Louis Chenevert, UTC’s pillars of success

It takes a lot of smart and wise moves to thrive in this highly competitive world of business and even more effort to remain relevant and leave a lasting legacy. However, there are a few people who have shown the world that they have all it takes and among them is Louis Chenevert. Louis worked as the general manager of St Therese Production a unit in General Motors for more than a decade and contributed a lot to the success of the firm. Later on, he started working with Pratt & Whitney which was a unit of UTC. Thanks to his remarkable expertise, Louise Chenevert was elected as the president of the entire division a seat he occupied for seven years before going up the ladder and becoming the chief executive officer and also the president of the company. Louis who hails from Canada has been the fuel behind the success of many businesses today, but the one which stands out most is United Technologies Corporation. During his tenure as the president and CEO, Louis took the company to significant levels through his strategic leadership skills. For instance, he helped the corporation expand through the acquisition of a well-established business known as Good rich. It was not that easy as it took him almost a year to convince the business owner to sell it. After all, no one is willing to sell their business on a silver platter unless it is not doing well. As a leader, Chenevert knew that the success of a firm relies on the skills of the staff. That is why he made it his responsibility to help the staff gain skills in their respective fields. Today his legacy lives on at UTC through the continuation of an education program which he left. Apart from turning UTC into a multi-billion corporation, Louis has also had hands in the success of Pratt & Whitney among many others. Today UTC is the leader in the manufacture of military and commercial jets in the world and many other fields.

About Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert, a man who is known for cementing the foundations of many companies was born in Quebec and holds several certifications such as a bachelor’s degree in Production management. He has served as the CEO and president of several companies such as Pratt & Whitney among many others. Due to his strategic leadership, Louis has bagged several honors such as an award from National building museum and a doctorate from HEC. He retired from UTC in 2014 and now spends most of his time with family and charity activities.http://www.utc.com/News/News-Center/Pages/Louis-Chenevert-becomes-the-eighth-Chairman-of-United-Technologies.aspx


Louis Chenevert Raises the Bar in Major Corporation Leadership

The pursuits of businessman Louis Chenevert have earned him a solid reputation in the industry of aerospace technology over the years. Chenevert’s success started in his role Production Manager of General Motors in Canada, where he was a major influence in the efficiency of operations. He would move on to Pratt and Whitney in 1999 and quickly rise to become its President. Pratt and Whitney is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, and the industry giant elected Chenevert to take the reins in 2006.http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25552-innovative-deals-and-inspired-leadership-characterize-louis-chenevert


While acting as the President and CEO of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert would guide the $100 billion conglomerate through the economic recession. Headquartered in Connecticut, United Technologies Corporation was subject to high operating expenses. However, Chenevert insisted that the corporation stay in the location where it started and not cut corners related to its workforce. The results showed a surprising amount of gains in the stock market by United Technologies, even during a time of recession.


One of the biggest contributing factors to the success of Louis Chenevert while at United Technologies corporation was his ability to focus on the business ventures that he truly believed in. With this culture permeating through the entire corporation, the individuals on the massive workforce all shared the same mindset and vision of Chenevert. This combined effort allowed United Technologies to grow exponentially through its aerospace innovations.


Louis Chenevert has constantly shown commitment to the advancement of the employees who work at United Technologies Corporation. He continued to do so by maintaining the corporation’s Employee Scholar Program. Since 1996, over 40,000 individuals who have worked with United Technologies have received financial assistance in continuing education. With the leadership of Chenevert remaining a factor, United Technologies Corporation has invested over $1 billion in higher education funding for its employees.


At the present time, Louis Chenevert serves at Goldman Sachs as an Exclusive Advisor for the Merchant Banking Division. His extensive knowledge of aerospace technology and experience with United Technologies Corporation allows him to focus on the opportunities presented. Chenevert advises other businesses involving the industrial sector and aerospace. The time spent at United Technologies Corporation and his general career has earned Louis Chenevert numerous accolades, including a Person of the Year recognition from an aviation magazine and the National Building Museum’s Honor Award.

Why Agora Financial Is The Better Solution

Agora Financial has helped numerous of people who have had interest in investing. After analyzing your monthly expenditure and finding that you can actually save some money, the next question is which is the best place to invest? They say that information is power, therefore, with Agora, your financial journey is taken care of. You don’t need to hire an agent at all for the company has resources that will guide you through your journey and learn more about Agora Financial.

The company has been in operation for many years. Therefore, they have been able to monitor the markets and seen how they behave. The company is a publishing company that is involved in financial publications, documentaries, and books too. Agora holds financial seminars that help educate people on investing and more information click here.

A company’s strong asset is skilled human resources. Agora has a team of experts who are experienced in different markets. Their team of experts does not believe in staying in the office and looking for information while there. They get out of their comfort zones and search literally for business ideas for their clients. This involves traveling to different countries to find unique ideas and Agora’s Facebook.

The information they publish is usually based on extensive research from reliable places. Agora Finanicial has been on the forefront to ensure that people are aware of different business ventures available in the market. Agora Financial has been able to help people gain financial stability.

Agora Financial is a subsidiary of Agora network which was founded in 1979. Their headquarters are in Baltimore. The company’s executive publisher is Addison Wiggin, and it holds an annual Agora Financial Symposium. The conference brings together influential speakers who are established investors. Some of the past speakers have been Steve Jobs and Jim Rogers and Agora’s lacrosse camp.

Agora Financial aims at providing their readers with investment options that will be beneficial to them. They concentrate on ideas that are yet to be out in the market so that once they have gained momentum in the market, the early birds will have recorded profits and https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapid=28628851.

Aloha Construction Reigning Amidst the Storm in the Construction Sector

The construction industry is an economic driver, job creator and an enabler of growth in other sectors. During this year, the construction industry has recorded a lot of activity despite the slight decline witnessed after the 2016 elections. Jobs in the sector increased by about 6,000 with the residential sector accounting for 85 % jobs in July and indicates a drop by 66.67% from 18,000 the previous year.

Experts have raised the alarm over the slow employment growth rate and suggest that with the current pace it will take years to reach full employment. Growth in the construction industry affects the manufacturing, banking and financial services, retail, and hospitality sectors among others.

Most of the companies dealing in construction focus in a particular area. Illinois based, Aloha Construction has carved a niche in roofing solutions; offers gutter works, siding and roofing services. The Aloha construction roofing team can fix any roof including asphalt and metal depending on the client’s specification. While most companies ignore the sliding aspect in construction, the Aloha has capitalized on it to differentiate itself. The experts can fit Hardee board, aluminum, vinyl and wood siding. The gutter works will help keep your roofs protected and prevent wear and tear.

To date, Aloha construction has completed over 18,000 projects for people in Illinois and the Southern Wisconsin. The family-run company is a trusted partner in the area because of the service provided, the rate of responses, after sales services, affordable pricing, and quality finishing. The company also offers repair services.

Nevertheless, Aloha still faces the challenges experienced in the market including the shortages in skilled labor. Currently, societal perspectives make people avoid jobs in the construction industry. The proposals by the current government to inject 1 trillion dollars in the sector may influence positive growth in the area.


Fabletics Offers Big Deals on Clothing

Women that want to find some great clothing for great prices will rejoice when they discover what is available through the Fabletics website. This is a company that continues to grow in leaps and bounds. There is a lot of praise for Fabletics and what it offers to all that are willing to take a look at this line from Kate Hudson and partners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. It has become the company that people can believe in. Fabletics has the comfortable clothing. That is what the website advertises. That is certainly that selling point for the athleisure wear that is hitting the market.

More people are shopping for this type of clothing because they can run errands and still come to the gym ready to work out. This stretchy material is comfortable enough to work out in, but it is still stylish and trendy enough to go outside of the gym in. That is what has made Fabletics a major force in the clothing industry. There are some people that work out so much that they do not have a desire to get any other types of clothing. They wear the clothes they acquire from Fabletics exclusively. This is something that has changed the way that many females buy clothing.

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Fabletics has managed to circulate through social media in a very positive way. This is the type of company that has attracted the millennials, and there are some older women that are also getting excited about this brand. Kate Hudson is really in the perfect place for this brand because she has a middle-aged crowd of women that know her, but she has millennials hooked on the brand because it offers subscription services. There are also people that know of Kate Hudson because she is the daughter of Goldie Hawn. Hudson has the ability to connect with several generations because of her celebrity status.

Hudson may be the one that attracts people to the website, but it is the great deals on clothing that helps people become loyal to the brand. In the month of November, for example, people can find some great deals on clothing on Wikipedia.org. Inside of a single day like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Fabletics has deals throughout the entire month. It is called Cyber Month. These are the types of big deals that allows the customer base for Fabletics to keep growing stronger.

Reference: https://www.pinterest.com/fabletics/

Rick Shinto: InnovaCare Health’s Top Leadership

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto, InnovaCare’s President, and CEO started his career as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. Dr. Shinto holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of California. Later on, he enrolled at the New York University for a degree in Medicine. Dr. Shinto is credited for being a force of change within InnovaCare Health. He is instrumental in the success it enjoys today.

According to a recent PRNewswire, Dr. Shinto won the annual award of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur in New Jersey. Ernst & Young award recognizes most successful entrepreneurs who demonstrate success and excellence in personal commitment, financial performance, and innovation. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award was presented at a special gala held in Hyatt New Brunswick on June 27th, 2012. Dr. Shinto expressed his honor for receiving such a prestigious award. While at Aveta, Dr. Shinto focused on providing quality services to members and partners; therefore, he feels grateful for being recognized for committing to excellence. As the new winner of New Jersey’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Dr. Shinto is now qualified for the national entrepreneurial awards.

Having worked as the Chief Medical Officer of NMM California, Dr. Shinto has over two decades of experience in healthcare and clinical operations. Before joining NAMM California, Richard Shinto served as the Chief Medical Officer of Cal Optima Health Plan before his way up as the Vice President of MedPartners’ managed care. He is also an author of several medical and healthcare-related articles.

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InnovaCare Health Announces Three Additions to Leadership
InnovaCare Joins HHS Initiative to Reform Payment Models

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope has recently rejoined InnovaCare as its Chief Administrative Officer. She has over 20 years of experience specializing in government health plans, Medicaid and Medicare. Throughout her career, Penelope has gained extensive knowledge in developing healthcare processes and clinical programs geared towards improving Medicare industry. InnovaCare Health announced the addition of three top executives in early 2016 to increase the organization’s professional integrity and expertise. The three top executives including Penelope Kokkinides brings an added layer of expertise that positions InnovaCare amid increased competition in the industry.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is Puerto Rican’s leading Medicaid and Medicare plans providing healthcare-related services throughout the nation. Currently, InnovaCare’s membership has increased to over 200,000 subscribers served by more than 7,500 service providers. Besides, InnovaCare partners with the government of Puerto Rico to operate two Medicaid plans that offer extensive health care coverage through a coordinated model. InnovaCare Health commits to developing sustainable care models that are innovative and affordable.

Read more about Rick Shinto on the InnovaCare site

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides’ Great Work at InnovaCare

Managed health care programs is one of the best things that ever happened to the American people. InnovaCare has been stewarding the provision of managed healthcare services in Texas. To make it even better for their patients, they have joined an initiative by the Health and Human Services to reform their services. The move shows that the company is interested in providing affordable yet quality services.

Were it not for the leadership team at InnovaCare, most likely, this provider would still be lagging behind. The most notable leaders in the company are Rick Shinto, the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare and Penelope Kokkinides who is currently the Chief Administrative Officer. Both individuals have been very instrumental in the growth of InnovaCare Health. Their extensive knowledge and experience in various fields within the medical industry has seen them grow InnovaCare to new heights of excellence on a year- to- year basis.

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About Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto, InnovaCare’s CEO, attained his bachelor’s degree at the University of California. He was then admitted to the State University of New York, School of Medicine. Shinto then progressed to get his Master’s degree at the University of Redlands.

His career began at Southern California, where he worked as a pulmonologist. In the year 2008, he was hired at the Aveta Inc. He worked for 4 years before moving to InnovaCare Health. He was hired as the Chief Executive Officer, a role that he has held till now. Recently, he added three leaders to the executive board of the company, Penelope Kokkinides being one of the most notable additions.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides joined InnovaCare in the year 2015, as the Chief Operating Officer. Her outstanding job at the company saw her get a raise to the rank of Chief Administrative Officer.

Kokkinides attended Birmingham University where she had her bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological studies. She then furthered her education at the University of New York University, graduating with a Master’s degree in Social work and a Masters’ degree in Public Health from the Columbia University, School of Public Health. She then undertook a post-master program advanced degree in Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

Prior to joining InnovaCare, Kokkinides worked as the Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight HealthCare. In total, she has over 2 decades of experience in the clinical medicine industry.

Read more about InnovaCare Health on Manta.com

Understanding The Contribution Of Don Ressler To JustFab And Entrepreneurship In General

Don Ressler is rated among leading professionals whose effort and dedication led to the development of businesses that are serving millions and making lives easier and better. He is an ambitious individual who has worked with different professionals to build a community that allows him to teach upcoming entrepreneurs about the skills they need to emerge successful in the highly competitive and complex world of business. Don Ressler is applauded for his several ideas that proved a success even after many thought he would not manage to beat the odds.

His first attempt at business was when Don Ressler designed and launched FitnessHeaven.com, a company that offered fitness equipment and items through an online system. He ran FitnessHeaven.com for a period of two years and during that time he was able to learn many things about managing an online-based business.

After recording success with the idea, he decided to sell the company to raise capital. FitnesHeaven.com was bought over by Intermix Media in 2001 and this offered Don Ressler a chance to pursue bigger ideas that would help him achieve his dreams. At this time he needed a partner to do business with, so he approached Adam Goldenberg, who was then working as the COO of Intermix Media.

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JustFab wants to be the next H&M

They agreed to work together and their first business was Alena Media, a company that helped businesses to manage their campaigns and advertising. Three years after launching the company, they were already making profits. This success came as motivation to the duo and something struck their minds that triggered them to sell Alena Media to News Corp to raise capital for a bigger idea.

In 2008, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded Intelligent Beauty, a company that specializes in beauty products. The company has remained one of their most profitable ideas for more than five years.

JustFab (TechStyle Fashion Group)
Founded in 2010, JustFab offers fashion products in different categories and the company operates an online subscription system where members can set their preferences on different products. JustFab went for $33 million funding in 2011 from Matrix Ventures to finance its expansionary plans. However, this did not prove sufficient to help the company to grow to different countries, so they went for another $76 million in 2012, which was sourced from several venture capitals. The second amount was used to take the company to different markets including the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.

A History Of CCMP Capital And Its Founding CEO Stephen Murray

12/7/2016 – Update – CCMP-Backed Infogroup Nearing End of Sale Process (Source: WSJ)

CCMP Capital has been serving the needs of the globe’s corporate community since 1984 when it was founded by Chemical Bank as Chemical Venture Partners. Over the firm’s more than 32-year history, CCMP Capital has transformed itself from being a unit of Chemical Bank to into a successful international private equity investment firm that specializes in buyouts and transactions involving growth capital. Over the course of its 32 year existence, CCMP Capital has transacted more than $16 billion in investment capital. According to Fortune Magazine, the company was once one of the biggest private equity firms on the planet.

Since its founding as a unit of Chemical Bank, CCMP has transformed itself into a private equity firm with a comprehensive portfolio that includes companies in the healthcare sector, the chemicals and energy industries, the consumer and retail worlds and the industrial sector. Institutional Investor reported that CCMP Capital has invested over $7 million in consumer and retail companies including multi-channel marketing companies, service businesses and specialty retail companies. Some of the retail companies in CCMP Capital’s portfolio include PureGym, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and Jetro Cash and Carry. CCMP’s comprehensive investment portfolio also includes health care companies like LHP Hospital Group, distributing company The Hillman Group and Newark Energy. CCMP has invested over $2 billion in the energy and chemicals sectors, over $1 billion in healthcare, and over $4 billion in industrial services and manufacturing companies.

After three mergers with MH Capital Partners, Chase Manhattan Bank and JP Morgan, the company known as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was formed in 2006 from a JP Morgan Partners spin-out. According to CCMPCapital.com the name CCMP represents the company’s “heritage organizations.” The first two letters stand for Chemical Ventures and Chase Capital and the last two letters stand for MH Capital, JP Morgan and the word Partners. According to Fortune.com, when the company was spun-off in 2006, the late Stephen Murray became its Chief Executive Officer and President.

Stephen Murray served as the CEO of CCMP Capital from the company’s creation in 2006 up until February of 2015. Murray began his career as a credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College. He would go on to study business administration at Columbia University’s Business School. According to Bloomberg Business, Murray served as the vice president of middle market lending at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was described by his business partner Greg Brenneman as a “a terrific investor and deal maker.” During his career Murray sat on the boards of Jetro JMDH Holdings, Crestcom International, and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, according to Fortune Magazine. Murray was also a philanthropist who supported charitable organizations and community organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Stamford Museum.

Innovative Health New Leadership Including Penelope Kokkinides

In late July 2016, InnovaCare Health announced three additions of leadership. This includes Jonathon Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino. They are known to reflect an high level of expertise, professional integrity, and experience that this company seek for in their leaders according to Rick Shinto.

Jonathan Meyers is now the Chief Actuary Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. Before that, he was the Director of Actuarial Services for Horizon BCBS, the biggest New Jersey carrier. He also served as the Chief Actuary at HealthCare Partners in New York, a Heritage Medical Systems’ division as the VP and CFO of Managed Care at various times.

Penelope Kokkinides is now the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc. With over 20 years of health care experience that specializes in Medicaid and Medicare programs and the managed care industry, she possesses extensive knowledge and expertise like Rick Shinto. She is an expert in developing managing health processes and clinical programs and operations with a focus on improving operational infrastructure and efficiencies.

Before this position, Kokkinides has acquired a number of executive level experiences, including as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for Centerlight HealthCare, where her responsibilities included the strategic direction and overall management of the managed care division, and the Corporate Vice President for AmeriChoice in Care Management and Disease Management, where she was a great asset in implementing and developing the company’s health model.

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InnovaCare Health Announces Three Additions to Leadership
InnovaCare Health Announces Three Additions To Leadership Team

Mike Sortino is now serving as the Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare. He was previously working for the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co as the Controller. Before that, he worked for more than five years as the Chief Financial Officer for HCC Specialty, a Houston Casualty Company’s managing general agent. Also, he has over 20 years experience in the insurance and reinsurance fields and over 5 years experience in public accounting.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare offers managed healthcare services and operates two Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico – PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. The membership base according to Rick Shinto includes approximately 200,000 individuals. This system is also served by a network of over 7,500 providers and two Medicaid plans within the Government Health Plan (GHP) of Puerto Rico. This organization offers the Island’s only NCQA-accredited health plans according to Rick Shinto. Additionally, they are committed in providing members quality healthcare by producing sustainable managed care models that are cost effective, innovative, coordinated, and fully integrated with advanced technologies.

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