Jeff Aronin Believes in Biopharmaceuticals for the Incurable Diseases

People say health is the greatest wealth something Paragon Biosciences have incorporated in their business model. Paragon Biosciences is an investor and incubator that builds and develops leading biotechnology firms aimed at helping people live longer and healthier lives. They focus on patients’ needs by studying the science behind each condition and coming up with ways of addressing unmet needs. They seek to reduce the more than 6,000 untreatable conditions by solving such problems. Their biotech companies are developed with discipline targeting strategies aimed at specific clinical areas. They conduct all phases of clinical trials and development in collaboration with medical professionals.

Some of their companies include Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals (CCP), a privately held firm that is coming up with innovative therapies for rare, serious, and weakening dermatological conditions. CCP already has a wide range of late-stage items marked with the potential to impact lives positively. Decade is a therapeutics development and research firm for Alzheimer’s disease. Harmony Biosciences Company looks at the unmet needs of central nervous system (CNS) disorders and sleep, patients. They identify, develop, get regulatory approval, and commercialize innovative, high-potential drugs for such patients. Precision BP develops treatments of uncommon genetic oncological diseases through research and development.

All the developments could not have been possible without Jeff Aronin, Chairman and CEO Paragon Biosciences, LLC. With more than 20 years as a biotech and healthcare entrepreneur, he has a passion fueled by empathy for his patients. Driven by science, Jeff Aronin was enthusiastic with wherein 2000 he had a biotech startup, Ovation Pharmaceuticals. He was the CEO and led the company to great science stamping on his belief of pharmaceuticals as it brought new medicines to patients. He based it on identifying patient’s needs, promising sciences, and bring up a team to get the medicine approved, a model he applies at Paragon Biosciences.

Under his leadership, Jeff Aronin has seen Paragon Biosciences get 13 drugs approved. The three-stage straightforward strategy of, learn the disease, understand the science and removing guesswork has been pivotal for Paragon Biosciences. Jeff Aronin notes that this results in a rational path where technology can be used to do much just like in cellphones and computers.