EA Has Fully Embraced The Digital and Mobile World

Electronic Arts looks to be firing on all cylinders as a company, after having a couple rocky years near the end of former CEO John Riccitiello’s tenure. After years of trying to control every aspect of their games, alienating consumers with things like online passes and gratuitous downloadable content, EA has gotten back into the good graces of fans by giving them exactly what they want. And that’s apparently Star Wars and FIFA Soccer.

Really, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the most popular movie franchise in history, and the most popular sport in the world are to thank for EA’s business boom. FIFA’s Ultimate Team has been a smashing success, even though I’m still not sure of what exactly the appeal of the whole thing is. And Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has managed to ride the wave of momentum that still exists after the release of The Force Awakens more than eight months ago. Of course, EA still makes plenty of money on their old standards, Madden and Battlefield, but those properties have somehow managed to take a backseat to FIFA and Star Wars.

Electronic Arts hopped onto the Star Wars bandwagon at just the right time, and they are reaping the rewards. And they haven’t even released their biggest Star Wars game yet; that particular title is still in development and is being created by the elite talent at Visceral Games. Until then, EA will just have to be content with all their mobile money.