Neurocore’s EEG Technology

Neurocore is a well-known facility running performance centers that focus on utilizing modern neuroscience technology to provide drug-free solutions for patients living with different conditions such as; Depression, ADHD, Stress, Migraines, Autism, Anxiety and many other brain-related conditions. There are several neurotherapeutic methods provided by neuro core to take care of these illnesses, like; brain mapping, EEG Tech and, neurofeedback. These methods have been there since the mid-twentieth century but have only recently been introduced and offered directly to the public. Neurocore has had the privilege to contribute to offering solutions by offering boot camps. Before the application of these methods, it took time and research to perfect these methods. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The History of Electroencephalogram Tech

EEG is a test that is used to detect electrical activities in the brain through the use of metal discs commonly known as electrodes. These metal discs are placed on the head to pick electrical impulses in the brain. This method is painless and noninvasive. For the diagnosis to take place, the electrode detects the wavy lines formed by electrical impulses. This test was initially used in the past to detect the presence of epilepsy but with time neurologists found out that the test can be used to diagnose mental maladies like brain tumors, encephalitis, sleep disorders, and others. The first human EEG recording took place in the year 1929 which was done after the first publication by Hans Berger giving details on a human electroencephalogram.


The recording invited a lot of skepticism from his friends. He continually gave lectures and studies on the same year after year. Berger struggled with depression for a long time and eventually took his life at seventy-eight years of age. Berger was driven by telepathy which was stemmed by a traumatizing accident while he was performing his military service. The evening after his accident, Hun’s sister persuades his father to send a telegram seeking information on his health which came as a surprise to him since they had never inquired before. His sister had a feeling that the brother was involved in an accident. He explained the intuition like telepathy and he kept this in mind all his life. This situation and many others paved a way to the birth of EEG. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.