Glenn Beck Report On George Soros Is False According To Forbes Magazine

Fox News reporter Glenn Beck likes controversy. Beck likes to zero-in on different people that are in the limelight for one reason or another. Mr. Beck has brought his version of wrath down on Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and a list of other people that don’t meet Beck’s standards. Beck’s standards are a mixture of political bias, harmful untruths, and an assortment of fragmented facts. When Beck attacked George Soros a couple of years ago, he used a plethora of fragmented facts to put a case together against Soros. In Beck’s opinion, Soros was a wealthy puppet master that used his money and influence to change political landscapes so they suit his needs. Beck was especially upset about the way Soros fought against electing George W. Bush for a second term. Soros spent more than $10 million trying to defeat Bush.

Beck didn’t stop there. He accused Soros of manipulating foreign governments and actively lobbying against Israel. Beck claimed Soros didn’t like being Jewish, and he did everything possible to hide his Jewish background from the public on Twitter. Soros has never denied being Jewish. In fact, his life story would not be the same unless he embraced his Jewish heritage. Being Jewish is what got Soros out of Hungary and into to England in the 1940s. Being Jewish and escaping Nazi rule is what made Soros go to the London School of Economics and get a degree in philosophy. And being Jewish is what made Soros decided to come to the United States in 1956 and get a job on Wall Street.

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George Soros is a self-made man. He earned every penny investing in assets that many other people thought were worthless. He bet against currencies when others thought they were strong, and he bet against China when the Chinese said they were switching to a consumer-based economy. Soros knows how the global economic system functions, and he says it’s not functioning very well at the moment. Mr. Soros has been predicting a massive global recession for the last three years. Soros is also predicting that the European Union could fall apart unless the EU leaders start to change their decision-making process.

Mr. Beck also claimed that George Soros, through his Open Society Foundation, was creating a shadow party that could interfere with elections. But the Open Society Foundation’s main goal is to spread Democracy and promote respect for human rights in Communist countries and in countries that are ruled by a dictator. Mr. Soros has donated billions of dollars to initiate the voice of freedom in countries that don’t know the meaning of the word.

The truth is, George Soros is outspoken, and he often gives his opinion about economic as well as social issues. He is also a firm supporter of the Democratic ticket. Soros has given more than $8 million to various Super PACs to get Hillary Clinton and other Democrats elected. Beck may have a large audience, but George Soros has a bigger audience, and they know he cares about freedom and Democracy.