Bruno Fagali Knows the Laws of Brazilian Compliance

Mr. Bruno Fagali is the foremost Brazilian Overseer of Corporate Integrity. He is recognized for his immeasurable command of wide-ranging litigation skills. Mr. Fagali controls what many deem to be the largest and most influential institutions for publishing & commercial marketing in all of Brazil. Bruno Fagali is the person in charge of the efforts driving the Law & Ethics Trade group. Bruno Fagali has placed his main focus on the multitude of legalities that are required for handling Brazilian Compliance, Anticorruption, Public Legal and Electoral legislation.

Bruno Fagali holds the esteemed accomplishment of having earned his Master’s in State Litigation, from USP, the University of São Paulo, in Brazil. Mr. Bruno Fagali mastered his expertise on Managerial Litigation. Bruno Fagali is licensed by both the PUC, or the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and also the FGC, or the Fundo Garantidor de Créditos, as they are known in Brazil. Bruno Fagali’s expertise of knowledge is first and foremost on Community Administrative groups. This is to steer clear of any indecent behavior in the administrative and governmental arenas.

Nova/SB is a Brazilian commercial & publishing venture. They’re in control of the very important communication network that is utilized all over Bruno Fagali’s homeland. Brazil’s Nova/SB is viewed as one of the country’s leading and well-regarded marketing establishments. Nova/SB maintains up to date information in regards to a compilation of dedicated services, besides media and production.

Nova/SB’s Corporate Reliability initiative connects straight to the Brazilian Transparency Department and to the Power & Bylaw sector. Nova/SB is recognized as being the first publishing & marketing venture in Brazil to produce such strict guidelines for anti-corruption. They’re also known as the only institute in Brazil that is encouraged to join with the marketing ventures.