Ricardo Tosto: setting the bar for integrity for Brazilian legal system

The Brazilian Bar Association is the body that regulated the law profession in Brazil. It is the one which grants lawyers the permission to practice law. Without their certificate, it is illegal to represent or to purport to represent lawyers. The body has set out the basic regulations that qualify one as a lawyer in Brazil. For those studying in the country, it requires 5 years of an undergraduate program, and time at law school. At the end of the tenure at the law school, one must sit and pass an exam conducted by the Brazilian bar association. Only those who pass are allowed to go ahead and start representing clients or practice law. After completing the law schools, students of law are recommended to join a law firm from where they can get real firsthand experience in representing clients.

For foreign lawyers, there are different regulations that are applied. Foreign law firms in Brazil are allowed to practice as long as there is a partnership with a registered law firm already operating in Brazil.

Brazil is a highly litigious country. This is attribute to the rigid laws that are contained in the country law documents. For non-law experts it is very difficult to be able to navigate the legal system in Brazil. It is therefore recommended that any serious client must also look for a serious lawyer who is already practicing in the country. Ricardo Tosto is one of the gems in Brazil. He is a dedicated lawyer who represents clients in high stake business cases. His 26 years of law practice experience give him the ability to handle complex cases with ease.

In Brazil, there are over a million lawyers, but only a few can be good ones. Ricardo Tosto is among the few who understand what is required of a lawyer. After Ricardo Tosto takes over a case, he ensures that justice is served in the best interest of the lawyers.
Ricardo Tosto is learned law at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Ricardo Tosto practices law in Sao Paulo although his law firm has offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

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