The Difficulty Level of Disney Games

The Disney channel is one of the top companies when it comes to entertaining children. It should be no surprise to see this company rise to the top in the gaming industry as well.


There are “Just Dance” video games that have Disney songs. There are also video games like “Star Wars” and “The Tron Evolution.” In a recent discussion on Buzzfeed there were fans of the “Lion King” video game that was released years ago for Sega Genesis. This game, unlike many of the other games created for children, was considered difficult.


Many people have added their opinion about how the game was so difficult to get through. As they moved from one level to the next it became difficult to get to the next level. There is something that has been revamped for lots of the newer games that exist right now. In fact, a large number of the games have multiple modes that people can play. There are easy and expert levels in many of the games that exist today. That has made it much easier for people to play according to their skill level.


The old Lion King game is something that a lot of kids wanted for Christmas, but it was a frustrating game to beat. Most kids that requested this game were unable to get through the multiple levels that were on the game. Much of that may have had to do with the fact that there were limitations on the amount of technology that kids had access to. Videos was about the extent of their technology. In this day and time there are tons of kids that have smartphones and all types of technical devices. Kids are so much more accustomed to technology and playing games on their phones. They are a lot more advanced. A game that seemed really difficult some years ago may prove to be much easier now that there are some people that are playing games that are lot more technical. Most people that have played the “Lion King” game as a child as probably waiting for new and improved version of this game. Disney has moved on to other things, but there are still people that long for classic games of their youth.