Lawrence Bender Produces Television, Music Videos, and Documentary Films

Lawrence Bender holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Maine. He also pursued a life as a dancer for a short period of time, before facing a career ending injury. Now, alongside Quentin Tarantino, Bender creates some of the best movies America have to offer.

Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender formally operated a production company, A Band Apart. This production company handled a majority of Tarantino’s films, but it also made possible several other classic films like Good WIll Hunting.

A Band A Part shut down in 2006, but Bender didn’t leave the film industry. He created a new production company called Lawrence Bender Productions.

In addition to film and television, Mr. Bender has produced a handful of of live concert DVDs. His involvement in the music industry also includes over a dozen music video production credits.

Seven Seconds

A recent production from Lawrence Bender is Seven Seconds, a Netflix original series. This series shows the point of view of two groups of people involved in a tragic accident: A New Jersey police department & the family of a child who was ran over by a police officer.

The narrative revolves around the internal conflict of a man who, while talking on the phone, runs over a 15 year old boy on bicycle. His friends in the police help him cover up the tragedy, but things turn for the worst for the police when it is discovered that the boy isn’t dead.

Meanwhile, racial tensions grow in the New Jersey community.

Countdown to Zero

Lawrence Bender is also a producer of several documentaries. One of these documentaries is Countdown to Zero. The film is all about nuclear war, and it argues that the threat of nuclear war has increased, not decreased, since the Cold War.

The film was directed by Lucy Walker, a British documentary film marker, and it released in the United States on July 23rd, 2010.

Anthony Toma – CEO & Founder of Nine9

Anthony Toma is the Founder and CEO of Nine9 Talent Agency . This is a United Nations Agency that acts as a broker for talent and innovation. It also works to develop talent services to have the world of modeling and acting revolutionized in the entertainment industry. Anthony Toma is also one of the most successful business entities and entrepreneurs in the United States. Anthony Toma has also owned numerous business platforms across the service, retail, and transport sector. He is also an entertainment agent. Because of his success, he has had an opportunity to work with the top leaders in the entertainment industries. His passion for talent and entertainment is what defines his nature. For this reason, he has used this company to open doors for anyone with ambition, heart, and willingness to invest and believe in themselves. Nine9 at Instagram .

When he is asked about the origin of the Nine9 idea, he said that it commenced with the grocery business. This idea came when he was looking for an opportunity to franchise the food industry. Because of his idea, the food industry has structured elements in the business. He came across a modeling franchise in Orlando. Because he was eager to own a franchise, he purchased that franchise on the spot. For this reason, he found an opportunity to expand his franchise to more than 26 countries in the world. Because the franchise investment went under his expectation, he ended up coming up win an idea of developing his franchise company. The Coral Reef Productions Firm is his main business company. Nine9 News Here .

When he wakes up in the morning, he prepares his kids for school after that. He goes on the internet to answer numerous emails popping up on the web. For him to find the trending options, he finds time to open his social media platforms. Watch Video . for more .

Sergio Cortes: Impresionating Your Idol

He looks like a twin brother of the late Michael Jackson, he dresses like him, sings like him, walks like him, sings like him and electrifies crowds like him. The only contrast in reality is that Sergio Cortes is not Michael Jackson. Blood does not associate them, and neither is Sergio Cortes a reincarnation of Michael Jackson, who passed away in June of 2009.
Sergio Cortes was born in the iconic Spanish city of Barcelona in 1971. He grew up liking Michael Jackson and his music as well as learning all his songs and lyrics to detail. Mr. Cortes is a natural artistic talent, and this reflects in his perfect impersonation of Michael Jackson. During his teenage years, Sergio’s passion made him dress up and imitate Michael to the delight of family and friends. Sergio Cortes also works as a talent development manager with Destiny Projects Company.
There are thousands of talented Michael Jackson impersonators around the world. Some undergo surgically and cosmetic enhancement to get the looks of Michael. Interestingly, Sergio Cortes stands out a class above the rest. Mr. Cortes gained world fame and attention when he gave an electric performance in 2012 at the Vicente Calderon stadium in Madrid. Since then, fame and fortune have risen for him. Sergio Cortes speaks highly of his mentor and pride himself in having an opportunity to cement the legacy of Michael Jackson.
Sergio Cortes has embarked on a mission to recreate cover songs for most of Michael Jackson’s hit song records. His renditions of Thriller and Smooth Criminal are out with complete with choreographed videos. He has extensively toured Brazil and his native Spain to promote his works. More impersonation shows itself in his choice of stage name, Sergio Jackson.

Sergio Cortes being a darling of Michael Jackson fans has a huge social media influence. He shares his pictures and videos with his global fan base. His Facebook and Twitter pages scatter with images of the Michael Jackson look alike. Sergio Cortes is also a YouTube sensation. Sergio Cortes admitted his heartbreak when the death of Michael Jackson broke the world. He uses his talent to honor his idol that explains why all his concerts and events are Michael Jackson themed.
Michael Jackson’s music and moves are timeless. They will keep entertaining people for generations. It touched Sergio Cortes, and he is spreading the pop culture around the world.

Sergio Cortes— The Real Impersonator Of Michael Jackson

It was a sad day for fans of Michael Jackson when it was announced that the King of Pop had died on 25th September 2009. Jackson was one of the most talented artists who have ever lived. He touched and changed the lives of many through is an advocate for love and inspiring music.
One way people all around the world have remembered Jackson and his performances is through the shows presented by his impersonators. Sergio Cortes has been a true reflection of Jackson’s life. Cortes is today regarded as the most outstanding impersonator of Jackson not only by looks, voice but also by clothing and personality traits.
Cortes is from Barcelona, Spain and was born in 1971. Cortes and his mother liked to listen and dance to the music of Jackson. They could also sing and enjoy the music. Cortes developed an interest to imitate Jackson when he was young. He has worked hard to become the best Jackson’s impersonator. This is something the fans of Jackson are happy about.
The dream of Cortes to be a great impersonator of Jackson has been made true by Destiny Projects, a company that has taken a center-stage role in nurturing and developing talents of young artists. Whenever Cortes does a tribute show to celebrate Jackson, the crowd is thrilled. He creates a moment of true, live spirit of Jackson. He has made several appearances in performances, which has turned the crowd joyous and deeply touched.
Where Cortes has performed, the audiences have shown nothing tears of joy and happiness. In 2012, Cortes made a hallmark performance in Madrid Spain as a way of giving tribute to the legendary musician and King of Pop.

It is no surprise that many people have tried impersonating the legendary musician. However, no one may have come so close to perfection like Cortes.
People have even thought that Jackson never died and is still alive— all this is because, Cortes looks, dances, and sings like Michael Jackson. Cortes admits that his success in impersonating Jackson has been out of love and respect, which he has always had for the King of Pop. Surely, there may be no other best way people can celebrate the fallen star than seeing his impersonators on stage doing what Jackson did best. It is a great honor to have people who are talented and possess looks of Michael Jackson. These people continue to carry the spirit of Jackson alive.

I Don’t Care About Jay-Z’s Baseball Knowledge

It has been reported that Jay-Z mistook David Wells for Curt Schilling at an SNL party over the weekend of their 40th anniversary. Marc Sparks knows that, while this might seem funny, it is not really news. Curt Schilling does appear on TV, but that does not mean that Jay-Z watches Baseball Tonight. David Wells has been retired for a while, and we do not know how much baseball Jay-Z has watched.

This is a funny story, but it is not really news. You may not like Jay-Z, but you cannot dislike him for not having a photographic memory of all the baseball players that would end up at parties that he attends. This is silly in every way. It is possible that many people are not recognizable when you see them in person. Research has even shown that you would not even recognize your doppleganger even though they would look just like you. You need to remember that the world of sports and celebrities is filled with mistakes, and it is alright for Jay-Z to not know what someone looks like. I hope there are people out there who will give Jay-Z a break for something that probably should have never made it to print.