Mark Mofid, A Leader in Innovation

Surgery can be a scary thing. Whether it is surgery to save our life or to enhance our features; nevertheless it could be dangerous. In some cases, surgery has been the cause of few deaths in the United States. We rely the tools use to complete the job to be clean and sterile. Apart from this we rely on our surgeon to have the applicable knowledge to complete the task thoroughly and correctly. No other man can complete these task than Mark Mofid. Graduating from Harvard and John Hopkins, he has been acknowledged for his understanding of the field and its safety.

The surgeon works out of San Diego. He has gained trust from a vast number of people based on his reputation and safety in the medical field. Occasionally, clients will ask for bigger implants. Mark Mofid could simply charge them more for the services. instead he will not proceed with the procedure and tell the customer why he cannot. He will only go on if he knows that it is entirely safe. Mark Mofid does a lot of research and steadily looks for better ways to do things in his practice. His knowledge of body, skin, and fat combined with science, research, and thinking outside the box helps him conclude innovative approaches.

One thing in the practice he noticed was the implants used were not really compatible with the human body’s structure. Eventually they would sag. Instead of searching for alternatives, Mark Mofid made his own. He created an implant with improved ratios and positions perfect. His creation looks better than many alternatives surgeons use today. All the news behind gluteal augmentation has been negative. However, this surgeon was able to make a safe implant for the industry. Mark Mofid is truly an innovator in the medical industry.

Lime Crime Has Done It Again With Sensational Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers

Lime Crime has done it again with the roll out of another sensational product. Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers come in six luscious shades full of holographic glitter. This collection is nothing like the old fashioned lip gloss with a little glitter thrown in. Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers are amazing when worn by themselves but can also be worn over a favorite lip color. This effectively triples the glamour of any collection. Instagram features these phenomenal shades with a glitter shadow, ombre browns or graphic contours. They also sizzle when worn with everyday cosmetics. The statement is both unique and bold. They are extremely wearable right in the real world.

Diamond Crusher Lip Toppers spread like satin over the lips and are not sticky. They provide the drama necessary for a truly amazing look. The look can be tripled by applying Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers over lipstick and then topping it with a gloss. The look turns heads and compliments flow. This is the perfect additional to any party or get together. Once you have applied this sensational formula it stays put. Hitting the town will take on a whole new meaning. The shine and shimmer is just right for everyday wear. Then apply a little more for that fabulous party. The subtle holographic glitters are unbelievable over any lipstick. The finish is smooth and even. There is no doubt Lime Crime has done it again.

Lime Crime has always been about vibrant colors and unique products. Their sense of boldness and style is responsible for their popularity. The colors of the products are designed to compliment the beauty of every individual. Each collection was created with the utmost care and highest quality ingredients. Every single product is vegan so the user can feel good about their makeup. There is the perfect color of eyeshadow, Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers and hair color for every personality. These products were made for the person who wants to stand out, refuses to fade into the background and wants to strut their style. Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers is the crowning glory of this magnificient collection.

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Lime Crime Announces Plushies, A Cute New Product

You might know alot of information about Lime Crime and the CEO Doe Deere. One thing you might not know alot about however, is the all new product line that Lime Crime is rolling out. This is a cute product, nicely packaged and well, cute. Some of us might be wondering what it is and there is good reason for that. For starters, Lime Crime leaked a photo of the cute package but they did not come right out and tell us what the product was.

Living in a digital age, we have a super power called high powered unicorn queen zoom. When we put this power into action we can use the information we find in the small pront to make an educated guess as to what this new product is and what it will do. So, relax, it is sharing time. Let us fill you in on the latest Lime Crime Plushies.

We already know that Lime Crime is fond of their lip line and their eye products too. This product is not an eye product but, we can guess it is a lip product for sure. It’s going to be a lip tint and chances are people are going to love everything about it. The product was first showcased on the company’s Pinterest. We see the words: “Soft Focus Lip Veil” on the package and for that reason it is safe to assume that this will be a soft shade that will not be like their shimmers or their mattes, but, rest assure it will be just as amazing.

Rumor has it that there are many more products to come from Lime Crime shortly after this cute little Plushies line. As for the Plushies, there should be able 12 shades Everything from Milk Tea to Gum Drop To Grape Jelly. How awesome is that? These are going to be soft and will showcase those amazing lips just perfectly. Regardless of which shade you love the most, you will want to keep trying all of them. For so many people that’s the way Lime Crime works, you can mix and match all of their products to match your colorful life.

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Oh My Goth! Look What Lime Crime Is Up To Now!

Just when you thought Lime Crime cosmetics couldn’t get any cooler – or darker, as the case may be in this instance – the makeup company that is best known for it’s rainbow-hued makeup line has announced the addition of a quad of dark hair colors that will thrill the Goth in anyone.

Lime Crime has created four deliciously dark shades for hair: a dangerous, dragon’s scale green called Sea Witch; a brooding, deep maroon called Chestnut; a mysterious, shadowy gray called Charcoal, and a nightmarishly novel purple called Squid. Each shade provides complete coverage for even the darkest brunette hair, and Lime Crime fans (popularly referred to as Unicorns)have been clamoring for a range of colors that will work on darker shades of hair for some time now. They asked, and Lime Crime made it happen.

As with all Lime Crime products, these dynamic hair dyes are 100% Vegan and cruelty-free. They are set to debut on the Lime Crime website on October 24 and all indications are that they will sell out quickly. That means waiting for the second wave to become available, and no one wants to wait for magnificent hair! Make sure you are ready and waiting to get your hands on them before they are gone.

If you are planning to treat yourself and indulge in one of these new hues, you may want to mix and match them with the other beauty products offered by Lime Crime to create a perfectly put-together look all your own. The Lime Crime Pocket Candy Palettes will compliment each and every one of the new, noir-themed hair colors. These palettes include shades that can be interchanged as both eye shadows and cheek colors. Crete a monochrome look or bring out your best features with intense, vibrant colors – some glittery and brilliant, some matte and mysterious. The line of Lime Crime products makes it easy to mix and match to get just the look (or looks) you want to match your style and your moods.

Treat yourself to a dramatic new look with these new Lime Crime hair dyes and let your dark unicorn come out to play!

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