Adam Milstein and the Future of the American Jewish Community

In addition to being managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties and a philanthropist, Adam Milstein has also gained a reputation for his writing. He has contributed his work to several publications; this includes the Jerusalem Post (JPost).

Adam Milstein’s most recent contribution to the JPost is the article “Why I’m Optimistic About the Jewish Future in America.” This article was published on February 28. In it, Adam Milstein spelled out why, despite the steep challenges that are currently facing the Jewish people today, he is still optimistic about the American Jewish community’s future.

Adam Milstein points to the challenges facing Jews in the U.S. and beyond. Antisemtism, he says, is on the rise both on the political Right and the political Left. Jews in the U.S. have been targeted by antisemitic incidents; these rose by 67% in 2017.

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign also poses a challenge. The campaign seeks to eradicate the State of Israel. Adam Milstein believes that it is working to divide not only Israel but Jews around the world. He views it as a wedge being used to divide the Jewish American community.

However, despite these challenges that face the Jewish people, Adam Milstein still has hope for the Jewish future in the United States. In his article, he said that the community needs to identify the leaders of the future–the next Ben-Gurion or Golda Meir. He has hope that these leaders will emerge for the Jewish people, because he routinely meets impressive people in his capacity as a pro-Israel philanthropist.

He believes that it is necessary to give young, future leaders a platform on which to develop and tools with which they can succeed. That means investing in, cultivating, and supporting potential leaders. By doing so, the Jewish future both within the United States and beyond is secured.

Stream Energy Is Taking Corporate Generosity To The Next Level

Dallas company Stream Energy used its own revenue from sales to aid its customers in the recovery effort after Hurricane Harvey. Stream Energy has been showing Dallas corporations the way to include philanthropy in their mission for years but only just solidified its own charity foundation, “Stream Cares”. Stream Energy believes that starting a separate charity branch to continue its ongoing help in Texas and throughout the country earns the respect of the public while giving back to the community. Stream Energy has not only spent many years fostering longstanding partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross but its employees are also very involved with locally connected charities.

One cause that’s cemented in the employee’s hearts is the homelessness in Dallas. Stream employees routinely take note of how many people are homeless in the Dallas area at a given time realizing this would be a forcible avenue to give. One way Stream is accomplishing this is teaming up with Hope Supply Company. Together they supply diapers, clothing, school gear and so much more to homeless children in Dallas.

Another call to action for Stream was when the tornadoes touched down in North Texas during December 2016. Stream employees worked directly with the Salvation Army raising thousands of dollars for those who lost their homes and businesses. Stream Energy matched those funds, doubling the donations brought in by its associates.

Stream’s philanthropy doesn’t stop there as Dallas area veterans and their families have also been on the receiving end of Stream’s generosity. Stream donated transportation for these less fortunate veteran families to a special luncheon at a wonderful Texas restaurant. The following day 10 daughters of military members were honored to The American Girl Experience. At this event Stream associates helped 10 young ladies choose an American Girl Doll and later ate lunch at the American Girl Cafe. So for the people at Stream Energy, a dedication to those less fortunate is second nature.


Having enough money to finance your personal and professional goals is very important. For most they have lost faith in the traditional banks because of the hard to meet rules. This was the reason that equities first holdings was established, to offer customers the financing that they desired. The company offers optional financing to customers that have needs to obtain funds but have difficulty getting the loans they need from the conventional banks because of low credit rating or some other difficult to qualify conditions.

Equities offers them lower interest rates and conditions that are less stringent. Making it easy for them to qualify and to pay back the loans on time.

They have been able to provide most customers with their capital financing needs, they are getting popular with the type of facilities they offer. They have businesses in five countries but are making plans to open more branches.

Talos Energy Acquires a New Energy Company

Talos Energy is an institution that is slowly making a change in the American market. Talos Energy has been in the market for a couple of years, and this means that it has learned how to impress its customers in the country. The success the company has been experiencing is attributed to the management of the company. The individuals holding top positions in the country are highly experienced, and they are always given the right training before they can start serving the company. These professionals always make sure that the customer receives important information in time. The company has done so much so that it can meet the demands of the customers in the entire country. Talos Energy recently announced to its customers in the United States that it will be acquiring a company that is known as Lafayette.

The institution is based in Louisiana, and it will be expected to offer customers better products. According to the news that have been published by the company, Talos Energy LCC has used almost two billion dollars to make the merger successful. The company president says that the new group will be operating under the name Talos Energy Inc. Customers in the New York Stock Exchange market can get ready to get the company under the symbol of TALO. The new deal is expected to be finally completed in the recent future according to the news that have been appearing on the company website. Both of the companies have announced that they are so happy about the merger, and they are sure that they will work together to improve the services the customers should be getting. Talos Energy management says that this is the first step it has taken so that it can improve the number of services it has been giving to the consumers.

As the premier offshore production company in the market, Talos Energy has all the talent and numerous technical resources that will impress everyone. It will now be very easy for Talos Energy Inc to develop robust projects that will assist in the exploration of new projects in the future.After the deal has been finalized, Talos Energy stakeholders should learn the new changes that affect them. According to the management, these stakeholders will be the owners of sixty-three percent of the company while those from the other company will own thirty-seven percent. The management of the two companies are expected to serve together as a strong team so that they can deliver great results in the energy market. Both firms have been in the market for a long time, and they are highly reputable because of the impact they have been making in the energy department. The firms have already started the legal processes.

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Jeff Yastine: The Most Sought-after Name In Today’s Financial Journalism World

A financial journalist whose typical style of reportage is often envied by many

Jeff Yastine, also known as JL, is a name today which is practically synonymous with a unique, insightful and revolutionary style of journalism. He is a man of notable successes that the investing folks love most and journalists envy of. He carries with him more than two decades of practical experience as a financial Journalist and stock market investor. His insightful and talismanic reportage has earned him a fair amount of respect and a great public image. His accurate and up-to-the-minute reports often prove to be a game changer.

He is currently serving as the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publication (earlier known as The Sovereign Society) since August 2015. It’s a network of global experts in investment, entrepreneurship and asset protection. He is also the editor of Total Wealth Insider. Apart from Total Wealth Insider, he is also a weekly contributor to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. He is incredibly helping both experienced and novice investors understand most coveted business, economic and monetary trends by highlighting the profit-making opportunities for them in a very comprehensive manner. He works with a passion for enabling investors capable of making informed decisions about their investments that can accelerate the path of financial successes. He has a strong desire for the investors to obtain total financial freedom.

While he was pursuing his journalism degree – Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication (Electronic Journalism), he demonstrated keen journalism abilities and a knack for financial and business matters by which he drew his inspiration to move in this direction of his career.

After finishing up his bachelor’s degree, he started his career in 1993 as a senior correspondent at Nightly Business Report (PBS) and served till 2010 where his job was to find great and useful stories on business, economic and financial trends, and to tell all those stories to NBR’s audience through the eyes of investors and businessmen. During his tenure, he took up two trips to Cuba, first in 1995 and second in 2003, for the purpose of reporting on Cuba’s flirtations with private enterprises. In 2010, he also spent a week with Mike Malanga, a photographer, travelling along the Gulf Coast to report on the impact of BP spill on local economies and businesses. He spent a week in Biloxi, Pascagoula, St Christian just six months after Katrina to report on the economic struggles in the region at the time. Read more on Talk Markets

Further, He served, from 2011 to 2013, as the Editorial Director of the Oxford Club LLC where he oversaw the editorial development efforts made by freelance professionals and in-house staffers for financial newsletters for the club’s subscribers, premium reports and a range of back-end services. There, Jeff also consulted on club’s financial seminars, videos and marketing projects.

From April 2013 to Jul 2015, He worked with Newsmax Media, Inc as the Director of Financial Newsletters and Financial Intelligence Report.

His Achievements: As part of the team of NBR journalists, Jeff Yastine was awarded the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants Excellence in Financial Journalism Award. That exceptional accolade was a mark of achievement for his 30-minute special report on the United States’ bond market. Jeff’s report as a series of “ The State of Repair” on the plight of under-funded public infrastructure in the USA was nominated for the Business Emmy Award in 2007. That report was aired in 2007 which was only weeks before the tragedy of Minneapolis interstate bridge collapse occurred. That report focussed much of the nation’s attention on spending on infrastructure.


Whitney Wolfe – Article Recap

Women are Rising Higher in Business and Success

Since women began entering the corporate world, they have experienced many challenges. Sometimes they have to work harder than men operating in the same field. Whitney Wolfe is of no exception, according to her experience with Bumble. Before she set out to be on her own, Whitney worked for a similar company. She realized her potential and began her journey.Wolfe established her entity that was the first women’s dating app. Bumble is an app that encourages women to look for the men of their dreams. According to the norms of the society, women are expected to wait for men to initiate relations with them. This app was going to break this mentality. Women should also feel confident to get the attention of a man.Bumble is not just a dating app for women. It is a symbol of inspiration to young women entrepreneurs. They should not be intimidated by the male-dominated sectors. The corporate world is for both men and women.

Therefore, women should penetrate whichever industry they desire.Currently, Bumble is a billion-dollar business. By prioritizing the woman’s needs, it has grown and become very successful. Empowering a woman to make the first move is a unique niche. Most sites do not have this provision and tend to conform to societal norms. Women were grateful to have a seat at the table and receive equal opportunities with the men. Whitney Wolfe pursued her international studies at Southern Methodist University. It is interesting how she ended up taking another career path in her life. Whitney has worked for a non-profit organization, which focused on community service. Wolfe’s interest in giving back grew and he decided to work with orphanages in Southeast Asia. Whitney Wolfe’s success has made her receive recognition across the nation. She is among the few women under thirty years that have excelled.

Forbes has recognized her and ranked Whitney Wolfe in their categories. Wolfe had a difficult time before she started Bumble. Today, she is happy about those challenges. They motivated her to start the journey that has brought her this far.Bumble is a venture that is based on technology, innovation and creativity. It means that this is just the beginning for Whitney. She is expected to develop the venture by adding more technology and innovation. The app users are anticipating new features, styles, themes and other additional that will enhance user-experience.Since Whitney Wolfe is a technical person, she will unleash more techniques as time progresses. She is a brilliant person with great ideas for business. Wolfe’s life is not just about work and business. She recently got married to the love of her life, Michael Wolfe. The two became one in a beautiful wedding. Life is more fulfilling for Wolfe when business and social life co-exist.


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How Tony PetrelloAnd Nabors Industries Helped After Hurricane Harvey

Every city has a few companies that stand above the rest in terms of community giving and philanthropy. In Houston, one of those companies is Nabors Industries. Residents recently saw how helpful the company was when Tony Petrello and his staff helped with hurricane relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The storm left many parts of the city underwater and left a large number of residents without homes. After the storm, residents faced a shortage of food and water. Floods and destroyed roads made it difficult for relief agencies to reach some people. With the help of a few businesses, nationwide organizations and local volunteers, relief efforts were amplified. In addition to Nabors Industries, H-E-B and the Houston Food Bank stepped up quickly to help.

Employees From Nabors Industries Stepped Out Of Their Comfort Zones

As someone who cares about making a productive and inspiring work environment for his employees, Tony Petrello had a barbecue pit, a cafe, a fitness center and several other amenities created at Nabors Industries. During most days, the employees can be found in these spots when they are not busy with work. Locals often meet the employees at charity events in the community. This is because paying it forward is an important part of the company’s set of values, and the employees enjoy helping others. Tony Petrello has always believed in encouraging generosity and charity in the workplace.

When Tony Petrello heard about the devastation following Hurricane Harvey, he offered his company’s kitchen facilities to help. Meals were served to nearby families in need, and the kitchen staff worked hard to make three hot meals each day. Tony Petrello also happily gave his workers time off with regular pay to help with cleanup and relief activities. Since their workplace has a culture of giving, the workers were glad to go wherever their help was needed. Some were sent away from Houston to other places along the coast. The employees of Nabors Industries wanted to help financially as well, and they collected over $170,000 between themselves. Tony Petrello offered to match their contributions. Tony and his workers put their donations into a special account, which was used to give money to local organizations.

Some of the employees at Nabors Industries were directly affected by the hurricane. According to the company, about 10 percent of its 1,200 workers were significantly impacted. The relief activities and financial assistance following Hurricane Harvey were not the only major contributions made by Nabors Industries. In addition to helping out locally, the company still supports charities such as cancer and chronic illness research organizations. Nabors Industries believes in investing in individuals as well, which is why the company has given millions of dollars in education scholarships to its own employees and their children.

Tony Petrello Is Passionate About Philanthropy

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. When he was in college, he met his future wife. Today, Tony and Cynthia Petrello are one of the most well-known philanthropist couples in Houston. The two are interested in several local causes, and they have made many generous joint donations. One of their passions is furthering education. Tony is a graduate of Yale University. While he was a student, one professor was especially inspiring to him. Tony decided to donate $150,000 toward an endowment fund for the professor after his death. When news of this donation reached other former students who knew the professor, they stepped up to offer contributions. Tony was touched by their response of generosity, and he offered to match their total contributions in addition to giving his original donation.

Tony and Cynthia Petrello also donate to causes that fund research and treatment for childhood neurological disorders. This specific cause is one that they are passionate about, and Tony has conducted extensive research on such disorders. However, he was disappointed to see that information about the conditions was lacking. He realized that treatment options could be improved if more research could be performed. In addition to donating to various organizations dedicated to childhood neurological disorders, the Petrellos donated $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital to fund a special research center. The neurological research institute that was started from it focuses on finding new treatment options for children through research and trials. It is the first neurological research center in the world to focus only on childhood disorders. After making a generous donation, Tony Petrello was asked to serve on the board, and he happily accepted the invitation. Today, he helps plan fundraisers and other activities to further the institute’s operations.

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Dr. Mark McKenna: Helping Client’s Become Their Best

Dr. Mark McKenna is a passionate businessman, competent healthcare professional, dedicated family man, and relentless community advocate. The work he does with his business endeavors is a clear indicator of how seriously he takes his role in the healthcare community. He has always offered a high-quality service with the ease and convenience that many consumers crave. When he started medical practice in Louisiana with his father, Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he wanted more out of the healthcare experience. He ultimately started his first business, McKenna Venture Investments. This business was his stepping stone to some of the amazing medical aesthetic companies that he would eventually go on to found.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit his growing business empire with devastating results. Rather than accept his fate any give up, Dr. Mark McKenna pushed forward full steam ahead. He helped the individuals in his community rebuild and continued his medical practice. In 2007, he decided that it was time for a change and he moved to Atlanta, GA. It was there that he decided to launch his famous company ShapeMed. This wellness and aesthetic medical practice became an instant success and he eventually sold it to Life Time Fitness, Inc. While ShapeMed had been one of his best achievements thus far, Dr. Mark McKenna had his eyes on the future.

After ShapeMed, Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he wanted to do something different. He launched OVME. OVME is a medical aesthetics company that is poised to reinvent the way that people view elective healthcare, such as Botox. In fact, OVME has been designed to give his clientele a luxury experience without feeling so cold and medical. He saw this as an opportunity to bring the experience to customers in their homes, and to make them feel as though they were at home within his facilities. OVME, which is pronounced “of me”, encompasses his passion to help his customers work on themselves in a new and positive light. With this new medical venture, Dr. Mark McKenna is not only hoping to be successful, but he is hoping to change the medical expectations of his field.

Igor Cornelsen On The Brazilian Economy

The Brazil economy is on the right track and is experiencing the best time as a result of the growth of the country’s financial sector. This is the best time for investors to put their money into the economy. The smartest and biggest investors, such as Igor Cornelsen, that wait for such a time in the economy are beginning to enjoy profits and benefits at maximum levels. With the period of economic distress ending in Brazil, China is back to invest and support Brazil. In this article, coverage of Cornelsen’s opinion in investing in foreign property is talked about.

The huge and successful investor puts it clear that if you are planning to invest in a foreign property for the first time, there is some crucial information you need to know. According to Igor Cornelsen, you need to have a clear image of the expectation you have from your foreign investment. When it comes to Brazil, you need to consider several things before you invest:

  1. Have a good connection with the locals

Brazil is honored to have a very good number of business persons and entrepreneurs. These people run their businesses by interacting with one another to keep their businesses going.Cornelsen says that networking and connecting with the business persons in Brazil is easy as it is considered a culture.

  1. Familiarize Yourself With the Currency Restrictions

Government policies and controls need to be well understood. For example, In Brazil, foreigners planning to exchange currencies have to go through an authorized bank. Multiple rates are also present in relation to the type of transaction. Igor Cornelsen adds that doing a research into the laws of the currency is quite important.

  1. Prepare for the Red Tape

The government of Brazil is very committed to ensure all its regulations are followed. This means that it is difficult to make into business with the red tape blocking people. The Brazilian market is delicate, in spite of the ongoing growth that has been seen recently. This is why the government has a lot of regulations. Igor, with his investment firm meant to guide and help investors interested in Brazil’s economy, says that Brazil is returning from an economic disaster.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Been Force For Development Within Bradesco

Recently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the CEO of Brazilian banking giant Bradesco, announced that he would soon be stepping down from the position that he has held for over eight years. The 67 year old executive is already two years past the statutory age of retirement, set out by the company’s bylaws. He has been operating under a special waiver signed by the chairman of the board as part of a deal that allows Trabuco to see through the completion of the HSBC Brazil acquisition, which took place towards the end of 2015.

A master of finance in the making

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of a handful of employees who came up around the same general period within Bradesco, all of whom are now major power players within the world of Brazilian finance. The rapid ascent of the firm throughout the 1980s and 90s gave its promising young executives one of the best opportunities in the history of the country to become key figures at the national level, acquiring power far beyond what many of them ever could have imagined.

Trabuco was certainly one of these people. He came to work at Bradesco after graduating high school in 1969, at the age of just 18. The young Trabuco had aspirations to attend college but lacked the funds necessary to do so. He viewed the job as likely being a temporary fix – a way to save enough money to go to school and pursue a business degree.


As it happened, Trabuco quickly proved himself to be somewhat of a star employee. He was a quick learner and natural leader. His work habits and capability at his job quickly garnered the attention of his superiors, who were happy to fast-track him through the ranks. By the mid-1970s, he was already in charge of a couple of branches. By the late 70s, he was a regional manager.

All the while, he put himself through night school, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration as well as a master’s degree in social psychology. These were degrees that he would put to good use throughout his career. By the early 1980s, Trabuco was one of the most polished employees at the bank, with an impressive list of credentials that included his advanced degree and over a decade of upper management experience. By this point, he was an obvious choice for a junior-level executive post.

In 1984, his first crack at running his own business unit materialized. He was tapped to run the Bank’s marketing and public relations department. The unit had previously been run by people who had been promoted above their circle of competence. Trabuco, now steeped in deep knowledge of North American financial operations, was quick to modernize the department. He immediately began making innovative moves, emulating the playbook of successful American financial institutions.

He was able to forge close relationships with local media personalities in all the key markets in which the bank operated. He also began numerous public relations campaigns, such as encouraging Bradesco employees to volunteer at homeless shelters and underwriting massive Christmas charity projects. By the end of the 1980s, test were showing that the bank’s image was among the strongest of any company in the country. Trabuco’s reign was considered a huge success and he was next in line for bigger promotions.

In 1992, he was hit up to run the bank’s financial planning division. The unit had been struggling to turn a profit and was experiencing stagnant growth. Trabuco was again able to apply the lessons of American finance, creating a tiered banking system called Bradesco Prime, which gave the bank’s best clients opulent service. Trabuco instituted the program in a way that allowed the largest clients to receive such complimentaries as first-class airline tickets and stays at five-star hotels. Bradesco Prime customers also had 24/7, on-call personal bankers at their disposal as well as access to separate, luxurious facilities in which they almost never had to wait in line.

Again, this proved to be an enormous success.

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