Adam Milstein and the Future of the American Jewish Community

In addition to being managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties and a philanthropist, Adam Milstein has also gained a reputation for his writing. He has contributed his work to several publications; this includes the Jerusalem Post (JPost).

Adam Milstein’s most recent contribution to the JPost is the article “Why I’m Optimistic About the Jewish Future in America.” This article was published on February 28. In it, Adam Milstein spelled out why, despite the steep challenges that are currently facing the Jewish people today, he is still optimistic about the American Jewish community’s future.

Adam Milstein points to the challenges facing Jews in the U.S. and beyond. Antisemtism, he says, is on the rise both on the political Right and the political Left. Jews in the U.S. have been targeted by antisemitic incidents; these rose by 67% in 2017.

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign also poses a challenge. The campaign seeks to eradicate the State of Israel. Adam Milstein believes that it is working to divide not only Israel but Jews around the world. He views it as a wedge being used to divide the Jewish American community.

However, despite these challenges that face the Jewish people, Adam Milstein still has hope for the Jewish future in the United States. In his article, he said that the community needs to identify the leaders of the future–the next Ben-Gurion or Golda Meir. He has hope that these leaders will emerge for the Jewish people, because he routinely meets impressive people in his capacity as a pro-Israel philanthropist.

He believes that it is necessary to give young, future leaders a platform on which to develop and tools with which they can succeed. That means investing in, cultivating, and supporting potential leaders. By doing so, the Jewish future both within the United States and beyond is secured.

Stream Energy Is Taking Corporate Generosity To The Next Level

Dallas company Stream Energy used its own revenue from sales to aid its customers in the recovery effort after Hurricane Harvey. Stream Energy has been showing Dallas corporations the way to include philanthropy in their mission for years but only just solidified its own charity foundation, “Stream Cares”. Stream Energy believes that starting a separate charity branch to continue its ongoing help in Texas and throughout the country earns the respect of the public while giving back to the community. Stream Energy has not only spent many years fostering longstanding partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross but its employees are also very involved with locally connected charities.

One cause that’s cemented in the employee’s hearts is the homelessness in Dallas. Stream employees routinely take note of how many people are homeless in the Dallas area at a given time realizing this would be a forcible avenue to give. One way Stream is accomplishing this is teaming up with Hope Supply Company. Together they supply diapers, clothing, school gear and so much more to homeless children in Dallas.

Another call to action for Stream was when the tornadoes touched down in North Texas during December 2016. Stream employees worked directly with the Salvation Army raising thousands of dollars for those who lost their homes and businesses. Stream Energy matched those funds, doubling the donations brought in by its associates.

Stream’s philanthropy doesn’t stop there as Dallas area veterans and their families have also been on the receiving end of Stream’s generosity. Stream donated transportation for these less fortunate veteran families to a special luncheon at a wonderful Texas restaurant. The following day 10 daughters of military members were honored to The American Girl Experience. At this event Stream associates helped 10 young ladies choose an American Girl Doll and later ate lunch at the American Girl Cafe. So for the people at Stream Energy, a dedication to those less fortunate is second nature.

The Passionate Michael Burwell Moves To Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell is the current sitting chief financial officer at Willis Tower Watson. Michael has specialized in financial advisory, insurance and reinsurance. Prior to Joining Willis Watson, Michael who studied at Michigan State University, and acquired a bachelor’s degree in business administration spent more than three decades of his career lifetime in Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLC where he served various positions. Due to his hard work and skills, Michael worked his way up to the post of vice chairman Global and U.S Transformation a position he used to enlarge the internal shared services of the company.


Due to his excellent leadership skills and vast knowledge in finance and business management, Willis Towers Watson named Michael Burwell as their new chief financial officer in August 2017. Willis Towers Watson focuses on global advisory and broking solutions. Michael joined the organization to replace the former chief financial who proceeded for retire. Willis Tower Watson management expressed their excitement saying that Michael will bring forth a great deal of experience and leadership skills as he was successful in finance department while he served Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Michael is well known for his remarkable skills in leadership, management and he is results-oriented even in a large organization.


Michael Burwell also stated that it’s a great honor for him to join Willis Tower Watson and he is impressed with the current management of the organization. He also says he is ready to work with John Haley the CEO of the company to strengthen the leadership and commitment to the clients as the company has always shown. He says he looks forward to adhering to the culture of Willis Tower Watson and contribute to the successfulness of the company. Willis Towers Watson is a committed company that helps the clients across the globe to turn risk into growth returns.


The certified public accountant says that he brings ideas to life by evaluating them and ensuring that great ideas are not buried. He is also interested in technology due to innovation and the change in the business world. Technology makes excellent people more productive hence resulting in growth in micro-communities. His experience in risk management helps him to design and deliver solutions that optimize benefits and assist in reducing risk. Michael is expected to continue thriving in Willis Towers Watson due to his passion and commitment to his career.

Michael Burwell serves as a board member at Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center.




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A Power House All On His Own, Michael Burwell Appointed CFO At Willis Towers Watson

A graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, and CPA. Michael Burwell has worked hard and has achieved a lot in his career. Initially, he served 11 years in the assurance practice where we dealt with audit clients and was later admitted into the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) partnership in 1997.


In 2001, he became Midwest Leader of Transaction Services and Automotive Industry Leader at PwC. Following his success in this role, he moved to ultimately serve as the overall US Leader of Transaction Services in 2005.


PwC is an accounting firm that today services 26 industries with a focus in assurance, tax, human resources, transactions, performance improvement and crisis management fields. Formed in 1998 as a result of a merger, in 2007, Michael Burwell was appointed Chief Finacial Officer and was later additionally named Chief Operating Officer. In 2012 he was then named Vice Chairman of Global and US Transformations. While in this role he optimized the organization’s effectiveness in overseeing diverse groups of internal function which included Human Captial, Finance, Technology and Global Strategic Sourcing.


During the tail end of his tenure at PwC, Burwell also served as a senior relationship partner until October 2017, before leaving the firm.


At the time, it was announced that Michael Burwell would become the new CFO at Willis Towers Watson. A leading global advisory, broking, and solutions company much like PwC. He replaced the outgoing CFO, Roger Millay, as he retired from the firm voluntarily.


With his 31 years of experience as a finance and services professional from PwC, John Haley, Chief Executive Officer, Willis Towers Waters is excited to have Burwell join their leadership team. Burwell’s many years of experience showcases his understanding of managing, leading and driving for results in complex, global markets with a strong focus on the clients.


Burwell was also impressed by the tremendous leadership team at Willis Towers Watson and their contributions to their organization. His history shows his outstanding work ethic and desire to work with strong leaders committed to their clients. Burwell is also attracted to collaborative and inclusive cultures which he will find no shortage of during his tenure at Willis Towers Watson.


With over 40,000 employees serving in 140 countries, Burwell is continuing his strive towards triumph in his new role. Years of experience will allow him to push Willis Towers Watson to new heights moving forward. View More Information Here.


Avaaz Wants People From All Over The World To Use Thier Voice And Take Action


Voice is such a simple word but for Avaaz that word is everything. Avaaz translated means voice in many European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages. The organization was founded in 2007 with a simple goal. They want to rally all the citizens of the world to come together and take the world that we have and change it into the world that most people want to live on.

What is Avaaz?

Avaaz is a platform that enables people from every corner of the world to take action on issues that are affecting them and the world. Their internet platform supports 15 languages. They have teams on 6 continents and many volunteers all over the world. They provide a central point where people can start and sign petitions and bring awareness to other members of the community. Avaaz helps to fund campaigns, writes emails, lobbies governments, and supports protests and events that take place off of the internet.

How it all works

Avaaz is the base where people come to get to have their voice heard. Technology plays an important part in the success of Avaaz. They are not tied to the traditional problems that other civic groups have. They have one giant team that works together to meet the people’s concerns. Also, unlike other groups, they do not decide on the important issues. Instead, their community decided on the issues and Avaaz will take action. They hope these efforts will allow the people of this planet to create a planet that everyone wants to live on. Learn More.

Former Wall Street Guru Investor Turned Fintech Writer – Paul Mampilly

Profits Unlimited is an acclaimed newsletter that has over 90,000 subscribers who are provided with updated analysis on stocks that have a high chance of increasing in value. Paul Mampilly is the founder and senior editor of Profits Unlimited. Mampilly is a former Wall Street investment manager. His career in finance started back in the early 90s when he worked as a portfolio manager at a bank. He worked in managerial positions in different firms in the United States where he managed multi-million dollar portfolios. His excellence in growing investment opened and opportunity for him to work as a Manager at Kinetics Asset Management. While working at Kinetics, Paul Mampilly with his team increased the company’s asset from six billion dollars to $25 billion. In fact, his success led Kinetics to be named World’s Best hedge funds by Barron.

Mampilly has appeared on popular shows and publications such as Bloomberg TV, CNBC, ad Fox Business Newsletters into stocks that are primed to shoot higher. From his investment choices, it is clear that Paul Mampilly knows how to make calculated investments. He gained 634% when he bought some stocks on Netflix after less than two years. In fact, his total gain in investments comes to a total of 6,220% gain.

It is this experience and immense knowledge that led him to start Profits Unlimited. The newsletter consists of eight pages of valuable information on stock markets. The details on the newsletter are self-explanatory up to the last point to enable experts, and new investors understand its contents. Out of the recommended stocks in the publication, 80% have continued to become profitable. His success can be witnessed by the number of subscribers and the testimonials of investors who have tried his methods. Unlike most investors, Mampilly helps his subscribers build their portfolio and create their broker accounts. The website has online customer care reps that help new members on how to trade and make investment decisions. The online newsletter is only two years old and continues to attract new members every day. He is also a writer a Winning Investors a free newsletter. He is a manager at True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. All these publications are under the Banyan Hill Publishing.

Paul Mampilly is a graduate of Fordham University where he studied his Master’s in Business Administration. In the year 2008 to 2009 Mampilly was the winner of Templeton Foundation Investment Competition for the fifty million dollars portfolio. His investment of $50 million garnered over 75% returns in a period where the United States Market was undergoing a recession. This attracted a lot of attention from veterans and new clients in the investment industry.

Mampilly has a Facebook page of over 3,000 followers dedicated to investors. He posts content regularly to update his followers on stocks. This year he advises investors to buy stocks in the Fintech Industry. That is payment systems and companies using AIs to analyze the financial markets. He also recommends energy medical industries but cautions investors to research a company before buying the stocks. Mampilly also states that the Cryptocurrency market is on its way to crash. He says the crash will be the same as that of the 1999 dot-com bubble. His facebook page

Michal Burwell Moves To Willis Towers Watson After 31 Years In PwC

Having completed his studies at Michigan State University, Michael Burwell started his career in the assurance practice. During the practice, Burwell interacted with numerous clients while conducting audit procedures. The experience in the field prepared him for senior roles in PwC. In the late 90’s, Michael Burwell started PwC practice in Detroit. His dedication and contribution to the Detroit PwC services in Detroit saw the company’s venture in the city become a success. As a result, Burwell rose to become the leader of PwC’s business in the central region. He would later become the transaction leader in charge of U.S. 10 years after starting the Detroit office, Michael was asked to take up the role of chief financial officer. A year later, he was named the chief operating officer heading the PwC’s business across the United States. In 2012, Mike took up the role of vice chairman Global and U.S. Transformation.


During his time at the institution, Michael Burwell acted as a catalyst and helped the company to grow. In the capacity of vice chairman, he was able to achieve organizational effectiveness while transacting the company internal functions. During his time at PwC, he also served as a senior relationship partner. After 31 years at PwC, he left and joined Willis Towers Watson. The announcement naming Michael Burwell as the chief financial officer at Willis Towers Watson came on 21st August 2017. Burwell replaced Roger Millay who went on voluntary retirement on 2nd October 2017. Willis Towers Watson, a leading advisory, and brokerage solution institution seek to tap into the 31 years of experience, and expertise Burwell acquired from PwC. Mainly, they intend to capitalize on his audit skills, transaction experience, and expertise in pre-mergers and due diligence. John Haley, the chief executive officer of Willis Towers Watson, said that it was an honor to have Michael Burwell as part of their leadership team. He also added that mike’s expertise in finance and other sectors of business was much needed during the evolution of the company. Go To This Page for related information.


During the event, Mike Burwell thanked the institution for awarding him the opportunity to work with them. Through the commitment to the institution and its clients, mike seeks to contribute to the success of the company. Over the years, he is known for generating a collaborative and inclusive culture that goes further to enhance and develop new business. Willis Towers Watson is a global enterprise operating in over 140 counties. Mike is expected to run the institution and help clients turn risk into growth opportunities.


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Michael Burwell Appointed the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson

The potency of a leader and management team contributes to the success of an organization. With the world going through an intense transformation in different industries, organizational restructuring is an effective strategy. If well applied, it can grow a business to unmatched levels. That is why on 21st August 2017, Michael Burwell was appointed the chief financial officer of Willis Towers Watson. In a report by the global advisory firm, Michael Burwell replaced Roger Millay, the retiring chief financial officer.


Why Michael’s Input is Important


John Haley is the head cheerleader of Willis Towers Watson. He said that the company was excited because Burwell was joining the leadership team. He also added that Michael understands the firm’s core values including how important leadership is. Being a man with vast experience in finance and business management, Michael Burwell brought to the team strong values coupled with aggressive strategies that would attract senior stakeholders and investors.


Michael’s Speech


Michael had a lot to say after his appointment. He stated that he was elated to be trusted with such a senior position in a high-profile company. He also added that in his interactions, he had been impressed with the effort that Willis Towers Watson has cultivated in customer service and portfolio development.


Michael’s Appointment


Michael Burwell is a finance executive. He has 31 years of experience in finance. He also has experience in professional services. Having worked at PwC, Michael Burwell is well-versed with leadership and the management of senior positions. He worked as the head of Global Transformation. His role as the chief operating officer of the company included making critical decisions regarding financial structures. Michael’s experience extends to being the head of transaction services in America.




Experience is a vital aspect in any field or industry. For Michael experience played a pivotal role in his appointment. Eleven years ago, he was an auditing officer at Transaction Services. He also worked as a pre-merger officer who provided asset valuation services. Michael’s expertise in finance, transactions, and risky business ventures qualifies him for other leadership positions in different companies. See This Page for additional information.




Michael Burwell has a bachelor’s degree in management. He attended the Michigan State University. In 2010, Michael was named the alumnus of the university. As a certified accountant, he understands the ropes of finance and business operation. Michael uses his accounting skills to assist clients in making critical decisions regarding asset acquisition and disposition.



Matthew Autterson And His Rise To The Top

Matthew Autterson is one of the not so many individuals who are truly conversant with matters related to management in the financial services industry. So seasoned is he that for not less than twenty-five years, he has been involved in the management and running of among them, the biggest financial services company that had attained state-chartered credentials when he was its president.

Matthew went and graduated from university in the year 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finances. Around the same time, he was graduating, he was lucky to have successfully undergone the Graduate Tax Program that was being offered by the University of Denver at the time. Coupled with both qualifications at the time, he was more than ready to face the corporate professional world with confidence.

He started working at First Trust Corporation and after two years of diligent service, he left and became part of a group that wanted to start a Colorado based state-chartered financial services firm that would have its subsidiary based in New York. The dream was successful and within a short duration of time, Resources Trust Company opened its doors.

At the time, Resources Trust Company was a subsidiary of Integrated Resources Inc. After being involved in the company at top management positions, he was finally appointed the chairman in the year 1986. He worked steadily and made the company profit a great deal within a short duration of time. The company was growing in leaps and bounds and buyout propositions were coming from left, right and center.

After three years being President, the company was bought out by Broad Inc. together with all other assets that were owned by its mother company. After a short period of time, Broad Inc. was also bought out by SunAmerica Inc. which would later on be acquired by AIG. While still under his leadership, Resources Trust was bought by AIG in the year 2001. Get Additional Information Here.

Matthew has throughout his career proven that he is no doubt a reliable professional when it comes to steering companies in the right direction. Before the final sale was made, the company was among the best state-chartered FDIC-insured companies in the country. It had won the confidence of many investors owing to its brilliant success stories.

Matthew is currently the Chairman of Falci Adaptive. He also sits in many other companies’ boards in different capacities. Matthew Autterson is a committed philanthropist who supports different causes with his time and money.


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The Productive Contribution of Michael Burwell in the Financial Sector

Michael Burwell is a famous finance expert in America. Burwell has gained experience in the field of finance for over thirty years. He has demonstrated a lot of skills in the finance sector in the American market. The corporate and private recognizes him for the management abilities in various companies.


Michael Burwell came to Willis Towers Watson in 2017 with a lot of financial skills and experience. To Willis Towers Watson is a renowned company that deals broking advisory services. Burwell serves in the company as Chief Financial Officer. He has a vast knowledge of the market operations in America. The company is expected to expand its operations due to the able leadership of Burwell in the finance department.


Michael Burwell has gained experiences and skills for over thirty years from various firms. He has provided services to many reputable companies in of the company that he has served in is Global Transformation. Burwell has also worked at Redwood Mortgage Cooperation. He was employed in the company as the General Manager from 1979.he was promoted to be principal accounting officer of the company in 1986..Burwell is remembered for the professional financial guidance that he provided at A&B Financial Services Inc. He was employed in the firm as the secretary and treasurer. He was also employed at Gymno Cooperation as the Principal Executive Officer. Burwell has provided productive financial services in over ten companies in the USA.

The success of Michael Burwell in the financial sector is attributed to the skills that he built over many years. The skills contributed largely to elevating him to be a financial expert in the USA. Some of the skills that he has are financial mergers, auditing, and internal controls. Burwell has also demonstrated a lot of skills in US GAAP and portfolio control and management. The skills have enabled him to succeed in managing financial systems in the USA.


Michael Burwell is a well-educated professional. His solid educational background in the financial sector has brought him a lot of fame. He attended some of the prestigious universities in the USA. He was admitted to the University of California in 1979. He attended Michigan State University where he obtained his BBA. Read This Article for additional information.


Willis Towers Watson has employed a professional with outstanding performance in the financial sector. The roles of Michael Burwell as the Chief Financial Officer will see the company rise to the higher notch. Michael has demonstrated his productive abilities in the companies that he served. Willis Towers Watson will benefit from the financial advice that made the companies he served previously to expand their operations.