Whitney Wolfe Wants To Shake Things Up With Bumble

Whitney Wolfe has had an unusually successful life. She is still in her 20s and she is already the CEO of her company. Her dating app, Bumble, is slowly taking over and changing the way that people think of online dating. All too often the world of online dating has a male dominated structure and fosters an environment where sexual harassment is acceptable. The work Whitney Wolfe is doing at Bumble is changing that and shaking up the way people date online.

A New Approach With Bumble

Bumble stands out from the pack in the focus on women making the first move in all heterosexual encounters. Normally, men are expected to make the first move but this simply isn’t the case with this app. The move was intentional by Whitney Wolfe because it prevents sexual harassment and other undesirable shortcomings of online dating. There isn’t much data on sexual harassment in online dating, but the low incidence rates on Bumble suggest that the app makers are on to something. Whitney Wolfe has a mission and she seems to have done a good job of reaching her goal.

The Future Of Bumble

Going into the future it seems that Bumble is in a good position. Currently, it has millions of users and has created hundreds of millions of matches. At the rate that things are going it is likely to catch up to Tinder and may even take over the market. Whitney Wolfe is still in her 20s and she has managed to create a company worth millions of dollars in one of the most challenging industries around. There aren’t many people who can say they’ve done what she has. If she can continue down this path the future looks bright for her.

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