Rodrigo Terpins- King of Brazil Rally Championship

Rodrigo Terpins share a lot in common with his father, Jack Terpins, besides being a successful businessman is also passionate about the sport.While Rodrigo Terpins ventures along the rally tracks in various competitions around Brazil, and Jack Terpins – also known as Jackao – dedicated himself to basketball in his youth.

Jack Terpins played basketball in the 60s and 70s, for Hebraica. The current real estate investor, the father not only of Rodrigo Terpins but also of Michel Terpins, defended early on the interests of young people who practiced the sport and became a community leader of the institution at that time. In addition to successful entrepreneurs, both have a passion for some type of sport.

Rodrigo Terpins’s father, Rodrigo Terpins, was Sports Director for President of Hebrew in 1991. He has also held several positions as a volunteer: he has served as president of the Latin American Jewish Council, president of the Maccabi Latin American Confederation and vice president of the Maccabi World Union . For more details visit Crunchbase.

The 22nd edition of the Sertões Rally started with everything, in July. The competitors left Goiânia, with about 155km of timed sections requiring a lot of skill and caution. The pair of Rodrigo Terpins completed the test with just over 2 hours, finishing the day in 7th place in the category Prototypes T1.

In each of these roles, Jack Terpins has always had total commitment, passion, and dedication, these characteristics, similar to those of his son Rodrigo Terpins, when it comes to his rally competitions. “We had several types of terrain on the first day, a lot of dirt and it was a demanding race, but no scares, everything was normal.” The car behaved well, we did overtake, but I did not want to force the suspension much, I preferred to have a little more caution and adapt to the equipment, “said Rodrigo Terpins, driver of the # 326 car.

The failure of the pair of Michel Terpins had a plausible justification: the car in which the pilot and his navigator were, topped at the time KM 62. Both were not injured. However, the car was not able to continue the race. Jack Terpins is an iconic figure in society and a big name in Hebrew. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest community references in the Jewish world.