Announcement of Financial Growth For Fourth Straight Year

Financial services company NexBank Capital Inc has reported strong financial results for the fourth quarter of the last calendar year. This is the 4th straight year that NexBank has reached record levels of earnings, loans, assets, and deposits. NexBank SSB, a leading regional bank has contributed to the overall growth of the company while still keeping its status.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

John Holt, President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital Inc feels that those results reflect NexBank’s efficient and profitable platform. Holt also says that NexBank Capital has increased their earnings year over year and improved their asset and deposit channels, while at the same time managing the expenses and risks. NexBank SSB acquired College Savings Bank as part of its long term funding strategy. This acquisition helped diversify the balance sheet of the bank through an extra source of deposits. Matt Siekielski, The Chief Operating Officer of NexBank Capital says that NexBank is focused on our client base and the business development throughout the United States. NexBank Capital is positioned to find opportunities that will expand and strengthen their market share.

NexBank Capital is a financial services company that serves its clients in three different areas of banking; commercial, mortgage, and investment. NexBank helps provide custom financial and banking services to different financial institutions, corporations, and clients. NexBank hopes to deliver value and provide clients with access to unique solutions delivered by professionals with track records of success. NexBank combines financial expertise and insights with a unique range of products to create a banking experience that is 2nd to none. The bankers will look at your financial status and find strategies to help manage your wealth.