Castlevania Is A Huge Hit For Netflix

Adaptions of video games into movies have not exactly received much critical acclaim. Yes, certain video game adaptions earned huge sums of money. The Resident Evil films are proof of this. Even with profits on the accounting ledger, a number of these adaptions did nothing more than disappoint fans. A few of the worst films made in recent memory were video game adaptions. The bad feelings these lousy films left with fans ruined the chances of the debut featuring launching a franchise.

And then along came Castlevania on Netflix. The streaming series may be the most perfect video game adaption endeavor ever devised. The series presents a fantastic mix of horror and adventure. The thrills of the original video game series are reimagined in the form of an animated program, a program with solid writing and believable characters.

Castlevania has been renewed for a second, longer season. Video game fans should rejoice over this news. Perhaps a stunning new traditional video game may hit retail shelves thanks to the success of the Netflix series. Anything that renews interest in a property should have a ripple effect through other mediums.

Netflix might think its creative teams possess the secret to crafting a great video game adaption. When Netflix scored big with Daredevil, a host of other superhero programs were commissioned. Could Netflix choose to produce more video games series for its streaming platform? If the programs prove to be as successful or reflect the same potential for success as Castlevania, more video gam adaptions absolutely will be forthcoming.