Avaaz Wants People From All Over The World To Use Thier Voice And Take Action


Voice is such a simple word but for Avaaz that word is everything. Avaaz translated means voice in many European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages. The organization was founded in 2007 with a simple goal. They want to rally all the citizens of the world to come together and take the world that we have and change it into the world that most people want to live on.

What is Avaaz?

Avaaz is a platform that enables people from every corner of the world to take action on issues that are affecting them and the world. Their internet platform supports 15 languages. They have teams on 6 continents and many volunteers all over the world. They provide a central point where people can start and sign petitions and bring awareness to other members of the community. Avaaz helps to fund campaigns, writes emails, lobbies governments, and supports protests and events that take place off of the internet.

How it all works

Avaaz is the base where people come to get to have their voice heard. Technology plays an important part in the success of Avaaz. They are not tied to the traditional problems that other civic groups have. They have one giant team that works together to meet the people’s concerns. Also, unlike other groups, they do not decide on the important issues. Instead, their community decided on the issues and Avaaz will take action. They hope these efforts will allow the people of this planet to create a planet that everyone wants to live on. Learn More.

Health Insurance Company USHEALTH CEO Troy McQuagge is Awarded By His Business Peers the One Plant 2017 Gold Award CEO of the Year

Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc., has been named the One Plant 2017 Gold Award CEO of the Year. The One Plant Gold Award is an award that is highly distinguished and renown since it’s conception. It show cases the innovations and accomplishments of a successful CEO. The winner of the award is first nominated by their business peers. It’s with careful thought and consideration that businesses from all over the world can submit the name of a person that they believe deserves to be the One Plant 2017 Gold CEO of the Year. And this year, it is Troy McQuagge who will hold the 2017 One Plant Gold Award title. So, who is Troy McQuagge and why was he nominated and chosen for this award?

Troy McQuagge began working with USHEALTH in 2010, with his first project focusing on the distribution agency called USHEALTH Advisors. He was able to tackle the issues that were troubling the company which had resulted in low sales and little profit. The company began to turn around with the modernizing and rebuilding of the distribution agency, proving that under Troy McQuagge’s leadership, USHEALTH could succeed. In 2014, McQuagge was elected President and CEO of USHEALTH. With his already proven successful leadership, the health insurance company has prospered. In a time when industry sales were down, USHEALTH has seen growth and is seeing an increase in sales when other companies in the same industry are having losses. Without McQuagge’s direction and vision, USHealth would not be where it is today.

Concerning his win of the award, McQuagge has expressed that he is honored and that this award goes to each and everyone of the employees of USHEALTH Advisors and its because of their dedication on focusing on the issue of high insurance premium costs. And, that USHEALTH has succeeded because their employees are all committed to the customer and with focusing on finding different and new ways to combat the high costs of premiums. He also expressed that they are proactive with providing the customer with new and different coverage as the customer’s needs change.

Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/01/prweb13954535.htm

The History of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is a large corporation based in the United States that provides facilities management, logistics and infrastructure development for the United States government and military. It has been around since 2005 and has served as the most trusted defense contractor of the United States military and government. The company offers a wide range of services that help these entities get a physical presence established no matter where they are located in the world. IAP Worldwide Services offers road construction and development, energy facilities development, communications system installation and management, and also technology management. It also provides emergency disaster relief as well. By offering these services, IAP Worldwide Services has established itself as the leading company of establishing infrastructure and facilities for government organizations. IAP Worldwide Services is currently on social media.

The company IAP Worldwide Services was officially established in the year of 2005 in terms of the entities’ name. However, IAP Worldwide Services is a combination of three companies on iapcareers.silkroad.com. These companies include Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, IAP and G3 Systems. In 1953, Pan Am specialized in building and developing space launch complexes as well as shuttles and breathable missiles. It was a company that helped establish space exploration. By 1989, Pan AM was acquired by Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. Johnson Controls on clearancejobs.com was a company that helped maintain and manage military bases and commercial facilities. Another company called IAP specialized in logistics and acquired Johnson Controls in 2005 to form the company it is called today.

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Once IAP Worldwide Services was officially formed in 2005, it would then begin providing the services of all of the previous companies. IAP Worldwide would offer global logistics, facility maintenance and management and also the development of energy and communications systems. With all of these services, IAP Worldwide Services would quickly establish itself as a common partner with the United States military and government. It would work with these entities on a regular basis in order to help it establish a safe and efficient base of operations in a number of countries. The company acquired G3 Systems in 2006 and now currently holds government contracts that are worth an estimated $370 million.

There are a number of job opportunities offered by IAP Worldwide Services that allow many people to start and advance their careers. Those looking to work at IAP Worldwide will be able to take advantage of numerous opportunities in technical services, finance, maintenance and logistics management. Positions such as a HVAC technician, electro mechanical technician and a communications technician are available. Individuals can also seek positions such as an air traffic control to help oversee some of the logistics of various locations that IAP develops. Opportunities such as finance analyst and finance project coordinator are also available for those who are looking to help with the administration of the company.

The Unfortunate Departure of Stephen Murray the CEO of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was born in 1962 August 1962. Murray was the chief executive officer and president of CCMP Capital. This is a private equity company that deals in growth and buyout equity transactions. He marked off an economics degree from the Boston College before earning a business administration master’s degree from Columbia Business School.

Stephen Murray’s Career Achievements
Murray started working as a member of the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation credit analyst training program. He would later join the MH Equity Corporation that was an affiliate member of the Hanover Manufacturers’ private equity and finance unit group. He then became the head of JP Morgan Partners after working with Chemical Bank purchased Manufacturers Hanover. MH joined up with Chemical Venture Partners late on forcing Murray to establish CCMP Capital that was an extended partner of JP Morgan Chase. Murray served as a board member of the primary affiliate companies like Generac Power Systems, Warner Chilcott, AMC Entertainment, Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Partners, and Aramark at JP Morgan Chase.

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Stephen Murray’s Philanthropic Efforts
Stephen Murray was a great philanthropist. He supported many charitable organizations across the United States. Murray supported the Stamford Museum, Boston College, the Columbia Business School, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. He was also the vice chairman of the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York and a member of the Chairman’s Committee of the Boston College trustees’ board.

Stephen Murray Passes Away From Health-related Issues, at the Age of 52
Murray died in March of 2015 after serving his company for almost two decades. He left the company as a successful Chief Executive Officer of the New York-based CCMP Capital. He was responsible for his company’s increase to multi-billion worth. Murray had just been listed on the SEC executive filings and the CCMP’s latest ADV Form. Greg Brenneman was among other people recognized by the honors. He was the chairman of CCMP. Murray’s departure was health-related, and the CCMP spokesperson refused to make statements on who might take the vacant board seat by succeeding former CEO Murray. Greg Brenneman expressed his distress in the passing away of his former friend and partner. Brenneman expressed his sorrows through an e-mailed statement saying that Steve was a terrific deal maker and investor. Murray left his wife Tami and their four sons who currently reside in Stamford according to public records.

Source: http://nypost.com/2015/03/13/ccmps-murray-dead-at-52/

Stephen Murray Makes and Impact on CCMP

CCMP is the company that is behind many big names like JP Morgan on pehub.com. They are a private equity company that helps other businesses with the needs that they have. They want to make sure that the businesses are able to get the most out of their business and out of the money that they have taken the time to invest in themselves. Because of this, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has been a positive influence on many of the things that the company has done. They are a capital company that does much more than simply provide the things that people want out of life and they can do many different things in the world of equity that others cannot do.

Stephen Murray may very well be the reason for all of this success. As the CEO, he worked to make sure that CCMP Capital was able to help all of their clients Crunchbase. He wanted to see the clients thrive and he wanted them to be able to get what they wanted out of their business. For this reason, he made sure that he was always working to make it more successful. This was something that was one of the best things for him and one of the best things for the company.

It has been a long time since the company saw any CEO other than Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He made sure that the company was successful and employees, as well as clients, knew that he was good for the company. He was well liked by the majority of the people who worked at the company and he made sure that he had great relationships with all of the people who he worked with in each of the sectors that were a prominent part of the business.

When Stephen Murray announced that he was leaving, people were disappointed. There were so many different reasons that they thought that he was leaving but not many of them actually got it right. He quit for reasons that were related to his health on fortune.com. He was in poor health and he wanted to get his affairs in order before he passed away or before his health began to decline even further than it had before. He died just one month after he had made the decision to quit working at CCMP Capital and his death still remains a big hole in the morale of the CCMP Capital.

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Investing For Wealth And Success


Many people have learned to look for other means to generate income as a result of the changes in the economy. For one thing, people have decided that they need to find some kind of way to generate passive income. One of the ways to generate passive income is through making investments. When people think about investing, they tend to think about the stock market and buying bonds. While this is the common way to try to make money, it is important to keep an eye on those stocks because price action can shift and break the bank of the stockholder.


Fortunately, there are firms that can provide advice on what to invest in. This firm is called VTA Publications. They have information on the different types of investments one could make. It is up to the individual as to what he should invest in. Even though some methods of investing are easier than others, it is important for each individual to find the method that works the best for him. That way he could be able to maximize the profits that he makes. He could learn from many different sources of information about what he could invest in for wealth.

Among the sources of information that people could rely on is Jim Hunt. He is the CEO of VTA Publications, as CrunchBase lists. He provides a lot of advice and information on the different types of markets that people could invest and trade in, and he provides free YouTube videos with the same thing. Among the markets that people could trade in are commodities, stocks, bonds, and plenty of others. There are also savings accounts that one could invest in so that he could collect interest over time. One thing that Jim Hunt would recommend is to not jump into the market right away. It is better for one to make sure that he is ready to make the lead into the market.

Follow Jim on Twitter for more, free financial advice.  Or you can also read more about VTA on their website, or even check out a few of the products.

Brian Torchin Bridges Healthcare Gap With Positive Attitude

Brain Torchin is the managing partner of HCRC Staffing, and it is clear that he takes his role very seriously as he has helped the company grow exponentially and become one of the top recruiting companies within the healthcare industry.

This does not come as a surprise to colleagues of Brian Torchin or to his clients. They describe him as a man that is always able to offer full solutions to clients even when the answer may not seem as clear. Additionally, they praise him for also consistently offering a great pool of employees to healthcare organizations that need to recruit.

Over the past few years Brian Torchin has proved that there is room for a positive personality amongst the sluggish economy and battle woes of big business. His detail orientated approach and personal motivation have helped him to continue building client relationships that withstand the economy and prove to be long term. He works with both customers and employees making sure that he finds solutions that are aligned with his clients.

Currently Brian Torchin has managed to build up an international portfolio of clients from Asia, the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia. He regularly works with many different healthcare groups including private practices, urgent care centers, and hospitals. Brian Torchin is invested in his work because he realizes that as hospitals continue to integrate their services and reduce costs it is hard to make sure that employment goals are met.

He commented on Twitter that it is vital to stay up to date on all trends to make sure that health systems are able to continually get the type of employees with talent to continue to improve. At the same time, they have to make sure that they are offering the right type of compensation and that is where his service can really benefit both sides.