Skout Aims for Expansion, Develops Fuse

Skout is the hottest social networking application that you probably haven’t heard of you. Developed by Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom over the past four years, Skout has already connected over 500 million people in 180 different countries all over the globe. Skout itself is a GPS based social connecting app that focuses on getting strangers to interact and befriend one another over the more common echo chambers like Facebook, which rely on a pre-existing social circle. The app can be purchased for free on iOS systems and there are in-app purchases that can deepen the experience of users. Let’s take a look at Skout and break it down before digging into their newest venture: Fuse.

How does Skout operate?
Well, Skout works much like any other social networking app available on the market — only it does it in a way that is immediately accessible. The problem with social media is that it is so pervasive in our culture that we cannot escape it. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have their own strangleholds on the industry so it is up to new developers to bring new ideas to the forefront of the action. That’s why Skout is a success: it does something old in a slightly new way.

The point of Skout is to build relationships with strangers that are located in the same general area as you. You will input a zip code when you register and from that zip code you will see other users. Registration is a breeze, consisting of only a few questions and then your profile picture and before you know it you will be on your way to socializing. After registering you will be kicked to a gridded screen where you will see row after row of user profile pictures. These pictures represent users that are online, in your area, and ready to chat. You can begin interacting by tapping on their profile picture and selecting any option from the list that presents itself. You can chat, add friends, send virtual gifts, and do any other number of small and easy to use features.

What is Fuse all about
The goal of developing Fuse was to create something that was sleek, immediately accessible, and intrinsically entertaining. The core component of the app is that it allows you to send messages to friends, who you add via their phone number, with a limited timer. You can have group chats, send images, or do 1 on 1 conversations. No matter what type of conversation you are having you can set your messages to ‘burn up’ after a certain amount of minutes, or when the ‘fuse’ runs out. This is a new take on Snapchat that focuses more on real world integration.

Skout was founded back in 2007 and the Scandinavian developers are already beginning to make some very real waves in the world of social media. Fuse and Skout are both top tier applications that are gaining more and more steam. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them become the next big things in social media.

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