Memorial Day 2015: Horrible for the Box Office

Memorial Day is usually not the greatest weekend for box office success. The Memorial Day of 2015, however, is going to go down into the history books as one of the worst of the worst. Simply put, people really stayed away from theaters in droves. The debut of Tomorrowland is going to pull in about $40 million (a disappointing figure) and the remake of Poltergeist should earn about $25 to $30 million, which is fine for a horror film according to Madison Street Capital. The second weekend for Mad Max: Fury Road is not likely to deliver huge sums and this is a shame considering how excellent the film is.

Why did so many people stay away from the theaters? The obvious reason is they already have plans for the holiday. Most are going away on short vacations or they have BBQ cookouts planned. Others just choose to stay home and avoid all the crowds. Regardless of the reasons, people just aren’t all that into buying tickets for the movies during the three-day weekend.

The films being released are not new entries in established franchises. Tomorrowland is a new feature that hopes to be a franchise. People’s memories have to go a long way back to remember the last Poltergeist movie. Hollywood chose not to release a new film in an already successful series and an awaiting fan-base. As a result, box office receipts have suffered. The trouble here is the ticket sales are among the lowest of the past 15 years. That really has to be embarrassing for a lot of executives in tinsel town.