Shafik Sachedina at Sussex Health Care

A man with a long career of managing hotels and a man with clinical experience have joined forces to oversea Sussex Health Care. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina have brought their different skills to Sussex Health Care. Shafik Sachedina is a medical doctor with a background in dental surgery.

In 1985, the first Sussex Health Care facility was opened. Today, there are more than 20 facilities available in different locations.

Shafik Sachedina was helpful in bringing about a new concept is health care, which was to have individual health care houses rather than one large clinical building. This is a new concept in health care, and it makes Sussex Health Care almost unique in its approach to caring for patients.

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania and moved to England, where he graduated from Guy’s Hospital Dental School before embarking on a career as a dental surgeon.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has practiced as a dental surgeon in London, England since the early 1990’s. He has served in a number of capacities, however. He served two consecutive terms as Ismaili Council President for the UK.

The Care Homes offered by Sussex Health Care include homes for the elderly, patients with dementia, and care for those with neurological disorders. There are more than 20 such homes across the UK, serving people’s needs in a number of communities. With these homes in place for the elderly, it helps them to live a full and rewarding life, rather than being put into a nursing home where care might not be up to standards. This is what makes Sussex Health Care so unique.

Not only does Sussex Health Care believe that it is of prime importance to cure illness, but it is also important to provide wellness — the absence of illness, along with improving the normal lives of their patients. And that is one major difference offered by Sussex Health Care.

Not satisfied with treating patients, Sussex Health Care attempts to improve the quality of life of its patients, going beyond the idea of simply treating an illness. This is their proactive ideology in full force: to improve the quality of life of all.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Bridging Business and Medicine

If you’re unfamiliar with S. Mark McKenna, he holds degrees in medicine and business; Dr. Mark McKenna is a Tulane University alumnus, who earned his MD/MBA in 1999 and began his career working in his father’s medical practice. Of course, with a growing affinity for business, Dr. McKenna turned his attention towards the world of real estate, launching McKenna Venture Investments, a boutique real estate development firm. Soon after, his growing career ambitions would lead to him becoming the founder of Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, with both businesses working in congruence to provide customers with real estate and closing services.

Possessing dual degrees in business and medicine has allowed Dr. McKenna to pursue a number of opportunities, including OVME, a company predicated on providing technology-based medical aesthetics. What are medical aesthetics? Well, it is a growing field that incorporates medical treatments to help improve a patient’s aesthetics. Founded in 2017, OVME markets their use of technology as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors, which has not only attracted new clients but has also encouraged Dr. McKenna to consider opening a chain of locations.

So what’s next for Dr. Mark McKenna? Well, he believes that the majority of the company’s business will be derived from customers seeking Botox treatment, and as a result, OVME will be adding not only freelance practitioners but also a mobile app. These additions, according to Dr. McKenna, are designed to improve the customer experience. According to the company’s website, the mobile app will make it possible for customers to schedule treatments, which can be done in the privacy of their own homes by licensed practitioners. Dr. Mark McKenna believes this is the wave of the future, especially since most people lead fast-paced lifestyles.


A Look into the Successful Medical Life of Dr. Imran Haque

Imran Haque is a medical doctor with an excellent reputation for giving superior medical services with an experience of more 15 years in the field. He has trained and specialized in internal medicine where he is fully licensed to carry operations in the field medicine. He holds a Master from University of Virginia and a degree in medicine from Universidad Iberoamerican in Santi Domingo. He operates in Asheboro, North Carolina. His involvement in the field has seen him gain a lot of expertise which he uses to handle various types of illnesses and medical examinations. He is a committed to his career and entirely dedicated to serving the people of Asheboro.

Dr. Imran gets the idea about his business through the feedback he gets from the customers he has served. The positive feedback he gets from his satisfied customers makes him more revived in the medical community.When it comes to bringing ideas to life, Dr. Imran says for any decent plan to come into existence, hard work, dedication, extensive research and financial capability takes a significant role. Keeping organized and being patient in what one is doing are other attributes that determine how successful one can be. Establishing relationships and networks with other professionals in one’s field can also contribute to how one gains success. Click here to know more about him.

Asked about the habit that gives him productivity in the field of entrepreneurship, Dr. Imran says he has made multi-tasking a routine in his life. This has contributed to his productivity significantly in the business world. Treating others as you would like to be treated is one strategy that Dr. Imran has embraced in his life and has helped him in building his business. It is a golden rule that has an impact in his industry positively by creating success by assisting him in relating with other people by talking, developing compassionate interpersonal relations with other people and establishing a strong foundation of networking and expertise associations.

Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, is one person who Dr. Imran says has influenced his thinking, and he feels Obama might as well help others. His calm demeanor when faced with challenges is something Dr. Imran likes.


Asheboro’s Dr. Imran Haque Applies the Golden Rule to Medicine

Dr. Imran Haque is an internist with offices in Asheboro and Ramseur, North Carolina. A physician with almost two decades of experience his practice is called Horizon Internal Medicine. Randolf Hospital is one of the multiple hospitals

Dr. Haque is affiliated with.

Dr. Haque was educated Santo Domingo’s Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE). He graduated from UNIBE with honors, receiving a medical degree from that school in 1998. He also holds an MD from the University of Virginia. Schooling is important for a doctor, but praxis is equally important. Dr. Haque’s considerable experience qualifies him to treat diverse medical conditions. His practice offers physical exams, diabetes, and weight management, and cosmetic procedures like Botox injections and Venus Body Contouring.

When he first started out in practice Dr. Haque familiarized himself with the types of medical specialties that were not available in the Asheville area. That knowledge inspired the founding of Horizon Internal Medicine.

The keys to success according to Dr. Haque are a combination of financial and sweat equity coupled with persistence and organization. He also places great emphasis on networking and building mutually beneficial relationships with other medical professionals.

As Dr. Haque sees it, the union of technology and medicine has been a boon to the quality of patient care. He explained that greater and easier access to information makes it easier to provide coordinated care.

What he describes as, “A phenomenally above average ability to multi-task” is one of the qualities that Dr. Haque credits with his success.

On the subject of “If I knew then what I know now” Dr. Haque explained that he would be less quick to take people at face value. He tempered that remark by adding, “Do not harden your heart to mankind but also don’t let people take advantage of your generosity and empathy.”

Dr. Haque has adopted the golden rule, “…whatsoever ye would that men should do to you: do ye even so to them…” as his philosophy of life. That should facilitate his desire to bring back the pleasant bedside manner something he feels is becoming a scarcity in modern medicine.


Idea Mensch’s “ Dr. Mark McKenna- Founder and CEO of OVME” article on September 8th, 2017 describes the character that has brought him to achieve such high success. An early riser who values family through special moments with the daughter over breakfast embarks on his day motivated and determined using active goal setting and meditation as core personal values. An active visualization is an essential tool to success as the author suggests a book to assist the readers deeply understand the concept. He then makes sure to spend his time efficiently by associating himself with people who challenge his way of thinking as evidenced when asked who his idols were. Elon Musk and Michael Bloomberg were among some that he mentioned.

Dr. Mark McKenna finds time to practice Jiu Jitsu before heading home. He values health as the article claims he is excited by the rate at which the public has stopped smoking.“Speed without direction is useless.” The doctor advised us as a lesson he learned on the path to where he is now. Being in a hurry without purpose will only end one in a ditch. One should thus prepare and plan as shown through his avid reading habits as an entrepreneur.

He is a licensed medical doctor in surgery and medicine by the Georgia and Florida State Board Medical Examiners. Originally from New Orleans, LA, he graduated from Tulane University Medical School and joined his father in his medical practice while he started a boutique real estate development firm called McKenna Venture Investments. This business he grew to launch Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. which had a workforce of 50 employees offering turnkey design-build, finance, and real estate closing services.

His passion and dedicated advocacy to the society saw him actively participate in the rebuilding of New Orleans on the aftermath of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina through the redevelopment of housing despite having lost most of his business interests.

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