Things You Should Understand About College Football Betting

College football is among sports where bettors reap big payouts. Those who have been following the right guidelines have been able to earn well from betting but there are times when the information one picks from online sources is not accurate. You need to ensure all the details you use to estimate the chances of a team winning or losing are from a reputable online source. One of the most reliable sources you can find online is, a site that offers NCAAF odds and reviews of teams and matches.

Don’t rush to place your bets before you get all the facts about a team or game in general. If you are a new bettor, then you should first spend some time learning and reading the movement of the matches to understand how each team plays and their position in the industry. Some of the most experienced bettors who have been earning a lot of money from the games took many years before they could perfect their skills in the art, so you should also maintain patience to emerge successful in college football betting. Most importantly, never ignore the points discussed below.

Conduct thorough research
Betting based on assumption your team will win could be your greatest undoing, so you need to plan your betting practice by first conducting research to obtain facts about each team. The teams you will find in the industry are different and you need to first understand how each operates so you can make a wise decision. Research involves going online to sites like, which have established a strong system that provides real-time information and odds that you can use to plan your betting.

Look for the weakness and bank on it
Most teams are perfect and are used to winning, but some weaknesses like disagreements between players and the management could make it difficult for the team to proceed to obtain success. You can take advantage of such moments to place bets that you are sure will return high profits.

More about
Founded in 1995, is an online-based sporting information outlet that updates the latest information in different sports. The site offers reviews and statistical data that highlights the movement of teams and matches to help bettors to make the right decisions. There are also odds to games and the system updates real time changes in the sporting world to ensure all the decisions one makes while betting are backed by accurate information.

Understanding a Spread Bet in Sports Betting

Usually, people more people place bets on the same team if it is stronger than the other if the choice is just a pick to win. However, sports books view that as a problem because they use a portion of the money from losing bets to pay winners. That means that sports books experience significant losses if one team gets too many bets. explains such occurrences in depth, especially for novice bettors. Sports books are companies where bettors place sports bets. Sports books offer a spread bet to avoid such situations, or rather even things out. A spread bet is given where the margin of victory in a game is used to define the winner of the bets. The sports book offers a line for the game that proposes a minimum margin of winning for the favorite team. In this case, the favorite team is the one that more people believe will win. The minimum margin of winning for the favorite is known as the spread.

Spread betting aims at creating an active market for both sides of a bet on college football odds. Strong teams may be matched up against by weaker teams in a sporting event. If the favorite team wins by more than the minimum margin of win, they cover the spread, so people who bet on them win money. The other team is known as the underdog. Bettors who bet on the underdog can win their bet in two ways. One of the ways is if the underdog wins and the other way is if the underdog loses, but the margin of win is less than the spread. Understand that covering the spread is only necessary for the favorite team, not the underdog. Bets are usually canceled, and people get their money back in situations where the favorite team wins by just the spread amount. It is not a favorable situation for the sports book; hence, they always make the canceled bet impossible by giving a spread with a fraction. The fraction is known as the hook. A positive number shows that the team is a favorite while a negative number indicates an underdog team.

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FSU Players Had Cars And Tires Keyed And Slashed

When the FSU players returned from their trip to play in the Rose Bowl, they returned home to find that some of their cars had been keyed. Players had their tires slashed, and some of the players were tweeting pictures of the carnage that occurred when they got home.

No one knows if FSU students were to blame for these problems, but it is clear that many people were disappointed in what happened in the Rose Bowl. The fumble that Jameis Winston gave up in the game alone was enough to scar the entire fan base for a number of year. Keying cars and slashing tires is even more of a problem, but it is a sign that college football is still religion in the South.

The players on the Florida State team have been in the limelight for over a year, and they are going to have a problem trying to recover from the season that they just had. Most people like Sam Tabar are not rooting for the Seminoles, but the Seminoles did not deserve to have this happen when they got home. People on Thumbtack were frustrated with it. The home that these players have to inhabit for over a year until they can redeem themselves next year.

Seminoles Drop the Ball

Despite having the former Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston on the roster, as well as a very dominant football team, the Florida State Seminoles totally dropped the ball in the Rose Bowl against the very talented Oregon Ducks. Although the final score of the game was actually fairly close and the statistics showed a fairly similar pattern, the game really wasn’t even a match. The Oregon Ducks completely controlled the tempo of the game and the Oregon offense just could not be stopped. Adding insult to injury, Jameis Winston looked to be making careless mistakes and turned the ball over on a number of occasions which he really isn’t used to making. These bad mistakes cost the Seminoles a great deal, as the Ducks capitalized on their mistakes and put points on the board in return.


A lot of speculation has been made as to whether the play of the highly talented quarterback was a fluke or due to the heavy pressure he is facing amidst preparing for the National Football League draft and the controversy he has been under due to the legal troubles he has faced over the last year. Christian Broda thinks everything could be weighing on him. Many on feel the same way. Either way, the Florida State Seminoles find themselves finishing the season with a sour taste in their mouths as they came very close to getting a shot at a National Title and their costly mistakes may have taken a National Championship out of their hands.

Is Kirby Smart To Blame?

The Alabama defense is a big part of the reason that the Crimson Tide lost the national semifinal. The national semifinal was given up because Ohio State was able to keep scoring. The problem is not only the scoring but the person who did the scoring. Kirby Smart is the best-paid assistant in the country, and the defense for Alabama allowed a third string freshman quarterback to run the ball up and down the field.

Cardale Jones is a great player who is a grown man, and he is quickly turning into a guy Tom Rothman can rally behind. They might even start talking about him on InsideMovies with the way he has gone from third string to star. He stiff armed the defenders for Alabama, and he made his offense do anything that he wanted. There are many things that the Crimson Tide did wrong, but Kirby Smart is not to blame.

There are times when the players simply do not perform up to their own standards. The people on the team need to make sure that they are ready to stand up to tougher standards next season. The Tide have had their season ruined in the last two years, and Nick Saban does not like losing.

The dynasty varnish is coming off the Tide, and it is going to be hard for them to come back from this one. There are too many good teams to compete with now.

Upsets in Bowl Games Highlight Need for Playoffs

Urban Meyer, head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes, was one of the few people who believed his team could beat the Alabama Crimson Tide. He was right. Many proponents of the playoff system in college football are smiling after the 2014 Bowl season. It has highlighted exactly why we need the top four teams to play each other in a series of bowl games that will culminate in the top two teams, Oregon and Ohio State, playing each other on January 12, 2015. Many believe the playoffs should be expanded to an 8 team playoff and there is much evidence to support this view. Upsets were abound this year as Boise State beat Arizona in the Fiesta Bowl, Michigan State beat Baylor in the Cotton Bowl, Notre Dame beat LSU in the Music City Bowl. Igor Cornelsen reports via that these are just a few examples of upsets that could have had an implication on the national championship game. 
As fans of sports, we always want the best teams in the country to play each other for the championship. The two best teams in the NFL should be in the Super Bowl, The two best teams in the MLB should play for the World Championship and college football is no different. Any fan of college football has got to be excited by what happened in the Sugar Bowl and I hope that in the future the NCAA will expand the championship to cover the top eight teams. I believe the bowl games will have more meaning, recieve better attention and attendance and ultimately bring back true meaning to the title, national champion. Your text to link…