Young Entrepreneurs Should Be Talking To Glen Wakeman

Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of risk, many times bad decisions are made. Someone like Glen Wakeman, who has been in the financial business for a long time, has more than likely, made a few bad decisions in his long career. Who hasn’t.? LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, a software company that Glen Wakeman started in 2015 along with co-founder Rick Cano, helps guide early stage entrepreneurs down the right business path. Hopefully they will help cut down on those bad decisions.


Glen Wakeman has over thirty years of experience in the financial world. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of Scranton in 1981. The next step was a Master of Business Administration in finance from the University of Chicago. Those degrees led to an impressive job resume. Glen was a Growth Leadership role model when he worked at GE Capital doing business development along with profit and loss. He also worked at GE Money Latin America as the CEO, which took him all over the globe and he lived in many foreign cities. His resume also includes Founder and President of Nova Four, CEO of Doral Financial Corporation along with Chairman of the Board at Doral Bank.

Being an entrepreneur himself, he has guided many start-ups to become successful companies. His investing insights on his blog are a must read for any investor looking for clear information about emerging markets, investing strategies, management, and many more finance and business strategies. His mentoring targets C-Level executives with what he calls areas of five key performance targets: execution, governance, human capital, leadership, and risk management.


Glen always writes in a positive, upbeat tone on his blog. Many posts are simple and to the point. He emphasizes that there is always room for improvement. Not only in the way we do business but in how we treat our staff, customers, and ourselves. Given how much experience Glen Wakeman has in the financial world, his latest endeavor, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, should prove to be very successful for him, his partner, and many young entrepreneurs.

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A Career In Finance and Compassion: Stephen Rotella

Stephen J. Rotella is an American financial expert, based in New York City, currently serving as President at the helm of StoneCastle Partners, LLC.

Founded in 2003 with the intention of bridging the gap between the $2 trillion community banking industry and institutional investors, StoneCastle has established itself as one of America’s largest asset management firms dedicated to the United States banking sector, and is a recognized and trusted pioneer for institutional investors.

With assets totaling at over $11 billion, StoneCastle and it’s subsidiaries; StoneCastle Cash Management, StoneCastle Asset Managament, and StoneCastle Securities all offer capital, liquity, and funding solutions designed to address the needs of community banks, in addition to the needs of the investment community.

Stephen Rotella attended college at the State University of New York in Sunny Brook where he received his Bachelors in Economics. Rotella then went on to earn his Masters in Business Administration at the State University at Albany, SUNY in Finance and Information Technology in 1978.

After graduation, Rotella began his career as the Senior Consultant at Accenture an information technology company that provides global professional services in such departments as strategy, consulting, technology, and digital operations.
He later went on to serving as Vice President of Product Development at The Reserve Group a private equity firm that specialized in acquisitions and expansions.

Stephen Rotella served as the Vice President of Shearson Lehman, Inc, in addition to CEO of Chase Home Finance at J.P. Morgan, and eventually acting as CEO of Washington Mutual, before becoming CEO of StoneCastle Partners, LLC’s subsidiary StoneCastle Cash Management where he served for several years before landing where he remains today, as President of StoneCastle.

As of now, Rotella’s business career spans over three decades, with a background in strategic and operating leadership in the realm of financial services, including extensive experience in retail and internet banking, marketing, development, asset management, and large scale operations management.

But business is not everything. Stephen Rotella also supports many philanthropic causes, with his focus trained on the underprivileged, and on supporting the arts. Rotella has served as a member on several boards, including YouthCare an organization that advocates for homeless youth, and The Seattle Foundation a philanthropic service foundation serving the greater Seattle area, in addition to serving on the board of ArtsFund, and BalletMet Columbus both of which support the arts in the community.

As Stephen Rotella said in a quote “There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that something you have done, small or large, gives someone the chance to build a better life.


Fabletics Soars With Don Ressler At The Helm


Don Ressler started Fabletics with Kate Hudson as a bit of a fashion revolution, and they are building a company that will sell clothing to women for the casual every day routine. Don has been with the company from the beginning, and he has helped Kate build a company that serves women online and in stores. This article explains how Don has made Fabletics into a fashion icon in just a few short years on the strength of athleisure.


#1: How Was The Company Started?


Don helped Kate start the company as a subscription service. It sends clothing to women that will help them run off to the gym, and it will help them when they want to get dressed for a day out. He has pushed the subscription concept for some time, and they are now expanding to stores in North America.


#2: What Are The Stores All About?


The stores Don wishes to start for Fabletics are a place where women may shop for the same clothes they get online. The women who are using the website will use their accounts to shop in the store, and they will check their accounts to see what they have purchased. Every woman who shops with Fabletics is learning about casual clothing in a new way because Don has split the duties of the shop. They may sell online, in the store or both.


#3: How Do They Stay On-Message?


Kate has modeled the brand from the beginning, and everyone knows her in the clothes. They know how she looks in the brand, and she has helped design clothes that will fit any woman. She wants a woman to make her way to the gym in the clothes, go to lunch and make her way home in the same outfit. She is in the clothing quite often, and she ensures every woman knows there is a size for them.


The Fabletics brand has grown quite a lot under Don Ressler, and he is helping more Kate’s vision forward. He is the executive who knows the fashion world better than any other, and he knows the women who shop with the company will find something that serves them well. They may choose their gym clothes on the site, or they may find casual clothes at the stores he is opening. He feels a responsibility for Kate Hudson’s vision, and he cares for it well.

Smashing Advice from Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is widely recognized as merchandising professional because of being experienced and successful in many businesses. The majority of people he associates with know him as an individual who executes his duties correctly regardless of the condition. His vast experience in various businesses offered him an opportunity to relocate to Arizona. In this new position and location, it is evident that marvelous things are expected and for that reason, just stay tuned for the upcoming news.

Recently, Ken launched a new website that can be used as a platform where he engages other business minded individuals in constructive conversations designed to advance their knowledge of financial markets. As you can see, the focus and aim of this expert are to achieve excellence with the help of mainstream methodologies associable in the business world. It is evident that Ken is a real inspiration to many individuals who do not have the motivation for work. He is a role model to people who desire to attain flexibility in their duties.

Note that these types of shifts in policy are not a new norm in the Kenneth Goodgame’s business world. All through his profession, Ken has managed to create a name for being an individual who gets the job executed no matter how bad the situation is at that time. It is a fact that True Value Company, Ace Hardware, and many other firms in the hardware industry have significantly benefited from the creativity and innovative thinking of Kenneth Goodgame.

Kenneth is an undisputable marketing guru, and for this reason, True Value has managed to post high income during the first quarter, and they expect to do even more in the coming quarter. That means you can work with the firm with as long as it is under the leadership of Goodgame. With an impressive resume particularly in the field of retail industry, he has proved that he is skilled at making clients pay for the goods sold at stores. Goodgame understands the excellent ways to run promotions as well as setting up the products to draw attention to them. Even though he has served at various retail stores, he has also served as CEO for different firms such as Newell Rubbermaid and Techtronic Industries. The growth of the companies is one of the main achievements he has made with the firms he has worked with so far.

About Kenneth Goodgame

Since Kenneth is a highly influential operation management leader, his duty is to concentrate on creating million and billion dollar OEM excellence. He achieves this by combining the innovative marketing and merchandising, modernized financial oversight and smart business strategy. Kenneth Goodgame’s vast experience has helped him in the navigation of market shifts and offers the capability to evade costly errors and stalls that other people miss.

A Look Into The Progress And Achievements Of Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall has revolutionized the legal industry by coming up with new solutions to many problems that have been ailing different firms. Since establishment in 1999, the New Zealand law firm has worked on developing a team that is equipped with the right intelligence to handle matters of law in every industry. In this regard, they have come up with different procedures that have worked to enhance the quality of services offered to clients.

Due to their growing positive reputation, Cone Marshall has earned a top status in the industry and is working with clients from different parts, who come with problems ranging from estate litigation to tax laws cases. They have also been advising banks and attorneys who are looking to offer better services to their clients.

The presence of a focused management team has been a contributing factor that has seen Cone Marshall grow into an international entity. Karen Marshall, one of the leaders whose presence has worked in favor of Cone Marshall, is recognized as a professional who has led a revolution in service delivery. She has injected a new life to the firm and ensured the service delivery process is streamlined to allow clients to access solutions to their problems within a short period of time.

Having worked as a lawyer in commercial litigation prior to entering into Cone Marshall, she understands most of the concepts that are vital to ensuring clients receive reliable services when it comes to pushing for commercial litigation and specifically tax laws. This explains the reason Cone Marshall has advanced when it comes to fighting for the establishment of a strong service for resolving issues on tax laws.

Karen works together with other professionals like Geoffrey Cone, who boasts of working as a lawyer in different specialties for at least 20 years. Together with the rest of the management, these professionals have been key in steering Cone Marshall to the attainment of an international status.

What you should know about Cone Marshall Ltd
Cone Marshall started way back in 1999 and as a small venture then, the firm concentrated on growing and establishing a strong presence in the market. To achieve this, the firm has ensured their services are streamlined to enhance quality. For several years, the company has been working with international clients, most of whom include banks and lawyers looking to offer better services. The advisory team of the company has fared excellently and they are looking to further expand the service.

Brad Reifler Can Help You Make More Money

The Forefront Income Trust was founded by Brad Reifler. This fund’s purpose is to help Middle America claim some of the great opportunity that exists in the stock market. Traditionally, the best opportunities have been limited the top 1% who can achieve the status of accredited investor. Brad Refiler wants to spread the wealth around and so he is taking steps to help everyone through his company. It is a fund that is not correlated to the equity markets. He is foregoing personal profit to himself unless he is able to deliver a substantial return to his investors.

Brad Reifler is also doing his part to help veterans and their families. He is going to donate 3% of his personal profit to military families for the foreseeable future. One of the keys to his company’s operation is to purchase back shares every quarter. He will be dispensing partial liquidity to investors. His company is unique in his respect because they are asset-backed loans and are sourced by business leaders who Brad has a special connection with.

Brad Reifler has a long history of success in the financial industry. He founded a company called Pali Capital back in 1995. He worked as the CEO for 13 years and he managed to generate $1 billion in revenues. He also had a large staff of 250 employees all over the world. The company operated in Singapore, Austria, United Kingdom, and all over Latin America. Brad serves on the board of directors of many corporations when he has the time. He was a trustee of the Millbrook School and served as Chairman of the Finance Committee for a time.

Those who know Brad Reifler think of him as a serial entrepreneur, which CrunchBase identifies him as. He is now involved in a company called Genesis Securities where he is the director. He has another company called European American Investment bank which operates transnationally and he is involved in the leadership of Foresight Research Solutions. He has entrepreneurship in his blood as his grandfather was the founder of Refco. Brad looks forward to helping more people realize their financial dreams through ForeFront Capital.  Follow Brad on YouTube for free tips, and his brilliant financial ideas.

Some Facilities Out There Are Still Dedicated To Providing Excellent Care

Home to San Luis Obispo in California is one of the leading assisted living facilities in the nation, The Manse on Marsh facility. There is a known issue of many establishments and facilities that have dropped their standards and do not maintain their communities or provide care for patients as they should. The Manse on Marsh facility is setting an example for other nursing homes and assisted living facilities by providing exceptional care and maintaining a positive and safe environment. The company has even been given the Caring Star award based on how well the facility is kept and the high number of positive reviews and statements from residents and families.

The Manse on Marsh assisted living community is independent and covers the surrounding areas of San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande, accepting all possible patients. The number of patients that have said great things and the high rating of the company on helped the community win the prestigious award, which has high minimum qualifications to even be considered. The Manse on Marsh has truly shown their dedication to providing excellent care the facility won the Caring Star award for two consecutive years.

The company and their staff is always diligent to provide the high level of care possible, which includes their services for medications, bathing and grooming, meals, and more. No resident has to pay for everything in order to receive care, they can just pay for the things they actually need or want to have. This makes the Manse on Marsh facilities care plan’s one of the best in the industry. They want to ensure all of their residents always feel safe and at home in the community.

As it stands, the Caring Star award is among the highest there is in the assisted living and nursing fields. Since the facility has managed to win the award multiple times now, they have effectively expanded their awareness and brought even more people into their community. Within the respective regions, Manse on Marsh allows anyone to join in on their community, disregarding backgrounds and superficial things. With the company’s passion for excellent service and care, they will hold a steady position in the industry as a leading assisted living facility.

The Midas Legacy Provides Reliable Wealth Management Advisory

Are you in need of expert guidance and advice regarding investment or business startup? Need the help of reputable wealth advisory firm with a team of qualified professional?

When it comes to choosing advisory services for wealth building or investing issues, you need to choose carefully.

The Midas Legacy is one of the fastest-growing financial management and wealth advisory research firms in the industry. The company provides the resources investors and financial advisory seekers need to reach their goals. The Midas Legacy simplifies the information and research process and provides opportunity seekers with the information they seek.

Financial advisors, research specialists, financial planners, wealth advisors and money management experts have teamed up to create top quality information products for those who are serious about achieving financial independence.

Crafting an effective strategy for members is a top priority at The Midas Legacy. All of their investment resources and business building courses are well researched and created by their talented and experienced staff. The team at The Midas Legacy consists of some of the industry’s brightest minds, top researchers, investment strategists, and financial management professionals with many years of investment and wealth building experience. The Midas Legacy has a proven record of delivering on the promise and thousands of people around the world are raving about the quality of materials the company provides.

Utilizing their considerable knowledge, the goal of The Midas Legacy is to teach members how to start a lucrative business, invest in the stock market and real estate, and preserve and grow their assets while avoiding unnecessary risks. Members are also presented with updates and new opportunities that are proven to help build wealth and attain financial freedom.

In addition to money making, wealth building and financial management tutorials and courses, members of the The Midas Legacy also learn about natural remedies to help them stay healthy and enjoy their life. Many different ways and techniques of maintaining optimal health are made available to members through information products like ebooks.

If you have any questions or issues you want to discuss, you can always reach out to their support team or an advisor. They will be glad to answer your questions and help enhance your knowledge of the industry and give you the confidence you need to pursue your wealth building and financial management objectives. Check out Reach out The Midas Legacy right away.

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Brazilian Investors Are Back In The South Florida Market According To Miami Investment Advisor Danilo Diaz Granados

Bazil has been in the news lately, and not for the same reason the country has been in the news for the last two years. Instead of bad press, Brazil is finally getting some positive exposure. The Summer Olympics were a success much to the surprise of the naysayers that said Rio was too dirty and too crime-filled to host such a major international event. The fact that Rio was short of money was another reason for the early hype about the Olympics. But Brazil proved their critics wrong once again. Brazil has a habit of pulling itself out of self-inflicted gnarly situations.

In Fact, Venezuelan investors are back in the South Florida real estate market once again. Venezuelans are buying investment properties in Florida instead of second homes, according to Miami investment advisor Danilo Diaz Granados. Venezuelans were the top foreign investors in the South Florida real estate market for 17 months before they stopped buying at the beginning of 2016. Venezuela investors now hold the number three spot on the list of wealthy foreign investors.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a financial advisor for Fireman Capital Partners in Miami. Granados was born in Venezuela, so he is tuned into the local investment mentality. Most of Granados’ clients are wealthy Latino investors and even though Brazilians don’t consider themselves Latinos , they have similar investment tastes, according to Danilo Diaz Granados. Granados holds an economic degree from Babson College in Boston, and he is an avid film producer and director. Granados started his own Film company, Edge of Glory Films, to highlight Latino life in the United States.

The reason for the renewed interest in real estate investments in Miami is Brazil rents have dropped by more than five percent in 2016, and the rents in Miami are stable, according to Danilo Diaz Granados.  The real estate market in Miami is strong, and Granados thinks more Latino investors will help increase the market values throughout South Florida.  You can follow Danilo on social media through Instagram, as well as his official Twitter profile.

The Midas Legacy Helps With Self Improvement

While some people would ignore self improvement when it comes to business success, a lot of the most successful businesses were started by owners who have followed many of the principles that are found in self improvement. Therefore, The Midas Legacy, a wealth management firm is willing to help people in their pursuits of self improvement. For one thing, there are aspects of financial management that are in line with self improvement. One could say that part of becoming a better person is in learning how to manage money. For one thing, people who are better at managing their wealth will also find it a lot easier to be the type of improved person they want to be.

One way The Midas Legacy helps people improve themselves is that they teach people how to focus on the right things. One thing that helps people is that they learn to take their focus off of material things and look more at the immaterial. The Midas Legacy helps people learn how to cultivate wisdom and self control. It also helps people fight the urge to buy the next latest thing. When people learn how to curb their temptation to spend a lot of money, then they will find that they will have money left over to save. They will also find that their anxiety levels are lower. As a result, they will be more inclined to be better people overall.

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Self improvement is also important for entrepreneurs. For one thing, people are encouraged to be honest with themselves. The Midas Legacy helps people learn that they are more likely to succeed when they go after something that means the most to them. When they pursue what they are passionate about, then they are more likely to succeed because they are less likely to let failure discourage them so easily. They will pursue it to its end.

The Midas Legacy is one of the most fulfilling companies that one could invest in. They have experts that are willing to help their clients with any goal they have in mind. No one is going to be left out. What matters is that the client is completely satisfied.

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