Preorders Begin for Nintendo’s Switch Platform

Nintendo has started to unveil more information regarding the Switch, its impending hybrid of a traditional gaming console and a portable system. Among these details is the ability to already begin placing preorders. According to the official Twitter account belonging to Nintendo’s New York-based store, a limited number of Switches will be available for preorder on January 13th. Interested parties will need to show up at the New York branch of Nintendo World and put forth their money right at nine in the morning.


With Nintendo’s track record for new releases, as seen by the initial scarcity of the Wii, its Amiibo toys and even the NES Classic, it is an easy call that the Switch will likely be a difficult piece of tech to acquire for several months after its launch date. Anyone looking to get in on the ground floor of Nintendo’s new machine will need to keep their ears low to the ground for even the slightest opportunity. Regardless, it is a forgone conclusion that the aforementioned Nintendo World preorders will not be available for even one hour. It is currently unknown if Nintendo plans to extend official preorders through online stores or in regions other than New York City.


The Switch seems to continue Nintendo’s trend for producing revolutionary pieces of technology within the video game industry. The most notable feature of this new device is its modular capabilities; the very first trailer, which greatly emphasized the Millennial demographic, showcases how the central tablet can be inserted into a base to function as a traditional gaming console or taken along as a portable device. Furthermore, the controls can connect to the sides of the central tablet as an approximation of the Wii U’s tablet controller or they can be used separately for sessions of multiplayer gaming.



Remember growing up in the 80s and early 90s playing Nintendo? Defeating Donkey Kong and Mario to save the princess or lining up the blocks in Tetris? As the years passed by in the 90s, the Nintendo console evolved; from the regular Nintendo to the Super Nintendo to the N64 to the GameCube to the most recent console the Wii and Wii U. As 2017 slowly approaches, Nintendo fans should expect something new and be excited about the NX.
The question is what can we expect from the NX? Not much has been released about the new console, the only thing we can know for sure is that this isn’t going to be an upgraded version of the Wii, at least according to Tatsumi Kimishima Nintendo’s President.
The appearance of the console and controller has yet to be described or seen by the general public, but speculations have made it across the internet. Last October, The Wall Street Journal had quoted that the NX will likely be both a console and have at least one mobile unit that could be used in conjunction with the console or taken elsewhere for separate use.
The NX is predicted to be mainly intended for handheld use that connects to the television via a docking station. With NX having portability, controllers are claimed to be detachable and able to use on the TV reported by Eurogamer. Taking a step back in time, Eurogamer also stated instead of discs, like most consoles use, the NX will use cartridges. A downside for many gamers is the Nintendo NX will not be supporting BC or backward compatibility with older consoles.
With the Nintendo NX not yet being released, there have been no reviews and with the lack of knowledge of the NX, no one knows what to expect. Probably one thing most Nintendo fans can agree on there should be little disappointment. Avid gamers need to keep their ears and eyes open for the unveiling of the Nintendo NX and start saving for the official launch in March 2017.

Nintendo NX: Facts and Rumors

With its release date set for early 2017, the Nintendo NX will soon arrive on the market. Despite the approaching deadline, Nintendo remains incredibly secretive about the new device. Countless rumors are circulating about its nature and technical specifications simply because so little reliable information is available.

Nintendo and third-party developers have revealed some hard facts about the NX. It is clear that the NX will be a dedicated gaming device. Several major game announcements have already been made for the platform. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is currently in development for both the Wii U and the NX; it is set to be released on both consoles at the same time in early 2017. Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest XI will release on the NX alongside releases on the PS4 and Xbox One. Activision, Ubisoft, and The Pokemon Company also announced that they will develop software for the device.

The most popular rumor surrounding the NX is that it may be some sort of hybrid between a traditional console and a handheld gaming device. It is known that Nintendo recently combined its console and handheld development divisions, but there has been no confirmation that the NX is a hybrid system. The best indicator that the rumor may be true came from The Pokemon Company executive, Tsunekazu Ishihara, who suggested the NX will redefine traditional conceptions of console and handheld gaming.

Another rumor surrounding the device is that it will use Nvidia Tegra chips, which will leave it somewhere between the PS3 and the PS4 in graphical power. Nintendo has said in the past that it does not seek to challenge Sony and Microsoft simply with powerful graphics. The company’s history with innovation, such as with the Wii motion controller and the Wii U tablet controller, lends support to the idea that it will attempt to compete with its rivals through creative design rather than hardware power.

One of the latest rumors is that the NX will use cartridges instead of discs or in combination with them. Although the rumor hasn’t been confirmed, it is possible; Nintendo’s 3DS system already uses cartridges to play games.