsidiary of Nestlé, a company on that makes food for people, too. I would not feed Fido chocolate, but Beneful Romana Style Medley, with chicken, pasta, and even spinach suits him fine. Did I mention that Beneful Romana Style Medley also contains Fido’s absolute favorite veggie, carrots? Dangle a can of Beneful Romana Style Medley in front of Fido, and he might even forget about the girl next door.

Did you know that a healthy smile will improve your love life? I have yet to try that one out myself, but it seems that Fido’s healthy smile is winning him doggie kisses. He loves Beneful on purinastore Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. I make sure he has one or two before he ventures out on a date each day, rolling in the manure with Toby.

Toby seems to have become fussy, too. Since she’s a big girl, her mama feeds her Beneful Original, priced at under $26 for a 31.1-pound bag at Target. Toby’s mama learned that Beneful is one of the few dry dog foods that will completely soften in warm water. Toby doesn’t even know she’s eating on a budget.

When Fido is extra fussy after a long menage-a-deux with Toby, he enjoys a nighttime repose with the stars, Beneful Baked Delight Stars,that is, also made of chicken. When Fido sees me opening the cabinet and reaching for the box, he can’t stop barking, much to the dismay of Toby’s mama, next door, who is already in bed. I’m sure that in addition to dreaming of Toby and more rolling adventures, Fido will be dreaming of Beneful tonight, and maybe tomorrow night, too.

All varieties meet the AAFCO Dog Nutrient Profile, so I don’t have to worry that Fido’s recent romance is going to shortchange his nutrition. No more fussy eater! Fido is himself again, thanks to Beneful.


When looking at dog food it is important to understand the basics. The crucial components of a good dog food are protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Protein supplies the building blocks of growth and healthy weight while carbs are a source of energy. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for digestion, immune processes, and many other bodily functions.

A dog’s dietary requirements are similar to our own in many ways. Aside from the basics discussed above, dogs need omega-3 fats which support cardiovascular health as well as offer protection from hypertension and depression. Antioxidants are essential for good overall health as they support the immune system and are good for the heart and eyes.

Purina’s Beneful brand is a good example of a complete and healthy dog food. Beneful goes above and beyond the basics offered by many of the national brands to include sources of omega-3 fats. Vegetables provide not only essential fiber but extra vitamins and minerals from a natural source. The fruits and berries found in Beneful are a rich source of antioxidants, which are not commonly found in the more bland brands found today.

All dog foods lose some essential nutrients during cooking and processing. Beneful dog food has added vitamins and minerals to replenish these nutrients to offer complete nutrition. Other tasty ingredients which aim to improve flavor are also included because if a dog will not eat the food, then the many benefits do not matter.

Beneful Is A Great Dog Food

I was able find the best dog food for my dog. I had always wanted to get a dog, but I never had the right situation to get one. I knew that if I was going to be a dog owner that it was going to have to be something that I took very seriously, and I was going to need to have the time and be able to give my dog the attention that he deserved. I had been living on my own for quite some time, and since I worked all types of crazy hours and I knew that I was not going to be able to have the situation to get a dog. I wanted to do my research before I actually got my dog. I wanted to get a dog that was going to be kind, calm, and perfect for me and my life. I was able to get information about a cute little schnauzer/poodle that was put up for adoption. I studied the breed of dog, and it was also very important for me to get the right kind of dog food for him.

I am a person that takes very good care of their body. I work out regularly and I try to eat only healthy food. Since that is the case, I would want nothing less for my dog. I researched many different types of dog food, and I really liked what I learned about a Beneful. Beneful is a unique dog food, because it is not packed with junk and fillers that a dog does not need. All of the food that is made by Beneful goes through a very arduous process of study and quality control. The people that work in quality control work hard to make sure that they are only giving the best meat, vegetables, and nutrients that a dog will need.

Many of the people that work in quality control are dog owners themselves, and they only want to give their dogs the best quality food as well. I watched videos on YouTube and I watched a lot of different videos about the benefits of Beneful dog food, and I also did my research online. I got my dog a year ago, and ever since that time I have only fed my Beneful dog food. My dog is strong, healthy, and happy. He has a great diet, and I know that he is getting all the nutrients that he needs. When a person becomes a dog owner there are many important decisions that they have to make, but one of the most important decisions is what to feed their dog. With the help of much research, I was able to find that Beneful is one of the best dog foods around in order to help your dog to have a happy and healthy life.