Idea Mensch’s “ Dr. Mark McKenna- Founder and CEO of OVME” article on September 8th, 2017 describes the character that has brought him to achieve such high success. An early riser who values family through special moments with the daughter over breakfast embarks on his day motivated and determined using active goal setting and meditation as core personal values. An active visualization is an essential tool to success as the author suggests a book to assist the readers deeply understand the concept. He then makes sure to spend his time efficiently by associating himself with people who challenge his way of thinking as evidenced when asked who his idols were. Elon Musk and Michael Bloomberg were among some that he mentioned.

Dr. Mark McKenna finds time to practice Jiu Jitsu before heading home. He values health as the article claims he is excited by the rate at which the public has stopped smoking.“Speed without direction is useless.” The doctor advised us as a lesson he learned on the path to where he is now. Being in a hurry without purpose will only end one in a ditch. One should thus prepare and plan as shown through his avid reading habits as an entrepreneur.

He is a licensed medical doctor in surgery and medicine by the Georgia and Florida State Board Medical Examiners. Originally from New Orleans, LA, he graduated from Tulane University Medical School and joined his father in his medical practice while he started a boutique real estate development firm called McKenna Venture Investments. This business he grew to launch Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. which had a workforce of 50 employees offering turnkey design-build, finance, and real estate closing services.

His passion and dedicated advocacy to the society saw him actively participate in the rebuilding of New Orleans on the aftermath of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina through the redevelopment of housing despite having lost most of his business interests. He moved to Atlanta GA in 2007 to start ShapeMed which is a wellness and aesthetic based medical practice that earned him a distinction only 1% of MDs nationwide achieve in 2013.

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Norman Pattiz and PoadcasOne new technological advancement

Since its establishment, PoadcastOne has always been on the forefront in the provision of entertainment, and talk shows in addition to its news and sports channels to its fun and listeners across America. The broadcasting firm has always valued incorporating the use of new technology enabling it to keep up with the rapid advancement witnessed in the technological world of entertainment.

On a more recent date, the broadcasting network was able to launch a brand new technological advancement that allows mobile users access its many shows through a software application. This software application brings with it an improved platform to get used in providing video broadcasts. The video broadcasts will offer its users a 360-degree show recording thus making the shows more enjoyable to watch.

The application has other important features that will enhance the experience of each user in a way that will enable them to part of the shows that would be streaming live online. This app has a feature that allows a back and forth communication among its users. This communication system also allows the users to discuss with the hosts of the various shows about the shows and the topic matter on the shows hence they get to be part and partisans of the shows. Personalized messages that the software app provides also allows the users to text each other and exchange views pertaining the shows they watch.

In addition to their pursuit of technological advancement, PoadcastOne has collaborated with Mandt VR. This company that will enable PoadcastOne produce and provides more quality video content in virtual reality formats that will be availed to its users. On a more particular point, the two have already produced more than 1000 videos in a virtual reality format. This new and improved video provides the users of PoadcastOne app a captivating and engaging platform to watch and keep up with all that is happening in their society.

Behind the scenes of all these great improvements in PoadcastOne is its founder Mr. Norman Pattiz who is a famous icon in radio broadcasting. Through his investments, Mr. Pattiz has been able to bring about significant advancements in radio broadcasting that have brought it into the twenty-first century.

Among his, investment PoadcastOne has proved to be a success. Apart from this he also started Westwood One and also established Courtside Entertainment Group. All these companies have gone on to enjoy great periods of success all of which were made possible by Norman Pattiz. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz, a New Age, a New Dawn

Norman Pattiz is a remarkable person. Although currently a senior man, Norman has always displayed a lot of energy just like that of a young man, in matters concerning media and broadcasting. For four decades, Norman has been the heart and soul of American radio, creating standards that currently get applied across the board.


Apart from taking up employment in quite many media outlets, Norman has grown into a remarkable employer. As the founder of Courtside Entertainment, Podcast One and Westwood One, Pattiz’s star has continued to shine. All the companies that Norman has created between 2010 and 2017 have been able to enjoy much success.


For instance, Podcast One has brought on board celebrities like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Larry King, and Adam Carolla attracting a worldwide audience. Recently, Norman decided to bring on board Norman Lear, a man renowned for being a writer, producer, director, as well as a war veteran ( As he joins Podcast One, Lear will bring his comic persona to the microphone during a podcast scheduled to take place on a weekly basis.


Other than comedy, Norman Lear will talk about family matters, music, current events, as well as political and social issues. By speaking to celebrities during the weekly podcasts, Lear will be able to engage the diverse Podcast One audience even more. Above all, Norman Lear will labor hand in hand with his lifetime friend, Paul Hipp, to guarantee the success of the program.


Some of the celebrities that will be lucky enough to appear on Podcast One come May include America Ferrera, Jerrod Carmichael, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Amy Poehler. After the May debut, people will be able to follow closely the many episodes that come after that, from iTunes and the Podcast One application.


Despite the fact that Norman Lear is way past his ninetieth birthday, he has still got his sense of humor and a passion for one day launching a podcast. All his life, Lear has always admired Norman Pattiz for raising the bar for the broadcasting industry in the United States of America. Also, Norman Pattiz has equally praised Norman Lear for never letting his guard down. Norman Lear is incredibly happy for being given a chance to headline Podcast One, and he is optimistic that things will go well from May onwards. For sure, Podcast One and Norman Pattiz are lucky to have Lear on board. It is only a matter of time before the world gets to see what the podcast show led by Lear has in store for its audience.



Gregory Aziz Leads National Steel Car Into The Leading Railroad Freight Car Manufacturing And Engineering Entity Across North America

Gregory James Aziz prides himself on being the man at the helm of the foremost railroad freight vehicle manufacturing and engineering company in the world, National Steel Car. He serves as the company’s chief executive officer, president, and chairperson of the board. Over the years, National Steel Car is preceded by its reputation for building the highest quality railcars that are characterized by their high on-time delivery performance.


Born in London, Ontario, Greg Aziz acquired his education at the Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario where he specialized in economics. His work experience started in 1971 when he joined Affiliated Foods, his family-owned wholesale food enterprise. For about 16 years, the business expanded into a global importer of fresh foods across South American and Europe. In fact, it became the main distributor to all leading fresh food wholesale markets situated in Eastern Canada and the US.

James Aziz is acknowledged for organizing the acquisition of National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. This endeavor came after working on a couple of investment banking opportunities, especially in New York in the late ‘80s and ‘90s. Additionally, the acquisition was driven by the objective of transforming National Steel Car into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America.


Accomplishments of National Steel Car


Since the acquisition of National Steel Car, the company has made significant success strides. By emphasizing its team building and strong engineering capabilities as well as both its capital and human investment, the company was able to boost its manufacturing capacity. As such, the number of manufactured cars grew from 3500 to 12,000 by 1999. At the same time, the employment numbers rose from about 600 to approximately 3000.


Greg James Aziz has steered National Steel Car throughout its relentless pursuit of manufacturing and engineering excellence. In turn, this has propelled the company to become a force to reckon with when it comes to new car innovation in the industry. National Steel Car also prides itself on being the only railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company that is certified ISO9001:2008. It has also maintained this honor through the past 18 years of recertification rounds. Furthermore, the company has continually been honored with the TTX SECO award since 1996.


Other Activities


Away from manufacturing railroad freight cars, National Steel Car has demonstrated its support for the Hamilton community by sponsoring various organizations like the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army among many others. The company also organizes a leading food drive for various local food banks in which most of its employees participate. Visit This Page.


A Tale Of Broadcasting Success – Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne’s manager, has had recognized vocation in the communicate business. In a current meeting, he clarified his adventure in the telecom business and examined how he accomplishes his set objectives. Norman said that he was persuaded to begin PodcastOne when he met Kit Gray, who worked from his loft. Unit was speaking to other individuals’ podcasts. The chance of having a Westwood One for the advanced world struck him. Unit and Norman cooperated to construct PodcastOne. Norman affirms that he hears incredible thoughts every day and breathes life into them by evaluating their ability for usage. Norman does not have a commonplace day since he includes himself with practically every portion of his little organization. Learn more:


The pattern of substance utilization today is energizing since it has unending pathways to people in general paying little respect to specific confinements. He was asked what he would do more than once as a business visionary and prescribe everybody one else to take after. Norman answered by saying that he prescribed perusing the exchanges to be knowledgeable with the universe of business. Be that as it may, since everything has gone computerized, including exchanges, it is elusive significant data in light of the fact that everybody is a specialist on the web. Norman guarantees his business is beneficial by being the first to touch base at work and the last to take off. Steve Ross, his initially supervisor in media deals, Bill Paley and Dan Miller were his coaches. Norman said that in spite of their end, the abundance of information they granted to him is permanent.


Norman Pattiz is the author and official administrator of PodcastOne, America’s driving promoter upheld podcast arrange. For more than 40 years, Norman Pattiz has been rendering his administrations in the communicate business. He has increased monstrous experience and learning in the business, particularly in radio syndication. He established Westwood One, a supplier of news, excitement, games, talk and activity programming to the communicate business. Under his administration, the organization rose to end up noticeably a pioneer in the communicate business in America. A portion of the communicate organizations that were claimed or overseen by Westwood One are NBC radio systems, BCAA Basketball, CBS News, CNN Radio, NFL Football and March Madness.


He propelled Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. His most recent foundation is PodcastOne Sales, a main organization in national podcast advertising and deals. He served twice on the America’s Broadcasting Board of Governors. Mr. Pattiz is a Regent of the University of California. He is additionally the seat of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Source:


Online Marketing and Product Brokerage One Stop Shop

Market America Unfranchise was founded in 1992 by JR and Loren Ridinger. With its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, the company has employed over 700 people around the world. Market America Unfranchise can be found in the United States, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Spain, United Kingdom and Singapore. The company also has emerging markets in Colombia, Jamaica, Bahamas, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Panama.


Market America Unfranchise is a product brokerage and marketing company that deals with online marketing and social shopping. They focus on offering personal care products, household cleaning supplies, water purifiers, jewelry, health products, cosmetics, customization of websites, and auto care products.


The secret behind the success of Market America Unfranchise is that you tend to have all the advantages of a franchise business without having to pay for franchise fees and you still get to operate on your own time schedule. Apart from that, Market America Unfranchise pays you commissions and profits obtained from sales through their website and other referral networks.


Given the fact that successful businesses require comprehensive and unique internet marketing strategies. Market America Unfranchise provides internet solutions for your business through their ma WebCenters. They can create a website that integrates marketing in social media, site statistics, search engine optimization/search engine marketing, fully functioning e-commerce system and e-mail marketing tools. Once you set up, they provide a simple maintenance system that requires no technical skills to retain an online presence. With this, you will be able to focus on your customers’ needs and thus create a lucrative and unique business with financial security.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Features the Largest Concert Hall in Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago has emerged as one of the most notable individuals in the Paraiba’s capital, Joao Pessoa, due to his reputable business ventures. He has managed to revolutionize the shopping sector in the area through his modern shopping complexes such as Manaira Shopping. The complex has elicited a lot of attention from both the media and shopping enthusiasts. This is mostly due to its remarkable features and facilities such as movie theaters, gym, amusement park and many others. Nonetheless, the Domus Hall is one of the features that sets Manaira Shopping apart from the rest of the commercial Centres in the area. Visit his profile page on

Domus Hall

Domus Hall prides itself as one of the leading and largest concert halls in Joao Pessoa. Last year, the hall commemorated seven years of being operational. Domus Hall, which was launched on November 7, 2009, is situated on top of Manaira Shopping center in the capital of Paraiba.

Features of the Hall

Domus Hall complements Manaira Shopping in terms of its modern architecture, facilities and equipment. It boasts of a state-of-the-art and air-conditioned structure coupled with acoustic insulation and modern sound equipment. The hall’s space reflects a grand theater for musical shows or a giant nightclub with a capacity of nearly ten thousand people standing and three thousand people sitting. Additionally, the space also hosts two floors including the mezzanine, which has private and individuals’ cabins for ten persons and access to dressing rooms. On the other hand, the ground floor can feature house tables depending on the configuration of every show or event.

Purpose of the Hall

Roberto Santiago inaugurated the Domus Hall about seven years ago with a mission of attracting top international and national artists of varying musical styles to the city. Some of the musical styles include rap, reggae, rock, MPB, samba, axe and sertanejo among many others. Since its inauguration, the Domus Hall has hosted numerous performances from various artists such as Carolina and Jorge Mario de Silva.

Last year in November, the Domus Hall was scheduled to host a mega performance from the O Rappa band. The band is renowned for its strong social lyrics, which comprises a mixture of MPB, rap, rock and reggae. Furthermore, it is critical to note that Domus Hall is also open for other occasions apart from music performances such as private events, fairs, weddings, presentations, stand-ups and graduations. Opening hours run from 10am-10pm from Monday to Saturday and 1pm-10pm on Sundays.

Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is an acclaimed businessman in Paraiba’s shopping sector. This is due to his remarkable effort to bring entertainment, leisure and fun under one roof by creating outstanding shopping centers in Joao Pessoa such as Manaira Shopping. Santiago is also the brains behind Mangabeira Shopping, which is also one of the most modern shopping complexes in the Joao Pessoa. Read more articles on

Santiago started his career at Café Santa Rosa before investing his time and money in creating a cartonage company. Since then, he has created a promising endeavor for himself as an entrepreneur. Additionally, Roberto Santiago is an alumnus of the University Center of Joao Pessoa, where he attained is knowledge in business administration.

Jason Hope: Scottsdale’s Futurist Investor

Jason Hope is a forward-thinking entrepreneur, fueled by technological progressivism and community mindedness.

Based in Scottsdale, Hope has lead the charge in Arizona toward a better future for all with philanthropic gestures such as a $500,000 pledge to SENS Foundation which is working to fight age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Atherosclerosis. Jason Hope’s futurist mindset drives him to work with and invest in businesses that are pushing the envelope.

From the most seasoned tech businesses to the youngest budding innovators, Hope supports them all. One of the many ways he helps the next generation of entrepreneurs is through the grants Jason Hope has made available to seniors in high school as well as college students. These grants give students the ability to cultivate their ideas and focus on creating the technology of tomorrow.

One “technology of tomorrow” that Jason Hope is particularly interested in is the Internet of Things, an industry projected to be worth 71 billion dollars by 2018. The Internet of Things is the interconnecting of smart devices in which each device collects information from sensors and other smart devices to perform tasks more efficiently. Simply put, the Internet of Things is a network of devices designed to make life simpler.

The Internet of Things has not yet become common place; however, Hope believes that wearable devices such as the Apple Watch and the Fitbit will begin to push it into the mainstream. Through promoting and educating about various aspects of the Internet of Things such as security and the implications that the Internet of Things can have on the average person’s life, Hope spreads awareness and sparks intrigue.

Jason Hope’s contributions to technology and the future have an enduring impact in Arizona and beyond. Hope continues to support the next generation tech leaders and facilitate their growth through generous investments and grant programs.

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Jason Halpern is Doing Big Things with JMH Development

JMH Development, based in Brooklyn, NY, is a real estate development firm that is enjoying great success by following the leadership of Jason Halpern and his somewhat unique approach to real estate development. Jason Halpern believes in renovating once forgotten properties, some with historical value, into high-end condominiums and apartments. Converting old buildings that were once warehouses, markets, and hotels into residential living spaces with amenities designed to offer the best in luxury living. JMH Development likes to manage a project from start to finish, being familiar in every phase of development including design, site selection, construction, and property management.


Jason Halpern is no stranger to the fast-paced world of real estate development. Jason’s father was a well-known developer of properties in the greater New York area, including apartments, office, and retail spaces. Jason assumed control of JHM Development in 2010, and the company has only continued to prosper. Under his leadership, JMH has developed properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and more recently South Florida. Perhaps the best known of these projects is 184 Kent in Brooklyn, New York. Jason and his team at JHM turned a warehouse built in 1913, once the world’s largest grocery store, into 340 luxury apartments, with amenities that include a sensational view of Manhattan, a gym with the latest in exercise equipment and high-end shopping. They are proud of the fact the building is now on the National Register of Historic Places; exemplifying the type of development project Jason loves.


Three Hundred Collins, located in Miami Beach, is a new and exciting luxury condominium project for Jason Halpern. Plans call for 19 units on floors two through five with the lobby also serving as the amenities area. Square footage will vary from 1,000 square feet to 3,700, most units will have from one to four bedrooms, but there will be four two-story condos and three penthouses. Marble bathrooms and kitchens, wide-plank white oak floors, large terraces, and 18-foot ceilings in the two-story units are only a few of the amenities offered. Residents will enjoy three fitness centers, front desk concierge service, and a huge swimming pool. Sotheby’s International Realty is the only sales and marketing agent for this project; units priced from $1.2 million to $9 million. Jason feels they have been very thorough in the design of this project, stating this is not your typical Miami condo.


For Jason, it’s not always about work. He enjoys an active personal life spending as much time as possible with his son. They have traveled throughout the United States often attending New York Giants football games and recently visited Costa Rica to go scuba diving. Jason is also a big fan of NASCAR, his father at one time sponsored a racing team, and he would someday like to return to the series as a driver.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Avi Weisfogel Says Dental Services Should Be Available To All Children

Dentist Avi Weisfogel stressed the importance of dental care for, especially children. The owner and operator of the Old Bridge Dental Care has gone as far as to set up a Go Fund Me Account to support Operation Smile. The international organization helps children around the world who suffer from dental issues such as cleft lip and cleft palate.

After over 15 years of running a dental office for children, Weisfogel decided to focus on sleep-related issues. In 2012, Owner Unlimited Sleep Management was established to help dentist learn more about how the use of oral appliances can help patients sleep better. In 2014, he opened Dental Sleep Masters.

Avi Weisfogel advises Dentist all around the world on the importance of sleep labs. “Sleep apnea can affect people of all ages, and the more you weigh, the more likely you are to have sleeping issues,” said Weisfogel.Weisfogel went on to say that although adults are far more likely to develop sleeping issues, children with overlarge tonsils are at risk. “Sleep apnea is a very serious issue and could result in a number of associated conditions and even death if left untreated.

Weisfogel received his undergraduate degree in biology from Rutgers University. He also graduated from The New York University College of Dentistry. He has received numerous awards for excellence in dentistry.If you are suffering from sleep apnea or some other sleeping disorder, Dr. Weisfogel invites you make an appointment. He and his highly-professional staff can diagnose your condition and provide you the highest-quality service. His methods have proven results, and affiliates are available in all 50 states.