Disney is Deeply Upset with Electronic Arts

The roll-out of Star Wars Battlefront 2 was horribly received by the video game community. EA expected its players to happily grind away for near countless hours to unlock each character and thought they would keep quite about the extremely pay 2 win aspects of its lootboxes.

When EA pulled many of the microtransactions from Battlefront 2, everyone assumed that it was due to pressure from Disney to please their fans. Disney could have legal reasons for trying to distance themselves from the lootbox controversy. Lawmakers in the U.K. have recently been attempting to ban lootbox style microtransactions for video games, reasoning that it is a form of gambling marketed towards children and young adults, which is certainly illegal in almost every country in the world already. Despite lawmakers confused past with video games and their negative perception of the video game industry, it is hard to argue with the logic presented: loot boxes are definitely a form of gambling.

If the U.K. or any country who is a major consumer of video games does ban lootboxes and other forms of microtransactions, we could see a major shift in the business plans of the video game industry. The prices of games could go up, DLC prices will go up, and surely they will find other ways to make even more money.

A new report has suggested that Disney may be considering to pull the Star Wars license from EA and hand it over to a different video game developer. Possible contenders include Assassin’s Creed developer Ubisoft and publisher of Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, Activision.

Although it is pretty obvious what is happening here, Disney is trying to maintain their family friendly reputation and distance themselves from what many are called gambling for children, there are no official on the record statements from Disney or LucasFilms on if they had anything to do with EA pulling lootbox microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront 2 after the initial bad reception from the public.

EA Has Fully Embraced The Digital and Mobile World

Electronic Arts looks to be firing on all cylinders as a company, after having a couple rocky years near the end of former CEO John Riccitiello’s tenure. After years of trying to control every aspect of their games, alienating consumers with things like online passes and gratuitous downloadable content, EA has gotten back into the good graces of fans by giving them exactly what they want. And that’s apparently Star Wars and FIFA Soccer.

Really, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the most popular movie franchise in history, and the most popular sport in the world are to thank for EA’s business boom. FIFA’s Ultimate Team has been a smashing success, even though I’m still not sure of what exactly the appeal of the whole thing is. And Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has managed to ride the wave of momentum that still exists after the release of The Force Awakens more than eight months ago. Of course, EA still makes plenty of money on their old standards, Madden and Battlefield, but those properties have somehow managed to take a backseat to FIFA and Star Wars.

Electronic Arts hopped onto the Star Wars bandwagon at just the right time, and they are reaping the rewards. And they haven’t even released their biggest Star Wars game yet; that particular title is still in development and is being created by the elite talent at Visceral Games. Until then, EA will just have to be content with all their mobile money.

Limited Fifty Shades Of Green Beer Is Produced

A new and suggestive limited supply of beer has hit the market. The “Fifty-Shades of Green” beer was produced by the Scottish brewery Innis & Gunn and is said to include a lot of aphrodisiacs, which act as enhancers. Some of the ingredients included in the hop filled product is gingsing, damiana, ginkgo biloba, and other like supplements to increase a person’s drive for passion.

The supply being produced is extremely limited as noted by Torchin since only 200 bottles were made and will be available for sale on the company’s website later on. People have the option of being informed when it will be released as well as give them the option to pre-order this limited beer. However, according to an article on Grubstreet.com, the cost per bottle will be around 30 Euros. So, be prepared to spend some cash for just a few ounces of blissful wheat and hops.

The beer is already getting a lot of attention on the internet, and it will be interesting to see what the company does with this product. Maybe this is a test period to see how the customer base would respond, or maybe it is just a big tease to fit the nature of its theme. The brewery has said that they are confident that all the beer connoisseurs out there will appreciate this beer, as it is both humorous and delicious at the same time. Cheers everyone!

Lawsuit By Players Against EA Goes Forward

My friend John Textor tweeted earlier an article about a lawsuit by former NFL players against EA for use of their likeness in the Madden games is going forward. This lawsuit says that the use of players likenesses is not coincidental. These players are not being paid for the use of their likeness, and they claim that they should be.

This is a slam dunk in the world of paying players. College athletes are on the verge of getting paid to play their games, and these professional players should be paid for the use of their likeness. Celebrities win these lawsuits all the time, and there is no reason to believe that these players will fail.

We all must remember that the purpose of the Madden gave is to give people a realistic lineup that they could see on Sunday. They use real players to make their teams, and every player is given their own stats in the game. The player is being recreated for the game, and every player should be paid. Even if we have never heard of players that are in the game, they deserve to get paid. The bit player you see in all your favorite TV shows is paid for their appearance, and these players should be, too.