Troy McQuagge, Changing And Developing US Health Group

Troy McQuagge is a significant person at US Health Group and has been instrumental in bringing in the new changes to the company in recent years. McQuagge first took up the position of CEO of the company in 2010 after working for a considerable amount of years in the field of health insurance. He has been one of the most influential leaders that US Health Group has had in awhile, and is highly regarded as an icon to look up to in the field of health insurance. His impact on the company has been tremendous and is being recognized by organizations and people all over America.

Because of his impact on the field of health insurance, Troy McQuagge was given the CEO of the Year Award earlier this year. The honor was presented to him by Planet One Awards, which is an organization that rewards those who have had a notable influence on their industries, or who have made an incredible amount of progress at the companies that they head. Since the organization first started giving out awards, they have honored some of the biggest names in an array of industries. Troy McQuagge, after having received this notable award stands among some of the best in professional corporates.

Troy McQuagge has always tried to be a team player. Since he took over as the CEO of US Health Group, he knew the way that he wanted to lead the company was through motivation and teamwork, and not by commands and enforcement. This policy has worked out brilliantly for McQuagge and US Health Group as a whole. The company has blossomed under his leadership and using his incredible experience in the field; he had changed the course that US Health Group took when it came to their services. Having the experience of a good health insurance advisor coupled with the years put into the field, McQuaggewas able to identify which areas the company needed development in and was able to implement changes to rectify those drawbacks. Overall, he was able to make the business a lot more efficient than it was before, which in turn has boosted the profits of US Health Group incredibly.

For many years, US Health Group has stood as one of the more notable Health Insurance Providers in the entire country. The company has stood the test of time and has consistently adapted to the changes in the industry and economy to stay ahead of their competitors. Since the company first opened its doors for business, they have serviced millions of customers all over the country through their extensive and broad network of health insurance advisors who are well trained to offer services that are on par with the reputation that the company has. Visit:

Louis Chenevert is the Key to Why UTC Has Retained Its Top Position

United Technologies Corporation is prominent for assembling the most modern jet engines in the world for the military users in the constitutional state as well as for the commercial users. This company runs Otis which stands to be the world’s leading company in elevator and escalator production and is based in Farmington community. It’s one of the units, Sikorsky leads in the production of helicopters in comparison to any other United States company at a plant in Stratford. Its Conrols&Security business, as well as the Connecticut-based Climate, is the dominant provider of air-conditioning, heating, and refrigeration as well as fire detection technologies. It’s very rare to miss a couple of plants run by the UTC’s Aerospace Systems Unit. This develops everything from aero-structures, to actuators, to landing, to brakes, to the sensor, to flight controls as you drive through the estate.


Currently, Connecticut has a great history in America manufacturing. However, it’s no one idea concept of a cheap place to do business. Thus, it’s recommendable that UTC was able to produce double the shareholders return of average Dow Jones Industrial and S&P 500 companies in 10 years by 31st, December 2013. This company has never slipped a dividend payment for 77 years. It managed to raise its payout last year by 10% rate. I know your main question is how UTC has managed to continuously reconcile the interests of its stakeholders, shareholders as well as the customers on the lead? Chenevert, the CEO of the UTC, is in the best position to answer this question.


Louis Chenevert has been a visionary leader of the UTC. Since he joined UTC Pratt&Whitney engine business from General motors in 1993, Louis has had tremendous achievements. His rise as the top Pratt&Whitney corresponded with a renaissance in the performance of this unit which is currently generating ultimate gains in the market share for the root company, UTC. He was elected the CEO in spite of the subprime recession, his tenure as the leader has increased UTC share –price from $37 to $117 this week. This is an appreciation of 200% in the value of shareholder without considering dividend payout.


Now you have the best answer based on this brief explanation of the Louis achievements. Louis Chenevert is the main reason as to why UTC has managed to retain its top rank position.

Succession of National Steel Car by Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car Company has more than 100 years of experience and excellence in serving the nation. It was founded in 1912. Greg Aziz is the chairman and co-founder of the company. National Steel Car Company has become more innovative and dynamic compared to the past years. This has happened under the leadership of Greg. He knows how to focus on efficiency and strength. Greg was born on 30th April 1949. He went to Ridley College and later joined Western Ontario University to study Economics.


Greg worked at a family wholesale business before he joined National Steel Car Company. The family business has grown to become the leading in the importation of fresh food globally. The family business serves the larger part of Eastern Canada and America. Greg left the family business and worked in many banking institutions in the 80s and 90s. He purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994.


Clients highly trust Gregory James Aziz and his company because they build high-quality railcars. Rail cars have consistently helped clients to deliver their products on time. Greg Aziz received the ISO certification of the company in 2008. Greg Aziz has won many awards in North America. He has tried his best to retain the awards.


Greg employed 600 people when he purchased the company. He later hired 2000 more qualified personnel. The staff members of National Steel Car Company are about 3000 today. The customers and suppliers have practiced a high level of loyalty. Greg Aziz has demonstrated outstanding commitment to all clients and team members. The company has exercised a sense of purpose under the leadership of Greg. The main aim of the company is to honor and built classic vehicles. They tend to move with a lot of determination. They strive to be at the forefront of producing quality railcars. See This Page.


National Steel Car Company offers various services. They sell components and parts of rail cars. The parts include fulcrum brackets, body bolsters, handholds and lander rounds, wheel and track sets, and brake piping. All the parts are of high quality. The company also offers after-sales services to its loyal customers.


Gregory James Aziz has also given back to Hamilton Community. He has sponsored many charity organizations in the region. The organizations include United Way, Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, and many other local charity organizations. National Steel Car Company holds a Christmas party every year. They invite many people and organizations from all over America and Canada.


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Gregory Aziz the Chair, President and CEO at National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz serves as the chair, president and chief executive officer at National Steel Car. This company is among the popular railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering companies. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, the company has gained over 100 years of extensive skills in promoting its quality of products in manufacturing processes. The company was first established in 1912 and holds a distinguished record in freight car manufacturing.


National Steel Car has gained tremendous success in its operation mainly because of its strong team of employees. Through its dynamic innovations, diversity and constructive culture of operations, the company now hold a reputable portfolio in its niche of operation. The scope and scale of operations at National Steel Car is continually becoming better owing to the recent developments in technology. Visit This Page.


Additionally, National Steel Car has persistently managed to elevate its level of service, efficiency and strengths in the rail sector through the leadership of Greg Aziz. With a profound sense of purpose and focus to quality, the company has always honored its performance pledge to its customers in North America and even beyond.


The company is relentlessly striving to meet higher levels of success even with its current rates of accomplishments and market command. Gregory Aziz has promoted customer support and loyalty, and as a result, the company has fostered a good relationship with its stakeholders. High level of trust is another key reason that has propelled the company to its current level of performance.


Gregory Aziz is among the prominent leaders who have proved competent in sustaining the National Steel Car’s integrity, which runs with over 2,000 team members. The company believes in success and applies different strategies to realize the same. Some of their strategies include;

Taking a market lead in service delivery

Honoring traditions of the company

Exceeding focus for excellence

Working with determinations to succeed


Besides his role at National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz is a successful business person. He studied economics at the Western Ontario University. In 1971, Gregory Aziz joined his family’s wholesale food business which led to its success in Europe, Eastern Canada, South and Central America in fresh food supply services.


In summary, Gregory James Aziz is among the resourceful people at National Steel Car. He managed to organize the acquisition of National Steel Car Limited from Defanso in 1994, with the core goal of transforming the company in North America.

An Overview of Susan McGalla’s Career Profile

Susan McGalla is a prominent business executive based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She is an executive consultant specializing in areas like marketing, branding, operations and talent management. She founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, after having a successful career in the corporate world for close to 30 years. Susan McGalla played vital role of inspiring other women on the need to engage in any business venture that are pursued by men. It is the only way they can compete with men for various corporate positions available in high-ranking companies in the world, according to McGalla.

McGalla’s Early Life

Susan McGalla was brought up in a family consisting of two boys and a father who was a football coach. Bothe her parents encouraged her to work hard from an early age, and she used to compete with her elder brothers regardless of her age and gender. She studied at mount Union College and graduated with a business and marketing degree.

Susan McGalla’s Career

Susan McGalla began her career at Joseph Horne Company in 1986. She held various marketing positions, including managerial roles until he left the firm in 1994. In the same year, she joined American Eagle Outfitters serving as merchandise buyer for lady’s outfits. She climbed the corporate ladder until she was appointed to serve as the president and CMO. Initially, McGalla was the head and CMO the flagship brand, American Eagle, before she became she became the head of the entire company. During her tenure at the company, she was involved in the launching of 77kids brands.

When she joined American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla says it was dominated by men, and there was no woman serving as an executive or on the board. However, through her hard work she excelled, and according to her it was a lifetime experience. Her success at the company was a culture change that eventually led to excellent performance of the company between 2000 and 2010. Susan McGalla was responsible for managing revenues of about $3 billion, four brands, P&L and an e-commerce site.

McGalla left the company in 2009, and started a private consultancy firm focusing on the financial investment sector. Towards the end of 2009, she joined Wet Seal Inc. and succeeded Ed Thomas as the company’s CEO. McGalla serves on HFF Inc’s board. HFF Inc, is a publicly traded firm which specializes in the real estate market. She was University of Pittsburgh’s trustee.

Susan McGalla Shares Tips For Success With Future Businesswomen

The needs and expectations for women in business have grown enormously over the last few decades, but more motivation and change is needed for it to continue, according the the ideas shared by Susan McGalla at a recent event. Specifically, Ms. McGalla, known for her expertise in the different aspects of branding, marketing, operational efficiencies and similar industries, has three valuable pieces of information to pass along to the next generation of women looking toward the professional workplace.


Access As Much Higher Education As Possible


Ms. Mcgalla shared that education is the key to professional success. Although it may be inconvenient or expensive to continue in classes, women with more advanced degrees typically have better professional opportunities.


Instead of looking at school as an endless expense and challenge, she recommends investigating all of the different avenues for financial assistance for school. Accessing financial aid packages that are appropriate to the existing skill set is essential to long-term success and often requires extra time. The good news is, your investment is likely to pay off, over time.


Women Need To Believe In Themselves


Upon graduation, women are likely to feel confident and secure with their professional goals and expectations. Sadly, over time the influence of management can cause those important feelings to diminish by up to 60%, according to data shared by Ms. Mcgalla.


Therefore, it is essential to not only believe that you have the skills to make it, but also to surround yourself with people who share that belief. The desire for success can diminish if there is not adequate support for it.


You Are Unique And Should Ignore Glass Ceilings


The long-held belief about the alleged glass-ceiling and that few women make it past it has negatively impacted many women and other minorities over the years. Fortunately, Ms. McGalla has achieved success following some unique advice of her own…Forget the glass ceiling and ignore the prejudices that may be there.

Doing so was key to her success and she followed up with a final idea to aspiring business women to ignore stereotypes. Instead, she believes it is better to allow the quality of your work to make its own statement.

In conclusion, success at anything will take hard work and perseverance. However, it is important to remember that given the still unequal statistics pertaining to professional advancement for women, there is still a lot of room for improvement.