Give Thanks To Coco

The movie that starts Turkey Day off right with Mexican movie goers this thanksgiving, “Coco.” Disney goes Day of The Dead this year pumping out another awesome family favorite taking the cake with a $71.2 million debut and $153.4 million globally. This all-Latino cast really comes together to celebrate Mexican culture that can be shared with the world. If you’re not quite sure and looking for a little taste before you hit the theaters be sure to check out Dante’s Lunch, A Short Tale. It’s sure to get your appetite raring for more.
A story about a young mijo, who plays an old dumpy guitar in secret in a dusty attic, decides to strum his great ancestor’s guitar magically kicking him off into the land of the dead. Packed full with skeletons, curses, and music, if that is not enough you count on Dante to bring the rest of the party. Miguel, voiced by the up and coming Anthony Gonzalez, goes on an adventure taking us all through the story of this young mijo who loves music but has a family that believes music is a curse. It happens to be in the boy’s blood as his great, great grandfather, Ernesto de la Cruz, is known as the greatest musician ever to walk the land. Confused, but not alone, he walks among the skeletons of his passed over family with his sidekick Dante to find his great, great grandfather. He has to find Ernesto or risk being trapped in the land of the dead until the end of his existence. The two take a wild ride overcoming new challenge that help them grow together.
Add this film into my list of favorites and take the family out for a wholesome night. A night of goofy laughs and suspenseful adventure you cannot go wrong with the heart warming “Coco.” Currently playing at around 4,000 theaters you can take your pick and rest assure you made the right choice.