New Doom Returning to Roots

With its release back at the beginning of May, Id Software’s Doom reboot has been sweeping up review scores for it’s intense and visceral gameplay. Although remakes are common in the video game industry, such an iconic franchise as Doom definitely has support on both sides of the gamer fence. Whether you love the classic shooter from the 90s or you’re looking for fast FPS, Doom definitely has it all.

Id Software seems to be returning to its roots as well, as the first big patch for the modern shooter will be adding a classic weapon mode. This feature has whatever gun or what-have-you take center stage in the screen, just like in the old days. This will definitely rope in some of the old school crowd, as well as introduce newer players to “how it was back then.” In addition, Id will be tweaking the highly criticized multiplayer features, and adding a new way to take photos throughout the campaign. The patch is scheduled to drop Thursday June 30th across all platforms (PS4, PC, and XBOX One).

All in all, it seems Id Software finally knows what it wants to do with its long standing franchise. Doom has always been in the public gamer conscious, but it’s nice to see a little respect meted out to long-time fans, and I’m sure the long-standing game developers will keep them in mind in the future.