MB2 Dental – Working Together for a Brighter World of Smiles

MB2 Dental is a group Dental practice founded in 2007. They’re located in Carrollton Texas. They offer affiliates a chance to practice as a group to accomplish their mission in Dentistry. Patient Care is essential in each office they support. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance across the board. Many affiliates struggle with the burden of making non-clinical decisions. MB2 Dental provides the tools to meet each client’s needs. They offer every Dentist the business resources and services they require. This way, they can focus on their patients instead.

Mission of Service

The mission of MB2 Dental is to provide their affiliate clients with information, support, and guidance with personalized business systems. This helps each office make the best business decisions for them. Their goal is to help each participant Dentist reach their full potential as professionals in Dentistry. They don’t agree with the normal choices Dentists usually have. They’re either left alone in a private practice or must choose to work with a faceless corporation with zero personal help. Instead, each Dentist that chooses to participate with MB2 Dental gets full support from their team.

Charity Abroad

MB2 Dental believes in giving back. They gathered recently for a mission trip to Jamaica. The team offered free dental services to communities in need. One dentist explained the lack of access to dental care in Jamaica. He said it was worse than many places he’s visited. The Dentists performed fillings, extractions, cleanings, and anything else the communities needed. The group practitioners gave Jamaica a chance to receive the care they so desperately needed.

Local Charity

The company also gathered donations to give to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. They loaded water, food, and hygiene items into a truck and delivered it to the affected areas. They also raised around one hundred thousand dollars to go toward relief efforts after Harvey’s devastation.

Company Founder

Dr. Chris Villanueva is MB2 Dental’s founder. He hosts many fun retreats for the team. He recently spoke about the reason for the retreats. He said he believes they’ve become a part of company culture. He explained that the trips give Dentists the opportunity to form friendships, learn from each other, and better their own practices. He molds the company’s practice after its founding principle. He started MB2 Dental with the belief that doctors can accomplish more together versus working in an independent practice.


Since 2007, MB2 Dental has offered their affiliate Dentists everything they need to simplify and improve their practice. They’ve brought free dental care to those in need around the world, and in their own backyard. Working as a team to build success is their main vision. Their patients’ satisfaction is their direct priority.

Get Quality Dental Services For Your Smile At MB2 Dental

Great teeth starts with quality dentistry, and a dental care specialist. The longer you wait to take care of tour teeth, the more work you may need later, and the procedures can become more complex. Your teeth take extra care throughout your childhood to ensure the opportunity for achieving your best smile says, MB2 Dental professional, Dr. Chris Villanueva. Their professionals give personalized attention to your smile, and help you achieve your goals. Their spa dental environment gives you a relaxed setting that caters to patients of all ages. Contact a friendly MB2 Dental professional for more details on advanced dentistry.

Why Dental Care Is Becoming Popular

Their patients learn the importance of brushing, and flossing properly. They will teach your preschooler how to brush, and introduce them floss. Best of all, your child is never enticed with sweet treats after their visit. They’ve been taking care of their patients for over 25+ years, and are state certified & licensed with an affiliation with the American Dental Association. Gain your confidence with your smile, take better photos, or land a job in the entertainment industry. Thousands of patients prefer the MB2 dental care professionals over other local area competitors. An inability to pay cause man adults to sacrifice dental care because of limited resources. The professionals at MB2 Dental offer in-house finance options that allow allow get the necessary try was rent today, and pay for it on a bi-weekly, or monthly repayment scale. They understand the importance of getting quality dentistry work when you need it the most regardless of your income level.

MB2 Services

– dental referrals

– ultrasound/affordable x-rays

– prevention maintenance

– teeth whitening

– braces clear/traditional

– pediatric dentistry

– Veneers

– emergency services

– sports injuries

– and much more…

They believe with the right dental professional, you can achieve your best smile. Their technicians know exactly what your smile needs. Many celebrities, and entertainment professionals are opting to take care of their teeth will enhancement options including teeth whitening. More people are obsessed with looking their best all all times by maintaining, or getting cosmetic dentistry. Their website has a list of services available to their customers. You can also learn more about their payment options. Put your smile in the hands of the professionals by contacting a friendly MB2 Dental care specialist for a free consultation, or take a tour of their spa dental facility today.

MB2 Dental Allows Dentists To Focus On Their Work

When a dentist steps into the room with a patient, that dentist should be able to focus all of their attention on that patient and the immediate needs that they have. A dentist should not have to worry about how they are going to market their services or how they are going to take care of their earnings. A dentist should be able to give all of their attention to the patient before them, and MB2 Dental helps dentists do that. This firm is available to dentists so that they can focus on the work of actually caring for their patients and not have to worry about much else. Dentists who are worried about the finances that back their practice can find help through MB2 Dental and the services that it has to offer.

This firm provides dentists with accounting services and with financial advice that can help them to do well in this area. This firm is there for those dentists who would rather work on the teeth of their patients than figure out how much money they have available and the best way to use money. Those dentists who would like to have a staff on hand so that they have assistance when they need it but who do not want to spend time managing that staff can find help through MB2 Dental.

This firm is around to help with the Human Resources issues that a dentist has to deal with, and this firm helps a dentist manage their whole staff. This firm is available to help dentists focus more on their patients and less on those who are working for them. MB2 Dental provides help in the area of IT so that dentists do not have to worry about that or struggle with it. This firm also provides help in recruiting individuals to come and work for the dentist. This firm is there for dentists by offering them help with billing and money collecting. This firm also provides the dentist with marketing services that help them to stand out and to bring in new patients. Those who would like to focus on their patients rather than the other work of running their practice can find help in MB2 Dental and the services that it provides.

The Superior MB2 Dental Group Recognizes Dental Professional, Dr. Villanueva

There are a number of reasons to believe the the beauty of your smile. If beauty is skin deep, your teeth play a major role in your beauty. Enhancing your smile can give you back your confidence and help you with many dental issues, no matter how big or small. Dr. Villanueva, MB2 Dental, leading dentist, encourages his patients to take care of their smile as early as possible to offset future dental bills or uncomfortable treatment. Most people are stuck with the traditional way pf dentistry that costs a lot and really hurts, but the professionals at MB2 have a spa dental experience to relax any mood before and after any procedure.


Why Choose MB2 Dental

Their team of professionals are prepared to work with their patients for individualized care. They’ll insist you’ll be involved in every aspect of your dental care by picking what procedures work best for you. In fact, they want their patients to know the benefits of brushing and flossing properly after each meal with free 15 minute dental classes for children and adults. Your teeth make up a considerable amount of the digestion of your food from chewing to salivating your food for easier digestion.


MB2 Dental Services

– alternative sedation

– emergency services

– complex dental work

– specialty referrals

licensed & bonded technicians

– friendly technicians

– spa dental

– shorter recovery time

– braces traditional/clear

– teeth whitening

– jaw realignment

– oral cancer screenings

– gum disease

– gap/spaced/overlapped teeth

– dental x-rays

– and much more…


Their superior dental professionals at MB2 Dental accept most forms of insurance. However, superior in-house financing options will allow their patients to get emergency dental services regardless of limited resources. Get the work you need today and make payments according to your income.

A MB2 Dental office believes in a bright smile giving you the confidence to pursue a career based on your looks or effectively communicate with your colleagues. Bad breathe can make it difficult to talk to people face to face. Do you have abnormal gum bleeding? You may have gum disease and need to see a professional. Their recovery time is easier because of their advanced technologically tools. You can repair or maintenance your smile at any stage. Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Villanueva for more details on what would work best for your smile or visit their website to schedule a tour of their spa dental today, and https://www.crunchbase.com/person/chris-steven-villanueva.

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