Dead Rising 4 Does Not Inspire

The gaming world just cannot get enough zombies. After 20 years worth of zombie games, there is still huge demand for a mix of walking corpses, shooter action, survival horror, and end of the world mayhem. Creating a new and different zombie game is never easy. Zombies are not exactly the most multi-dimensional of characters. Those behind Dead Rising 4 have done their best to deliver something totally new. Have the designers succeeded?


Reviews indicate the game delivers a lot of action and horror. No one will be bored with how the game moves. In terms of uniqueness and originality, Dead Rising 4 delivers little of note. The game is a departure from the previous three entries of the series, but doesn’t really distinguish itself from the crowded zombie apocalypse genre at all.


Reviews indicate the game opts to expand its sales base outside of the core group of fans who made the series successful in the first place. Such an approach is an odd one to be sure. This is the fourth installment of the series. Trying to reach a larger audience for sales at the expense of those who made the series a hit is risky. Turning off the core fans and not drawing in new ones could destroy the franchise.


Bringing in new fans who ignored the first three entries in the series and hoping to pick them up for the fourth entry could be a risk as well. Even with changes and tweaks longtime video game fans who enjoy zombie horror might not be thrilled to go for something they skipped time and time again. Then again, marketing can do a lot as far as targeting these potential buyers. The right campaign may lead to big sales.


The trouble is reviews have been a bit negative. New fans are going to be thrilled to invest in the most recent entry of a series on decline. Old fans of the series may end up really annoyed a weak entry has been produced to attract those who never supported the series before.


Maybe the goal here is to somewhat reboot the series in order to continue on for another four or so videos. Some might call that a desperation tactic. Others may say it is good business.