Cassio Audi Harks Back To His Early Music Career

In 2017, investment and a financial specialist, Cassio Audi has become known for bringing a range of investment opportunities to the people of Brazil who earlier believed they were unable to invest in stocks and shares. Cassio Audi may now be known as one of the leading financial specialists in Brazil teaching capitalism to students at his alma mater of Sao Paulo University and a man of the people but his earlier incarnation as a heavy metal drummer has already given him a role as a cult performer and hall of fame musician.

The journey to a financial career began for Cassio Audi in 1989 but it was in 1985 Cassio Audi first came to the attention of the youth of Brazil through his role as drummer with the legendary heavy metal band, Viper. The band itself was the brainchild of brothers Yves and Pit Passarell who called in Cassio Audi as he had already built a strong reputation as one of the top drummers in Sao Paulo; Cassio Audi had already performed with two local bands when he joined Viper and set out on the journey to becoming a hall of fame musician with Viper.

Any person who wants to hear the skills of Cassio Audi as a drummer who was critically acclaimed for his musicianship despite only being a teenager when the band began performing in 1985 can hear him on two well-known and respected recordings. The British New Wave of heavy metal was an obvious influence on Cassio Audi and his fellow memebrs of Viper when the band began perfomring and was searching for its own voice. Audi appeared on the demo recordings albums, “The Killera Sword” and the debut studio album of Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise” before leaving the band to follow his dream of becoming a leading financial specialist.

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Troy McQuagge Is An Award Winning Health Executive

Troy McQuagge serves as the CEO of US Health Advisors, but in addition to being CEO he is now an award-winning executive. He was recently chosen as the gold winner for the CEO of the year award from OnePlanet. This is a top award which recognizes business leaders whom have made significant contributions and taken steps to become excellent business leaders.

Joined The Company in 2010 Following a Long Career in Health Insurance

Mr. McQuagge joined the company in 2010, where he aimed to turn the company around. He eventually became the CEO of the company, and rebuilt the distribution side of the business to increase profitability. The immediate aim of the new incoming CEO was in ensuring a turnaround of the company’s business practices, which he was successfully able to navigate.

OnePlanet Awards Prestigious Awards Recognizing Top Leaders

OnePlanet Awards are prestigious awards designed to recognize top leaders whom have contributed to the success of their companies. As the gold winner, Troy McQuagge has managed to obtain a coveted recognition that is well considered in the industry.

Originally From Panama City, Florida

Troy McQuagge is originally from Panama City, Florida. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida, and lives in Coppell, Texas. His career has been within insurance sales, where he launched his career at Allstate Insurance. He is the CEO of the Sales subsidiary of USHealth, which is USHealth Advisors.

Leadership Encourages Growth In New Market

His leadership has been to encourage growth in the Under 65 health insurance market. This has resulted in the company creating a sales organization to achieve growth targets. His skillset encompasses an ability to resolved difficult issues, which means a track record in creating turnarounds for many companies. The company has also managed to produce record-setting results to create growth. Know more: