Brazilian Investors Are Back In The South Florida Market According To Miami Investment Advisor Danilo Diaz Granados

Bazil has been in the news lately, and not for the same reason the country has been in the news for the last two years. Instead of bad press, Brazil is finally getting some positive exposure. The Summer Olympics were a success much to the surprise of the naysayers that said Rio was too dirty and too crime-filled to host such a major international event. The fact that Rio was short of money was another reason for the early hype about the Olympics. But Brazil proved their critics wrong once again. Brazil has a habit of pulling itself out of self-inflicted gnarly situations.

In Fact, Venezuelan investors are back in the South Florida real estate market once again. Venezuelans are buying investment properties in Florida instead of second homes, according to Miami investment advisor Danilo Diaz Granados. Venezuelans were the top foreign investors in the South Florida real estate market for 17 months before they stopped buying at the beginning of 2016. Venezuela investors now hold the number three spot on the list of wealthy foreign investors.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a financial advisor for Fireman Capital Partners in Miami. Granados was born in Venezuela, so he is tuned into the local investment mentality. Most of Granados’ clients are wealthy Latino investors and even though Brazilians don’t consider themselves Latinos , they have similar investment tastes, according to Danilo Diaz Granados. Granados holds an economic degree from Babson College in Boston, and he is an avid film producer and director. Granados started his own Film company, Edge of Glory Films, to highlight Latino life in the United States.

The reason for the renewed interest in real estate investments in Miami is Brazil rents have dropped by more than five percent in 2016, and the rents in Miami are stable, according to Danilo Diaz Granados.  The real estate market in Miami is strong, and Granados thinks more Latino investors will help increase the market values throughout South Florida.  You can follow Danilo on social media through Instagram, as well as his official Twitter profile.

The Midas Legacy Helps With Self Improvement

While some people would ignore self improvement when it comes to business success, a lot of the most successful businesses were started by owners who have followed many of the principles that are found in self improvement. Therefore, The Midas Legacy, a wealth management firm is willing to help people in their pursuits of self improvement. For one thing, there are aspects of financial management that are in line with self improvement. One could say that part of becoming a better person is in learning how to manage money. For one thing, people who are better at managing their wealth will also find it a lot easier to be the type of improved person they want to be.

One way The Midas Legacy helps people improve themselves is that they teach people how to focus on the right things. One thing that helps people is that they learn to take their focus off of material things and look more at the immaterial. The Midas Legacy helps people learn how to cultivate wisdom and self control. It also helps people fight the urge to buy the next latest thing. When people learn how to curb their temptation to spend a lot of money, then they will find that they will have money left over to save. They will also find that their anxiety levels are lower. As a result, they will be more inclined to be better people overall.

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Self improvement is also important for entrepreneurs. For one thing, people are encouraged to be honest with themselves. The Midas Legacy helps people learn that they are more likely to succeed when they go after something that means the most to them. When they pursue what they are passionate about, then they are more likely to succeed because they are less likely to let failure discourage them so easily. They will pursue it to its end.

The Midas Legacy is one of the most fulfilling companies that one could invest in. They have experts that are willing to help their clients with any goal they have in mind. No one is going to be left out. What matters is that the client is completely satisfied.

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NYC Real Estate Deals With TOWN Residential

There are people moving to New York City who want to have nice places to live or work, and they are searching through new projects that they see. They can search for NYC real estate projects they see online, but they cannot get access to the deals unless they have worked with a real estate company like TOWN Residential.

The people who come to TOWN Residential looking for a place to work or live will have brokers on their side who can make any deal work. TOWN Residential is a real estate company that keeps up with every deal in the city, and they can bring their clients to the places in the city that are best for investment. They know how to get the right prices on every project, and they also know to help the client choose the place to shop that makes the most sense for them.

Clients who are coming to the city search for good NYC real estate deals must make sure they have asked TOWN Residential to help them. The company knows how to make every deal work, and they are familiar with the people behind the scenes on each deal who are worth talking to. Speaking to the right people behind the scenes will help with pricing, and it will allow clients to pick just the right place to live and work in the city.

New York City has a lot of real estate projects that are going to help people find a nice place to live or a place to open their office. The office can be in one of the new towers in Queens, or people can move near the new shopping complex in Brooklyn. TOWN Residential helps people shop for real estate, and they give customers the chance to buy NYC real estate the way the biggest investors do.

Jim Hunt Launches The ‘Make Mum A Millionaire’ Challenge

Jim Hunt is back in the news with a new investment challenge. The challenge, dubbed as Make Mum A Millionaire, will involve a series of ten steps that Jim will use to make his mother a millionaire. The trader from CTA Publications is known for designing numerous innovative products such as the Wealth Wave, a product aimed at enabling ordinary investors to make money from market plunges.

According to Jim Hunt, the Make Mum A Millionaire challenge will be simple and easy to follow. He is encouraging everyone to participate in the challenge by following the investment tips that he will be providing through YouTube videos. The videos will also be posted on Jim is using the challenge to encourage more people to invest in stocks by proving how easy it is to make tax-free money from the market.

The initial amount that Jim Hunt will use for the challenge is $1000. He believes that this amount is within reach of many people. During the challenge, Jim will strive at doubling the amount and compounding the total returns. The process will be repeated ten times. In the last step, the initial investment will have reached over one million dollars.

The main trick in this method is finding the right stocks. Jim will use a propriety method to know the stocks that are being accumulated by The Establishment. He will then invest in these stocks and glide with them as their value rise. Jim will be consciously watching out for the right time to sell out and reinvest in new shares. Each step of the challenge will be posted online. Jim asserted that people following his tips should be patient.

About VTA Publications:

VTA Publications Ltd was founded in 2012. The company focuses on publishing online courses for thousands of clients around the world. Apart from developing online content, the company also distributes physical materials for its clients. VTA Publications’ primary focus is providing quality content. To achieve this objective, the company sources for the experts in various fields to aid in producing its content.  Be sure to check out Jim Hunt on Twitter, and also his YouTube account where he posts frequent updates.

Businessman And Philanthropist Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is a businessman and philanthropist. The founder and CEO of Chopper Trading, Fernando is a Chicago success story. Before starting Chopper Trading he worked at both the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for almost a decade. He began working on the CBOT floor in the mid-1990s. Raj Fernando started working at the Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer while he was a college student. In 1997 Fernando, who earned a bachelor’s degree from Beloit College in History and Economics, became a mercantile exchange member. He was now a trader.

In 2002, after years of working on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Fernando started his company Chopper Trading. At the time he founded the company Fernando had become a cash bond trader. Through his hard work, intelligence and knowledge of the exchange he had moved up from the lowest rung of the ladder at the exchange to its highest and his company did well and grew. Chopper Trading became a technological powerhouse. Fernando created a series of sophisticated communications, trading, risk management and security system source code for the financial industry.

Over the next 10 years Fernando became a very wealthy man. But he was not satisfied with that. He sought out ways to help others. He supports the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the no-kill animal shelter PAWS Chicago and was on the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Fernando has also become a fundraiser for Democratic causes and candidates. He’s raised funds for the Clinton Foundation and the campaign of President Barack Obama. He was also a member of the International Security Advisory Board and contributed regularly to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s work.

Under the guidance of Raj Fernando Chopper Trading has become among the largest market participants. The company trades on Eurex, ICAP- Broketek, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, ICE, CME, Nasdaq and many of the largest global exchanges. The company now employs about 250 of the world’s brightest traders and engineers. While the headquarter remain in Chicago, Fernando opened satellite offices of Chopper Trading in London, New York, San Francisco as well as Washington D.C. In 2015 Raj Fernando sold Chopper Trading.

Today Raj Fernando regularly gives talks on disrupted trading practices and creating financially sound, transparent, open, competitive markets. But he is not yet done building businesses. In 2016 Raj Fernando created an internet start-up designed to increase the growth and productivity of professionals and corporations.

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Talk Fusion’s Award Winning Achievement for 2016

Social media culture is consistently exposed to technology advancements. More popular progressions commonly appear in the network of social communications. Creative applications like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and more have been assisting society into feeling interaction and communication are better than ever when referring to media involvement. These feelings are amplified when focusing on face-to-face communication that does not require people to be in close proximity of one another. Sentiments are going to be pleasingly elevated this year with the newest product of Talk Fusion called Video Chat.

Talk Fusion is an establishment that assists growing businesses into becoming established. Especially with publicizing and service demands. Its successful services have allowed the company to branch out to over 140 countries around the world. The video amenities deliver spirited opportunities for customers to enrich marketing skills and application. Video Chat has only fueled the appeal to viewers.

Video Chat from Talk Fusion permits users to enjoy convenient and modernized benefits by taking advantage of the sovereignty of WebRTC technology capabilities. It provides frontal media interaction between participants for all users with unlimited location pinpoints who possess devices like desktops, tablets or smartphones. Media stores like Google Play and iTunes have taken advantage of this technological expansion by giving members the option to install an app for Video Chat. Video Chat’s mobile and downloading proficiency exemplifies its growing sensation since the original edition was released in March of this year.

The accomplishment of Talk Fusion’s innovative Video Chat was recognized with the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award presented by the impressive Technology Marketing Corporation. The honor was a humbling achievement as earning the reward meant Talk Fusion significantly enriched or generated promotion of remarkable merchandise and care that streamlines networking encompassing voice, data and video features for a year. This acknowledgement was notably Talk Fusion’s second award of the year for their success of integrating the superior implication and interaction of Video Chat to the media world. The two incredible awards only speak volumes to the quality of Video Chat and outstanding innovation conducted at Talk Fusion.

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Kenneth Goodgame: a Warrior in the Marketing Industry

Kenneth Goodgame is a familiar name in the marketing world. He has been in the marketing industry for a span of more than 20 years. Kenneth Goodgame began his marketing career at the University of Tennessee where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in marketing.

Goodgame is currently a senior vice president and the chief merchandising officer (CMO) at true value Hardware Corporation. Goodgame focuses on creation of multimillion dollar original equipment manufacturing excellence by a collaboration of innovative marketing strategies. He also specializes in overseeing the business financial aspects and development of outstanding business strategies.

Mr. Goodgame focuses on provision of balanced corporate alignment, KPI’S, quality assurance strategies and employee management for better performance and improved profitability of the company. Due to his experience in the industry, Mr. Goodgame has developed a third eye that helps him predict market shifts and avoid costly mistakes. Subsequently, he has been able to avoid mistakes that could stall growth.

Mr. Goodgame began to work as a product merchant in Hardlines D28 in the year 1995. At Hardlines D28, he oversaw the purchase of the indoor gardening section of the southern region. He worked at Hardlines for 4 years before joining proprietary brands as a director in 1999. During his tenure, he garnered success and negotiated deals with large firms such as john Deere. The deals earned substantial amounts of money for the company.

Goodgame later joined Home Depot where he lead and managed the procurement of a product section for consumers and commercial use worth $1.6 billion. He also generated an over $18 million increase in the company’s gross profits. Some of his strategies included developing and implementing practical rebates that were used by the suppliers of power engine equipment.

In the year 2002, Mr. Goodgame moved to Rubbermaid cleaning where he was the president and the general manager. In his first year at the company, he made a profit of over $170 million. This was a great achievement because the company had been crippled by 7 years of consecutive losses. He helped the company to secure an important $30 million-a-year deal with Walmart within his first three months at the company.

Mr. Goodgame moved to Bernzomatic in the year 2004 as the president and general manager. He grew the company by 94% to a staggering value of $150 million in the section of consumer goods. He led the acquisition and integration of vertical product company that was valued at over $30 million.

He has also worked at Techtronic industries as the president, Ace Hardware Corporation as a general merchandising manager before finally joining True Value Hardware Corporation in 2013. At True Value, he manages over $2.2 billion in global purchases and over $320 million in live inventory.

To Dallas and Beyond with James Dondero

Highland Capital Management brings its clientele over two decades of experience, with a growing team of employees with a vast knowledge of financial products designed for any investor. With global headquarters housed in Dallas, Texas, Highland has offices spanning the globe in Sao Paulo, Seoul, Singapore and New York City. With an emphasis on providing our investors with innovative products and ideas, the focus is always adding value and providing capital protection for the client.

As the President and a Co-Founder of HCM, James Dondero brings more than thirty years of knowledge and vast experience in the financial services industry. He is an innovator in the creation of collateralizerd loan obligation products. Dondero has spent over twenty years developing this market to provide solid and sound investment opportunity for investors all over the world.

Mr. Dondero has a wide range of accolades to his credit. He is the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical and sits on the boards of MGM Studios and American Banknote. He believes in giving back to the community through a variety of philanthropic endeavors. Mr. Dondero supports organizations that focus on veteran’s affairs and education. He is also an active supporter of public policy organizations.

Having graduated with highest honors from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, Mr. Dondero’s majors were in both accounting and finance. His distinctions in the financial services industry include the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designations.

Before his tenure with Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero held positions as a Corporate Bond Analyst and later, a Portfolio Manager with American Express. His career began as an analyst in 1984 with the Morgan Guaranty training program. Immediately before co-founding HCM, he served as the Chief Investment Officer with Protective Life.

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John Goullet and Diversant Making Up Ground in the Markets

While many people are attempting to do whatever they can in order to just find a job and stay employed for the short run, people like John Goullet are acting as real entrepreneurs and are finding the way to truly get ahead. Not only is it important to do whatever it takes as an entrepreneur to not only find a way to grow, but to truly build an empire. John Goullet was able to do that simply thanks to his hard work and effort, and when you truly approach an operation and growth like he did, it’s easy to see how a company like Diversant can become a major player in the business world in a short period of time.

Job creation is a hard thing to do, but that’s exactly why business minded individuals like John Goullet can do so much so quickly. John understands the technology industry and he obviously knows enough people in it to network and to grow in such a short period of time. However, in order to truly be powerful in any space you need to know people in general in able to make significant headway as quickly as he did. People are funny. If you don’t know how to work with them you won’t get very far ahead. That being said if you can read people and work with them then you can get as far as you would like.

As the world continues to grow and expand, the need for technology, tech based jobs, and information technology sectors in general will continue to grow. Not only will the need for these jobs continue to rise, but the intelligence and training within those sectors and even for entry level technology jobs will rise as well. People who are able to recruit others, organize them and help to train them while still providing a valuable service to the rest of the market will be the ones who get ahead. That’s exactly the reason that someone like John Goullet was able to make such a large organization and such a strong jump so quickly in a short period of time.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Insight Into Brazilian Investing

Q4 2014 for the Brazilian banking sector on proved anything but normal and left analysts pondering what lies ahead. Contrary to lackluster growth expectations, with Brazil’s banks, in a stalled economy, Itau Unibanco (ITUB) and Banco Bradesco (BBD) shares saw a 36 percent net profit increase and 28 percent for Bradesco.

Many wonder how do Brazil’s banks keep a steady course during tumultuous times? How the current market performs and reviewing its history is the key, according to renowned investment guru and banker, Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen commented, “Brazilian bankers in the private sector are only lending to borrowers who are the most worthy of credit.” This really streamlines costs and provides banks with a sense of security looking ahead.” Igor Cornelsen further suggests, The best thing the Brazilian government could do to make investors feel secure is to instill more market-oriented reforms and fiscal austerity.”

Brazil is a prime opportunity for investment, with socio-economic needs like infrastructure, ample natural resources, along with impressive agricultural and manufacturing sectors. Brazil is South America’s largest nation with a staggering land mass and rising population. As impressive as it is, Igor Cornelsen is perplexed as to how Brazil is perceived and the worldwide banking and financial sector’s response towards investment.

1. Ten Banks that matter in Brazil
An influential player in the worldwide economy on, Brazil is South America’s biggest economy. A catalyst for the impressionable economy include the banks, Banco do Brasil , Banco Bradesco, Caixa Economica Federal, HSBC, Banco J Safra, Banrisul, Santander, and BTG Pactual. Citibank Brazil. Cornelsen insists investors must start with these banks for an impressive return on investment.

2. Out with the old, in with new
Ballyhooed with much fanfare, Guido Mantega’s “new economic matrix” was a disaster. Instead of heralding trusted economic theory, it preached an ideology, according to Cornelsen. How government officials perceive the financial sector is critical to a robust economy.

3. Trust, but verify
Brazil and China enjoy an amicable trade relationship. “A stronger Chinese economy means good prices for Brazilian raw materials,” suggests Cornelsen. While Brazil welcomes the trade with China, China is Brazil’s leading competitor for trade in the South American marketplace. Cornelsen thinks you should assess all of Brazil’s trading partners to see their impact and percentage they take away from the Brazilian trade sector.